Quick Update

This weather sucks. I went all damn winter without getting a cold. Now I get a cold the weekend before I start my new job. I think it's a combo of the repeated use of duraflame in the outdoor chimney at the dog b-day party and the cold wind on Saturday. Well I just finished my third day at the new job and I've had a damn cold the whole time. But it's starting to go away (combo of Nyquil knockoff at night and Mucinex D during the day). So hopefully I won't have to keep using kleenex at my desk.

Speaking of the new job, I'm really enjoying myself. I honestly thought that being at work at 7 and staying until 5 each day would suck, but it's not as bad as I expected. You're so busy that the mornings just fly by. Plus I get an hour lunch and I do whatever I want during that time. My old job used to be 8 to 4:30 with a 45 minute lunch. The people I work with are really cool. It's a good mix of guys and girls near my age with a few folks past their 40s. Everyone has been real patient while I learn the system (which is a lot at once). But the good news is I booked my first load on my own today, day 3. Supposedly that's pretty fast. Most people try to get to that by the end of their first week. So I'm pretty pumped. I would have had two done, but the second guy cancelled (I won't publish why, but it was funny as hell). The list goes on and on about how much I'm enjoying this, but I'm really in the honeymoon phase of the new job right now. We'll see if I'm still this pumped in six months. But everyone else seems to have the same enthusiasm so it's always possible.

That's all I've got time for now. The problem with being at work at 7 is you need to be in bed around 10.

Have a good one and don't get none on ya.



Today at work, one of the ladies brought in a book of fabric for reapolstering (sp?) her furniture. Made me think of this episode from BBC's "Coupling." It starts out with a bit of Captain Subtext which shows the truth of what people mean. The better part is when Steve (Jack Davenport) goes on one of his rants. This time about cushions for couches. Most of my married buddies can relate to this.
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