Cowboy Mouth pics

OK, this cool guy jumped on his buddies shoulders at the very beginning of the show. And they were three quarters of the way back in the room. Uh yea....
Here is a pic of Fred (drummer & lead singer) talking to the crowd.
Action shot of the band playing.

Cowboy Mouth recap and stories

Well it is the morning and here is what’s wrong:

I have a headache.
My ears are ringing.
My left knee feels like it is about to give out.



(This is going to be a long post so if you have a lot of time to read it now, I recommend coming back when you do. If you just want to read about last night’s show, skip down)

I have been going to Cowboy Mouth shows since I was a senior in high school. Every chance I could see them I would. Here are my three personal favorite shows (no particular order, and the years are hazy):
1. Cowboy Mouth & Better Than Ezra at the New Daisy (2002-2003?)
Unbelievable show. Cowboy Mouth played first and then they all came back on stage.
2. Cowboy Mouth in the Grove at Ole Miss (1998-1999?)
Huge Crowd, beautiful night, stage built in front of the Union. These two guys started to fight in the middle front of the crowd. I heard it was over some girl they were both seeing or something. Fred stopped the band. Grabbed his wireless mike and walked into the crowd to explain to the kids to be cool. Blew my mind.
3. Cowboy Mouth played Thursday night of Spring Break 2001 in South Padre Island (long story)
I know this year for sure. 12+ of us went to South Padre Island in Texas for spring break. That year Ole Miss decided to pick the week BEFORE the rest of the country for spring break. So it was Baylor University from Waco, five colleges from CANADA (wtf?), and the various groups of Ole Miss kids in a spring break haven that usually contained the majority of spring breakers from Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, TCU, SMU, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, etc. Needless to say the crowds everywhere were small so it was easy to get a drink, BUT you want huge crowds at Spring Break. That Wednesday I saw a flyer for Cowboy Mouth to play the first gig at the “Spring Break Headquarters” the next night. We decided to go. Thursday afternoon a few of us decided to get some McDonald’s for dinner to have food in our stomachs. We are coming back into the hotel and get on the elevator with these two old dudes. It takes me about 30 seconds after the doors close before I turn to them and say “Hey, aren’t you the bass player and guitarist for Cowboy Mouth?” Turns out they were. They were staying down the hall from us and were coming back to get a few things from their rooms before they headed to the show. Pretty cool! About 8 of our group went and watch with the rest of a ridiculously small crowd as Cowboy Mouth put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Afterwards, we hung around and Fred came out to say hi to whoever was left. We got our picture taken with him. Unfortunately, the guy who had the camera (also from Ole Miss) lost it in the ocean by the end of the week (I’m still pissed). Anyway, later we were back in our rooms drinking after all the bars had died down. Everyone’s doors were open and we were just hanging out. I had ordered a pizza and eaten most of it. Next thing I know I step into the hallway and here comes Fred. In my inebriated state, I relay AGAIN what a great show it was despite the small crowd. Fred thanks me. I offer him a piece of pizza and next thing I know, I’m hanging with Fred from Cowboy Mouth in my hotel room with a few other friends and sharing a pizza with him. That was the coolest night of the week.

Ok, I know that was name-dropping, but I told that story to illustrate how badass last night was! Let me set it up for you:
- Your Memphis Tigers won, so the crowd would be nuts (I am not jumping on that bandwagon)
- Their LSU Tigers won, so anyone from Louisiana would be nuts (i.e. THE BAND)
I get a call from my buddy about 8:30. He relayed the same info to me. I told him I’d pick him up in 45 minutes. So here is the PRESHOW prognosis:

Crowd will be crazy. Cowboy Mouth will be crazy. We will be crazy. Sounds like someone’s going to have a big time tonight!

I told him I had to take a quick shower and then I’d come pick him up. While I was getting dressed, I got a voicemail from someone named Tina asking if Cowboy Mouth had started yet? I called the number back and it wasn’t TINA, it was GINA. She and her husband, CB, were considering coming so she wanted to know what it was like. I told her I’d let her know once I got there (they will henceforth be known CBGB just because that is a cool nickname, even though they aren’t punks).

I pick up H and we head up there. Run into TB, CT & wife, and PF. I also saw sweet Amy up there. Her hot friend from the last Happy Hour was there. I can’t ever remember her name. Saw folks from high school. The list goes on and on. The point is it was crowded as hell just in the bar!

We slowly make our way through the line and into the stage area. Run into CBGB and also Mr. Walrus. We are drinking beer. Laughing loudly. H is sticking with his “brown liquor”. Then the song over the PA randomly stops. Another random one comes on. Something Creole-esque. Anticipating the arrival of our stars, the crowd moves en masse towards the stage, and nothing happens. The song ends and another comes on. There is a collective sigh of despair throughout the crowd. Then the band sneaks on stage in the dark and...THE LIGHTS COME ON AND BLIND US. THE CROWD COLLECTIVELY SCREAMS AT THE SAME TIME. I LOOK TO MY LEFT AND SEE THIS GUY:

ok blogger isn't letting me post pics right now. i don't know why. I'll post them later.
right here should be a pic of a guy on another guy's shoulders AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SHOW.

At this point I officially knew that tonight was going to be CRAZY! The rest of the show is a haze in my memory consisting of loud drums, a hot bass playing chick, great guitar licks, and great songs. My overall review is that this was the best show I’ve ever seen them play.

The following statements are specific memories from last night that are not in any chronological order. I just have to share them with you:
- “move one step closer, now move another step closer”
- “hug the person next to you even if you don’t know them”
- “The Voodoo Shop” is a great song
- Whatever that song about St Charles Ave is great
- We all got on the floor during “Jenny Says”
- Fred’s shirts was soaked with sweat by the third song’s end
- One of the guys from Ingram Hill joined them on stage for “Jenny Says”
- There were two road-whores/groupies/strippers/whatever at the left stage door dancing on the stairs. They weren’t part of the act or with the band, but they were crazy! Just dancing “nasty like.” Yes, that is a type of dancing. I tried to get a picture of them but I was too far away with or without flash.
- The bartenders as usual were awesome. Thanks guys.

I’ll end this by saying the following:
It was an awesome show. You suck if you didn’t go. If you did go and I didn’t see you, sorry, but that’s your fault (ha). Next time I stress the importance of a concert, do one of the following so you will be there:
1. get a babysitter
2. tell the wife you are going no matter what
3. tell the husband you are going no matter what
4. grow some cojones and get out. I don’t care if it is a weeknight; you need to live this life while you have it!

Have a great one

Songs on the Playlist:
Alanis Morissette – Univited
The Grateful Dead – Next Time You See Me
Pat Green & Cory Morrow – Delia’s Gone
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Leave My Girl Alone (live)
Jimmy Buffett – Domino College
David Bowie – Changes
The Pretenders – Kid
Garth Brooks – Ain’t Going Down
Frank Sinatra – When I Was Seventeen
Bobby Darin – Mack The Knife
Jimmy Buffett – A Pirate Looks At Forty
3 Doors Down – Loser
Al Green – You Ought To Be With Me
Luciano Pavarotti – Maria, Mari
Cowboy Mouth – Angel With A Broken Wing


The Drunks At Night, Are Big and Bright...Deep In The Heart Of Texas

In college I had several friends from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and other cities throughout Texas. One of the guys in particular would NEVER stop talking about how much better Texas was than everything else in the world:

"Oh my God! The girls in Texas are SOOOO crazy and hot! They love tequila and Lone Star beer. Hehehehehe."

"Oh my God! The golf courses in Texas are SOOO unbelievable! When I get back to San Antonio, I'm going to work at the golf course in the quarry. It is such an awesome course."

And on and on and on it went. He fit the stereotype of the "Texas guy" who would have a Tshirt that said "Don't Mess With TEXAS!!!" But he is cool and a great friend so we put up with it. We called him Spilly.

Well, Spilly, I guess the world just got better thank Texas. Check out this story. Things are going downhill in Texas.

Leprechaun Story Part 2

Ok, I guess the original "Leprechaun in the hood" link isn't any good. Here is a link to it at youtube.com.

Thank you Mary

Cowboy Mouth Tonight

Cowboy Mouth with opening act Papatop's West Coast Turnaround live at Newby's on the Highland Strip. Doors open at 9 PM. $16 for the 18 & up show

Come on and listen to Fred and the gang play some great rock and roll. It's about time you get your batteries charged up with Cowboy Mouth.


Personal note: A friend of mine's mother just passed away, so if I'm not there, don't give me a hard time later.


Highway To Hell

Are you looking for a faster way to eternal damnation? Please say no.

But if you are, you need to take lessons from this guy. Take your toddler to a shake joint. Leave it in the car and wait 30 minutes for "son of douche" to enter said shake joint.

Is there anyway we can have the "father" (if he can be called that) castrated so the bloodline stops there? Seriously!

Chef Gate

Ok, people can find anything to get behind. I just saw this on Chef Gate. Thought you'd enjoy it.

Sopranos Thoughts/DP is funny

Ok, I'm not going to write a thesis on this week's episode, although I could. Instead I'm going to write a ton of observations and notions with a funny story at the end (spoiler article!):

In the Dream World where Tony currently resides (mentally):
He lost his wallet and briefcase and picked up the same items that belong to a man named "Kevin Finnerty." In this world Tony is becoming Kevin Finnerty while still searching for Anthony Soprano. Check out this trick:
Kevin Finnerty => kevInFinnerty => InFinnerty => InFinnety => Infinity
Interesting. Yea, I could have just mentioned the similarities, but hey, who doesn't like a conspiracy theory involving Tony's life. Now think about this Tony hasn't slept the entire time he has been in this dream world. That brings up the thought that if he is stuck in "infinity," when will he sleep? Do you need sleep? He is in an induced coma in the real world which is keeping him in this dream world and therefore his physical body is technically sleeping. But his subconscious mind is not as it has created this dream world where Tony is a loving father and husband and works for a defense contractor company that does work with the government (specifically the military). He has the opportunity to cheat with a willing woman, but he doesn't (according to EW.com's recap). I don't remember that but whatever. This brings me to another question:
Which is Tony's natural behavior/character? Devoted family man who is honest, faithful, and good, or the mafioso that we've watched for the last 5 seasons who will kill, cheat, lie, do anything to survive, etc.? I think it is the latter. Here's why: Anthony Soprano in the dream world is a good an honest man (at least those are the clues we got). Now that he is slowly taking Kevin Finnerty's identity to survive, we watch him change. He is using the man's credit card to live. He is making out with a strange woman he just met in a parking lot. He is slowly falling into darkness as his evil side begins to take over slowly in this dream world. Will he fight it and do good in order to return to his family? I think he will have to find the real Kevin Finnerty in the dream world to get his identity back (if he actually exists) so he can go home both in the dream world to that family and come out of the coma to get back to his families in the real world (mafia and regular).

Dream item next: where he is located. In the dream world, Tony is at a convention in Cosa Mesa (apparently one of many conventions there). Cosa Mesa literally translates from Spanish to English as "Thing Table". The way I interpret that is Tony came to this place as the "thing" on the "table" in the operating room. I think Cosa Mesa is an actual city in Arizona or New Mexico or some state out west.
But in this dream world, it is a place where there is a lot of religious symbolism on the TV. Here is a question: is the hotel-bar TV screen a gateway to heaven or hell? Here is what we've seen so far on it:
- A question asking "Are, sin, disease, and death real?"
- Raging wildfires (specifically a red fire at night surrounding a tree)
At first I thought this had to be a communication to God in heaven, but now I'm not so sure about that. Why did I think this? The red fire around the tree made me think it might be the burning bush from the Bible. But the more it came on the show and the more I've thought about it, it may be hell tempting Tony in this place. We will have to see.
At the beginning of the episode Tony saw (or we saw) a light at the horizon. Could that be heaven? It has a search beacon (like at an airport) that keeps flashing in the window. You have to wonder why there is a light to bright that it is seen at night.
Here is one way to look at the paths for Tony in the dream world: Obviously the sky is the way to the "real" world in the hospital. The TV shows the pathway to Hell. The horizon is where Heaven is. Just a thought.

And with a bang, we are back in the real world where a makeup less Edie Falco plays an emotionally drain Carmela (still with ri-donk-ulessly long fingernails). I'm telling you now, that one of the hospital scenes made me say (literally) that we just watched Edie Falco earn her next Emmy.

Meadow is trying to reconsider her career goals (according to EW.com's report). I don't know about that. It was too boring for me to pay attention to. The only time I watch Meadow on the screen right now is when she's dancing in her drawers. That was hot. Right now, it seems like she is only there to console the family and fill that role. She needs some drama. Why don't they give her a wacky roommate who pulls out her hair and is depressed. Oh wait they already did that.

Tony is lying in bed with a GIANT open hole in the stomach where they removed the bullet. That was nasty. I don't know why they keep that open. Does anyone know?

Janis flipped out when she saw them change the dressing. Man, is she slowly turning into her mother or what?

In the crew, the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan. Silvio stepped up to the plate to take the reins in the here and now while they wait to see what's going to happen with the family. I'd venture to make a guess, but since David Chase and the writers are just setting up the different people to fall or survive, I'm going to play it safe and wait.

I loved it when Paulie called A.J., Van Helsing. It was also cool to show that he wouldn't back down to Vito to take the son of the "skipper" home. Definitely setting up a huge power struggle in the future.

Speaking of Van Helsing, I mean A.J., I think Tony's death/battle with death will be the arc that sends A.J. into "the family." Take a look at this:
Tony was always a disappointment to his mother. Now A.J. is a disappointment to his mother. Tony never did well in school and made it through one semester at college. A.J. was just told by the dean of students not to bother coming back. A.J. is following his destiny to become ANTHONY JUNIOR. All he does is talk about cars and pop culture. He is going to be a party planner. Now he has sworn to his dying father that he will avenge him by putting "a bullet in his (Uncle Junior's) fuckin' mummy head."

Interesting folks. Very interesting. I don't know what's on the menu for Sopranos night this week. This past week, DP made two badass homemade pizzas. I think I may have to make Spaghetti with a little red wine for DP and AT. This will be interesting.
Oh Yea! (sarcasm alert) DP is a freaking genius! He took the first pizza out of the oven and was about to cut it. He grabs the pan with his left hand and yells "OUCH!" So he puts an oven mit on his left hand. AND THEN GRABS THE PAN WITH HIS RIGHT HAND!!! He asked me not to put this in the blog. Oh well, I had to share that. And I referred to him in code where only people who really know him and who I've always had "Sopranos Night" with will be able to figure out who he is...which is a lot of people.

The Problem with the Internet and Email

(well at least today's version of what is driving me crazy on the net)

I hate the repeat emails. You know the one you got 4 years ago in college...TWICE? Yea, those suck.

Back in college I got an email about the 7'4" 320 lb woman (who was hot!). Well that email has resurfaced again. I got it twice in the last week. Why can't emails just die? Seriously! I never thought it was funny enough to forward it the first time. And now it has come back. The funny thing is that it wasn't my parents or anyone from that generation who forwarded it to me. It was a young lady my age (well actually she's 30, but if I say anything about the age difference, she'll probably kick my ass).

Am I the only person who gets annoyed by this? Surely there are other emails out there that got a chuckle 5-6 years ago and I'm going to get again in a week or two. Or maybe I'll get another warning about the end of the earth when we hit the Y2K in a few months. OOOOOO!!!

Speaking of Y2K, Office Space was on TV the other day. "Hey, Peter-man! Free breast exam on Channel 9!"


Bada Bing!

Yea I know this isn't my Sopranos recap, but I thought I'd share it with you

Part of my job is to hire subcontractors throughout the country for service calls. One does work in the New York and New Jersey area. We were talking about the Sopranos last week and he mentioned that he has done work (not for us though) several times at a location next to a club called Satin Dolls. Satin Dolls (he explained) is a club in New Jersey where all of the Bada Bing shots in the Sopranos are filmed. He told me he'd get a picture and send it to me.

I just got a call from him not 5 minutes ago. This is how it started:
Him "Philip. This is (name) from (company)."
Me "Hey how are ya?"
Him "Well, I just wanted to let you know you are my first call back in sunlight."
Me "Huh?"
Him "Me and my guys just left lunch at the Bada Bing."

Not only did he get the picture for me, he and his coworker had lunch there. He said when he walked in, he told one of the girls why he was there and she pointed him to a few seats at the bar where a few scenes were filmed one day last week FOR 9 HOURS. He said it was pretty cool. He and his buddy had a beer and lunch. They paid in cash and the waitress brought back all their change in singles. They laughed. He said that the girls there were unbelievable, but they also weren't allowed to do much "unlike on Long Island".

To make it worse, he put my name on one of the dollars and "gave" it to a dancer. So if I turn up missing and am found face down in the Mississippi, you know that the Sopranos came and got me for only tipping a dollar.

Newsreporters, Crackheads and Leprechauns, Oh My!

There are times when you witness something where you can actually say the following:


Granted it doesn't happen that often, but when it does, wow.

Apparently the crackheads in an area of Mobile have found a magical Leprechaun (sp?) hanging in one of the trees in the hood. That has to be the dumbest Leprechaun ever. He probably has a pot of gold teeth.

I can't tell which ones in the news clip are my favorite:
The lady in the car who said the Leprechaun was probably a crackhead who "got some bad stuff" and climbed the tree.
The guy with the camo & body armor who had the magical leprechaun flute that was passed down through generations of his family coming from his Irish great-grandfather. The only Irish that guy has in him is Irish Whiskey at best. I did like it when he yelled to the passing car that he was going to keep them safe.

Public Safety Announcement time: watch this video and you will understand what happens to you when you don't graduate high school.

This is the video:
Look to the right of the video screen scroll down to headlines 3/15 "Chricton residents say there is a leprechaun in their neighborhood"
Click and play.(an ad plays first) This is a real news story.

Thanks to James for sending this to me.


My Back Hurts

So I didn't take the time today to post anything because
a) I was late to work by 10 minutes (thought I hit the snooze button on the ol' cell phone, but didn't)
b) I was busy as hell all day
c) I wanted to spend my lunch break AWAY from my desk for once.

So how was your weekend? St Patty's Day good to you? How about the next morning? Here's the report from around the horn: I knew too many people who stayed in. For those who did go out Friday, here's the top story care of Chris and Frances:
He was scheduled to be off work Friday. She took the day off (good little Irish girl). They started the day at Celtic Crossing aroudn 11:30 in the morning. As they stepped out of the cab, the entire restaurant applauded. Yea, you read that, THEY TOOK A CAB TO THE BAR AT 11:30. Smart people. They knew neither one would/should drive after a while. But they went to Celtic Crossing, Dan McGuinness, and the Buccaneer. He said they got home between 11 and 11:30 that night.
They officially get the "Badass" Award for the weekend as they were smart enough to just get a cab at the beginning of the day. Trust me, cab fare is always less expensive than a DUI.

Other than that, I didn't hear much of anything fun. Most everyone was like me. They stayed in and behaved themselves or just went to a friend's house. What did I do? I worked late, went to the gym, ran a few errands, and headed home. About 9 the little red devil on my shoulder started telling me that it might be a good idea to walk over to the High Point Pub with a blank check. I said no I'm going to stay here, watch a little bball, and behave. What happened? I became an old man and went to bed around 10:30. The rest of the weekend was spent moving boxes and cleaning the old apartment, watching a lot of college basketball, and helping Symon (the new roommate) install a new dishwasher. So now my back is hurting and I need a deep tissue massage. I need to find somewhere to get that. You know one of those places where it isn't customary for a happy ending. I need a real massage place not a whorehouse.

I did watch my shows last night and will post thoughts later.

So what am I up to this week? Well I won't be as much of a loser as I was this weekend. I'll post the schedule for this week and the weekend up later too.


Songs on the Playlist
Robert Earl Keen - Corpus Christi Bay
The Rolling stones - Factory Girl
Alice Cooper - No More Mr Nice guy
Jimmy Buffett - Knees of My Heart
U2 - Bullet the Blue Sky
Robert Earl Keen - The Raven And The Coyote
Eric Clapton - San Francisco Bay Blues
The Grateful Dead - Viola Lee Blues
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