Friday Night Recap

Oh wow. Last night the claws were out. I heard more trash talking than I have in a long time. I heard new nicknames that will never be used again or identified:

Awkward Lingerer
Inappropriate Side Hugger

Anywho, enough of the negativity. I met Les, Kenny, Mallory, and Lana at El Porton for dinner. Today (Saturday) is the Shady Hasbeen's bday. The wait staff were very appropriate in acknowledging this fact:

After all that hoopla I headed to the Brookhaven to meet up with David, Autumn, Tackleberry, Mikaholic, some random chick, and Colleen. Colleen's "parents" ended up showing up after a while. Here are a few pics:

We had a good time. I can say that I was not hungover this morning...unlike some folks. Tonight I'm headed downtown for Mendi's bday. There's no telling what's going to happen.

Songs on the Ipod:
The Grateful Dead - Box of Rain
GD - Friend of the Devil
GD - Sugar Magnolia
GD - Operator
GD - Candyman
GD - Ripple
GD - Brokedown Palace


It Is On!

We are definitely on for Mini-her's bday tomorrow night. Jobu is heading downtown. I feel a lot of good ol' fashioned debauchery in the future. I need it. I've been cooped up too damn long in G'town. I'm definitely going to have fun. I'll do my best to behave within moderation. I'm not promising anything extrordinary, but I will put up a recap Sunday or Monday. Here's a glimpse from the last bday festivities I had with Miniher (mine in October):
p.s. I'm also going out tonight with the Shady Hasbeen, Kenny, and Mallory ("Hey Valerie"). This is weird. Out of nowhere, I'm going out three nights this weekend.


I'm getting that itch...

It's been too damn long since I went out and partied like a rock star. I think that Mini-her's birthday party continues this Saturday night. I'm not sure what the details are, yet. But I owe her at least two shots of Patron. Hopefully I'll make it out there. No matter what, I'm definitely doing the cab thing Saturday night.


Utter Stupidity "I Have A Draem"

I honestly believe that Dr. Martin Luther King is rolling over in his grave. Why? Well part of the push in the Civil Rights Movement was for equality across all lines of society. That way we would all have an equal chance for education. But if he were able to see this pic, he would weep. Utter stupidity.

And I know this is a legit pic because I heard about it on the radio and other places before the pic was emailed to me. I hope these folks have been sterilized so they can't reproduce. Their stupidity doesn't need to go to another generation. How can you screw up the word dream?
I'm actually surprised these aren't some of the Memphis indigenous population. But they're actually from Corpus Christi, TX. I guess even the screwups are bigger in Texas.


Upcoming Concert Calendar

Here are the upcoming concerts in Memphis and the surrounding area worth noting (in my opinion).

Thursday 2/1/07 Garrison Starr @ The Hi Tone Cafe
Thursday 2/1/07 Bela Fleck & The Flecktones @ The Orpheum Theatre (hippie/folkie jam band)

Friday 2/2/07 John Mayer @ Fedex Forum
Friday 2/2/07 Better Than Ezra @ Horseshoe Casino in Tunica/Robinsonville, MS (always a great show)
Friday 2/2/07 Lucero @ Proud Larry's in Oxford, MS (definitely a great place to catch a show no matter who it is)

Sat 2/3/07 Joan Jett & the Blackhearts @ Horseshoe Casino in Tunica/Robinsonville, MS ("I Hate Myself For Loving You")
Sat 2/3/07 Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band @ The Pyramid (Bob Seger rocks. This is the last show in the Pyramid ever...or so they claim)

Wed 2/7/07 The North Mississippi Allstars @ Proud Larry's in Oxford, MS (this will be a packed house)

Friday 2/9/07 Willie Nelson @ Grand Casino Tunica in Tunica, MS
That bears repeating:

Tue 2/13/07 Yonder Mountain String Band @ The Library in Oxford, MS (this will be a badass show!)
Tue 2/13/07 The Lemonheads @ The Young Ave Deli (early 90s band who had the hit song "Into Your Arms")

Thur 2/15/07 Cowboy Mouth @ Horseshoe Casino & Hotel in Tunica/Robinsonville, MS (always a great show. I probably won't make it because I don't need to go to a Casino when I don't have a job...yet)

Wed 2/21/07 The North Mississippi Allstars @ Proud Larry's in Oxford, MS (it's like deja vue)

Sat 2/24/07 The Wiggles @ FedEx Forum (just kidding. This is an actual show according to Pollstar.com, but I thought I'd put it up here as a joke)

Sat 3/3/07 Kansas @ Sam's Town Casino in Tunica/Robinsonville, MS (I won't make it...sorry. There's a rule: don't walk down streets named after states or go see bands named after cities or states...see Boston and Kansas).

Sun 3/4/07 Gin Blossoms @ Horseshoe Casino in Tunica/Robinsonville, MS (pop/rock band from early 90s)

Thur 3/15/07 The Dave Matthews Tribute Band @ Newby's (take a hippie chick as your date, buy her a few Rockstars, let her dance, and let the magic begin!)
Thur 3/15/07 The North Mississippi Allstars @ Proud Larry's in Oxford, MS (again?)

Fri 3/15/07 Blue Man Group @ Desoto Civic Center in Southaven, MS (this will be a great show...other than the fact that it's at the Desoto Civic Center)

That's all for now. Yeah I know. Two posts in one day. Who'da thunk it?

American Idol

I'm going to just say it. I don't like American Idol. I watched the first episode of the first season. A few weeks after that some friends tried to make me watch it. I made it through five minutes. It was at that moment I lost all plausible interest in American Idol. Since then I've had to hear about how talented all the contestants were and how wonderful the show is. Yada yada yada.

The show sucks. It's full of people who although they can sing, they don't write their own music. It's nothing more than over-blown karaoke. It is more a marketing machine to make money off the idiots who'll spend the $2 per text on thousands of votes based (usually) not on talent but on the demographic of their favorite contestant ("she's from the Midwest, just like me! I'll vote for her!").

Frankly it is the cultural dumbing-down of America. There are talented people in bands traveling across the country and starving trying to get people to hear their music, yet these no-talent ass-clowns get to sing and dance. Yes, I'll admit that the eventual winners and runners-up are talented singers. But I still feel (in my opinion) that they aren't as good as some of the starving artists out there who actually have something to say (and can read, Fantasia or whatever your name is).

Anywho, I just felt like I needed to share that with you.
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