The Best Laid Plans...

Last Thursday I left Memphis after work. I had plans to go to the Lord T & Eloise show at Proud Larry's in Oxford, MS. I drove down Byhalia Road to Hwy 78. As I was about to get on the highway I got behind this Toyota pick up truck. I call this "Only in the Sticks."

I know that pictures are worth a thousand words, but for those of you who don't get what I'm showing, these are dogs riding on a tool box in the back of a pickup. I'm honestly surprised they didn't slide off when he turned onto the on ramp. Btw did you know it's bad for your dog's long term vision to ride like that OR with its head out the window? The high winds dry out the eyes and over time that can lead to premature blindness. Just an FYI.
So back to the night at hand. The plan was to go to the show with the sister, Mags, and PeyPey. I was going to leave after the show and head home to go to bed early for work the next morning. How many of you see where this is going?
Fortunately Mags and PeyPey brought a friend Jeff who turned out to be the youngest brother of a fraternity brother of mine. Small world. My old buddy Yankee also made it. I'm jealous of him. He was at Ole Miss when I was a junior and is still there.
Quick question: can I consider this a rush party for my Thursday Tactical Drinking Team? Maybe I should just consider this giving my stamp of approval to a satellite branch. Or should I look at it like Fight Club: they're just popping up every where. Hmm...
Anyhoo, Lord T & Eloise kicked ass. It was a great show and the crowd was really into it. There's nowhere better to see a bunch of white kids go crazy over rap than Ole Miss. I kept thinking that half these kids would be doing the hippie/jam-band dance most other nights but they were acting like it was a rap video on Yo! MTV Raps. Wait, how long has that show been off the air now? And how old do I feel after that reference. Btw, for those of you who don't know the hippie dance, imagine a white kid with shaggy hair and a baseball hat looking at his shoes while moving his shoulders and head side to side and bouncing his body. Another variation is looking at the band on stage nodding and soft punching the air in front of you with the occasional look skyward as the dancer says one of the few words he knows in the song.
I had seen Lord T & Eloise several times, but this was my favorite performance. I just think it was the right sized venue. The crowd was really uninhibited and into it.
After the show we all hung out. Here's a pic with Laura. She's one of the regulars at the tent during football season. I met her through Yankee & WeakBitch just after I graduated.
The sister decided she was tired and wanted to head back to the dorm since she had class at 10 the next morning. I told her she needed to stay because I had work at 7 back in Memphis, and I was still partying. Of course she's smarter than I am so she went home.
PeyPey wanted to go find Lord T & Eloise. She swore they were on the Square at a bar somewhere. So we went looking. Her older sister is good friends with a few of the guys in the band and they played her 21st birthday party earlier this year. We went into five bars on the Square and never found them. It felt weird visiting my old stomping grounds and not running into anyone I knew. Fortunately my buddy Kyle was in town for Double Decker last weekend. Ran into him while we were crossing the street. He was headed one way and we were headed the other so we only spoke for a few minutes. PeyPey and I ran into Downtown Grill to meet up with Mags and Jeff. It was at that point that the chugging began. It was last call as we walked in. Somehow in the span of those 15 minutes, I had two pints of Guinness and a white russian, a "Caucasian" to all you friends of The Dude. Who got that movie reference?
Even during this chug fest I managed to get a few pics. Here's PeyPey and Mags.
Here's a pic of me with them.
So after we took our pics and drank our drinks we were shuffled out the door by Oxford's finest rent-a-cops, Cobra Security. Some shenanigans ensued in the parking lot. One that didn't involve anyone we knew was this girl who walked by us (my friends knew who she was, but she wasn't with us). She said hey to our little group and then walked over and jumped some guy in the parking lot. Jumped in the "skinemax" sense. Literally she jumped, threw her arms around his neck, and wrapped her legs around his waist. This wouldn't be so funny until another girl who was chasing after her said "...what are you doing? You just met him tonight!"
How much do you miss college now?
We all headed back to Jeff's house to late night. For those of you who are uninitiated in the ways of Ole Miss, the bars close at 1 on Thursday and Friday. All the folks who want to keep partying go to someone's house/apartment to keep drinking, etc.
Next thing I know, I look at the clock and it's 2am. I have to be at work in Memphis at 7am. I have an hour and half drive home. This is not good. Jeff said I could crash on his couch. Everyone who was still standing went home and I got the couch. I laid there alone for about 20 minutes trying to convince myself that I wasn't wide awake. I finally accepted the truth at 2:20 and went to my truck. I hopped in and headed back home. I had stopped drinking around 1 anyway so I wasn't worried. I just wanted to get home and go to bed. It's amazing how little traffic is on a country road at 2:30 in the morning. At 3:27 I pulled into my driveway. I'm still not sure how that happened, but I'm quite glad I made it home safely.
As I went into work I was a zombie. I took my first phone call and was wide awake for the rest of the day. I didn't need any red bull or caffeine all day. I was shocked. Of course my sleep patterns have been "off" since that night.
At this point I would like to ask all my female readers to stop reading and not view the next pic.
Have you women stopped?
Ok guys, I noticed this in one of my pics. Consider a gift. I didn't want any of my female readers to see this because then every man in their life is going to have to hear them complain for the next month about how fat their ass is and their cellulite problem and this problem with their self-image and that problem with their self confidence. It's even worse since swimsuit season is almost here.
I hope you have enjoyed this pic of pure college tush. Have a great one and don't get none on ya...unless it's some of that!


Ted, Strange Things Are Afoot at the Circle K

So I've been slacking on my blogging lately. And I probably couldn't care less. I'm not going to jeapordize my new job by blogging at work whenever I come up with something clever or insightful.

Real quick. Saturday morning I went with the brother and father to help the sister move some of her stuff out of the dorm. There were several bulletin boards on her floor. They were all boring, but there was one that was so damn funny I had to get my pic with. I'm wasn't sure which would be better so I did two poses.

Thumbs Up:Shocker:I'm thinking the thumbs up pic is better.

Seriously though, what the hell can I say about this? It's so stupid that it speaks for itself. I really feel compelled to come up with something witty and funny as hell. But what do you say about a board about STD's in a girl's dorm room? I don't remember any boards like that when I lived in a dorm. Of course nothing survived more than a few days in the guy's dorm without being destroyed...except the coke machine.

Btw anyone know where the title quote comes from?
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