Lessons Learned

Guess what I'm about to do...
That's right, I predicted that Memphis will lose to Texas A&M. I was close, but when you're in this city and you're not a Memphis fan AND you openly say you think they will lose, you'll never hear the end of it. So I'm going to have to eat crow. But we did learn an important lesson: Memphis has their hands full when they play a legit team.
Let's see; what else did I learn today? Well I learned that if you only have an RC Cola and a moon pie to eat in one day, you shouldn't go swim 2 miles. You need plenty of food in your system. On lap 26 out of 70 (I count backwards so it was my 44th lap), I lost most of my energy. But I kept going and finished my two miles. I was physically exhausted. It reminded me of a time long ago when I was running cross country. Summer before my senior year, our team went to a camp near Heber Springs, AR, called Team Trek. One morning we got up and had a quick breakfast before going running. We did that everyday, but this one particular day we went to a two lane road and ran 14.6 miles. I was almost to the point of collapsing when we were done but had a very strange euphoric feeling running through my veins (you can call it a runner's high). Unfortunately I didn't have the euhporia today, just the physical exhaustion.


New Memphis Blogger and March Madness

- I read downtown Paul's blog and noticed he had linked to a new Memphis Blogger. So welcome Midtown Ryan. In case yall want to check out his blog you can click on the link in this post or on the link in my blog roll to the right.

- So far March Madness has hurt me as much as anyone, except my Final Four are still alive. I am actually right on the South Region (the only game wrong there was Nevada beating Creighton). So here's my predictions for the next games based entirely on my initial criteria. I'll highlight the teams I picked correctly in bold yellow:

1. UNC over 5. USC and
2. Georgetown over 6. Vanderbilt

1. Florida over 5. Butler and
3. Oregon over 7. UNLV (note: I initially had Wisconsin over Notre Dame in this round)

1. Kansas over 4. Southern Illinois and
2. UCLA over 3. Pitt

and finally for all my local readers...
1. Ohio State over 5. Tennessee and
3. Texas A&M over 2. Memphis

Yeah I said it. I think our city's premiere junior college will lose to the Aggies. I heard some ESPN commentator say the same thing I've been thinking: if they get past the second round (which they did), they will play a higher caliber team than any they have played since December. To me this makes sense. Yeah, Memphis has blown out everyone in C-USA, but that's C-USA. Memphis is the only C-USA team in the NCAA tournament. There are at least three Big 12 teams in the NCAA tournament. That's like going from playing against 7th grade teams one week to Varsity teams the next.

There, I've said it. I'm ready for the rash of crap I'm going to catch when I'm wrong. But I still feel that playing for so long in the C-USA is going to hurt your Memphis Tigers. Plus it's in San Antonio. You could take the entire fan base from Memphis to the game and they still wouldn't have as many fans as the Aggies are going to bring.

Now I will say that the UT vs Ohio State game is going to be real interesting. Ohio State is going to have to step up if they want to beat the Vols.

That's all I'm got to talk about today. Have a good one and don't get none on ya.



Great Restaurant Recommendation

For the fourth time now, I've eaten a great meal at Mosa Asian Bistro. It's an asian fusion restaurant. I recommend the potstockers as an appetizer. I love them. They are located at Kirby Parkway and Poplar in the shopping center on the northwest corner (address 1825 Kirby Parkway). Their menu is on their website. I recommend you get your happy ass over there. They are open for both lunch and dinner. You get plenty of food for not too much money.

Oh yeah, if you get something spicy, you probably shouldn't get "hot." You might not be able to take it (according to the brother who eats hot food all the time).


Phoenix Club Mardi Gras Party Recap

So last night the brother and I went to the Phoenix Club's Mardi Gras/Casino Party. The chairs of the party were Brown D and Brown G (aka "The Browns"). The entertainment was provided at first by casino games and then later by the Aristocrunk of Lord T & Eloise featuring MisterE and Al Kapone (special guest appearance).

We didn't get there until about 10. I didn't my first drink until 10:30. Why? I ran into so many people I hadn't seen since high school or college or just a few years back. I had a lot of great catching up with folks. Nothing too scandalous went down, but it was a great time. I was approached several times by a douchebag from my past who likes to exaggerate stories into lies, but hopefully he'll get the hint and go the f*ck away (btw if I spoke to someone for more than a minute, they weren't him). Other than dealing with that dork, it was a great evening.

I heard all kinds of stories from the Ptolemy float at the St Patty's parade on Beale St. Apparently one of the duchesses accidentally threw a ring with some beads. I guess it must not have been tight on her finger. I'm sure she found solice in a beer or two after the parade.

Anyhoo, I ran into too many old friends at the party, but I completely forgot to start taking pictures until later in the evening. Sorry. Here's a pic of TY with a new friend. He poured her a beer and they became friends. It must be that simple sometimes.Here's a pic of the brother and me. Here's a pic of the brother with my buddy Jake. Jake and I were at Ole Miss at the same time. My brother pledged his old fraternity after Jake had left college. After they were talking a while they realized that the room in the house that Jake had at one time, my brother had a few years later. Real small world.
Here's a pic of me with my friend Ryan.
Here's a pic of me with the brother and Ryan.
Like I said, I didn't start taking pics until too late in the night. I wish I had started earlier. Here's what I would like to have pics of:
- the Browns wearing matching outfits. I'm sure they didn't do it on purpose, but it was still funny as hell.
- Me with Micah and Court. She apparently died her hair so he got a new cut (told you I'd mention it, Micah). How long do you have to be a couple before you start coordinating when you change hairstyles? Apparently I've never been in a relationship that long...thank God. I'm happy for them.
- Me with Shannon the FD. Why? He had way too many stupid St. Patty's Day toys on.
- Me with Calvit and his magic St Patty's glasses.
Of course there are others, but those are the best ones I can remember.
About 11 they closed the casino tables downstairs and sent the crowd upstairs for the show of Lord T & Eloise. I've missed their show many times before, but I wasn't about to miss this time. So I got close to the front for the show. I have to say, they kick ass. Here are a bunch of pics of them performing.
After the second set started, Al Kapone came out to play with our royal boys. It was crazy. The Browns were on the side of the stage and got a few pics of me. I'll get them to email me copies and post them later.
In between the sets I was talking to Andy and the brother when Andy noticed some couple behind me playing a little game I like to call "hide my hands where no one can see them." Seriously this couple was in a chair and the guy's hands were everywhere and then a few other places. Neither of them seemed to care that there were a hundred people around. So I kept my back turned to them as a shield while Andy tried to take a few pics. For some reason the flash wouldn't work but we did get a few pics. On this first pic you can see she is still on his lap. He's blocking the camera with his back, but his left hand is cupping her.
Here she got a little too into it and lost control, falling out of his lap onto the floor. I've painted over her face so that no one can tell who they are.
Here is where she had passed out in the chair a few minutes later. I know the pic looks like it's just them in the hallway, but there were about 50 people around watching this. About a minute or two after she passed out, some girl came over and started trying to revive her. It actually took throwing water on her face to get her to wake back up. At that point she was escorted to the ladies room. I guess if you can't drink with the big boys you'd better stay at home.
So overall I had a great time. Hung out with some old friends and a few new ones. If you missed the party, you made a huge mistake. Don't do it next year.
Have a good one and don't get none on ya.
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