World's Worst MILF

So I was checking out Break.com and there was this pic in a picture gallery. I think the title was Bedroom Stripper Pole or something like that.
I thought it was pretty damn funny until I looked at the mirror by her legs. Check it out:

Is she seriously practicing on a stripper pole in her bedroom WHILE HER KIDS PLAY GAMES IN THE CORNER?

What the hell do I say to something like that? I could say something positive about how she's maintaining her steady job to support the kids. I could say something smartass about how her kids are f'ed for the rest of their lives and how they'll need continuous therapy from kindergarten on? Or I could just let your imagination run wild.

For those of you waiting the recap from the weekend, I'll get to it once I get the pics emailed to me for the time on the water. Here's a set of recap hints: Zombies, Art at E&H, skiing nuclear waste, Cordova Flying Saucer, one last drink, Blue Monkey, fuzzy memories, and lots of hangovers.

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