FU Friday & Weekend Plans

First here’s what’s on the schedule for the weekend:
Friday Night: I have no idea what’s going on.
Cooper Young festival in Midtown. I’m not going. I’d rather watch college football. Sorry. I’m trying not to spend money.
Walrus at the Blue Monkey Saturday night. I’ll be there. I know the Shady Lady V, the Shady Hasbeen, and HM will be there also. And of course there’ll be a ton of other folks. It’s going to be a blast.
Ole Miss plays at Kentucky. I hate to say it, but everything I have seen on this game says Kentucky is favored to win. Whoa, it is a low day in Rebel land. But the bright side of it all is that no matter what, we’ve still beaten the Memphis Tiggers two years in a row. And we'll probably do it again next year too.

Happy FU Friday. I’m not really taking the time to do a fancy one here. So here’s the primary Fuck You to the University of Kentucky Wildcat football team.


My second FU is to the folks who don’t like reading that on the blog. If you don’t like it, quit reading. I’m sorry it offends you. But just know that you are still special because you read at a Tiger High level. Just get over yourself and shut up.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Be safe as there are supposed to be roadblocks up around town.

Songs on the Playlist:
Robert Randolph and the Family Band – Squeeze
Jack Johnson – The News
Def Leppard – Rock Brigade
Derek and the Dominoes – Anyday
Jimmy Buffett – Nautical Wheelers


HNT - time and work effects

Today's HNT was taken last week. The first pic was from the beginning of the workout.

I then swam 25 laps, sat in a sauna for 15 minutes, sat in the hot tub whirlpool for 20 minutes, swam another 8 laps, sat in the sauna for another 10 minutes, and then got in the hot tub for another 15 minutes. The second pic is from afterwards. It's weird how red my skin is from that. Btw it's a great way to lose weight.

Happy HNT yall


Rockstar Supernova Finale

Well it's finally over. I didn't take notes. I mostly fast forwarded through the show. The bottom two were Magni and Toby. Magni was let go. Then the final three (Dilana, Lukas, and Toby) each made their case to the band. They each sang a final song. Then Supernova cut Toby. They are retarded.
Obviously the final two became Lukas and Dilana. Here's the play by play:
The Lemur King versus the Marlboro Man. It is going to be as great as Ali v Frazier. Well, maybe not. First the Marlboro Man takes a swing at the Lemur King's midsection. But that one punch leaves her winded. The Lemur King gargles his words as the Marlboro Man falls.
That's right. They picked Lukas the Lemur King over Dilana the Marlboro Man. Oh well. Dilana's consillation prize: she gets to front the House Band on the Supernova tour. Also Gilby offered to help her write songs for her first album as well as produce it. Dave Navarro told her he would play guitar on it for her. I think that beats winning.
So congrats to Lukas on winning.

One final thought: did anyone else think that Dave Navarro looked like Dracula tonight? I really thought he did with the popped out collar.

Have a good one and don't get none on ya.

Rockstar Supernova Final Competition Show

Ok, let me preface this by saying "yes, I have been drinking...a lot. And it ain't pretty." But I have been diligent to you, my dear reader. Instead of going to bed as my body asked, I stayed up and watch tonight's Rockstar:Tommy Lee's Unit episode.

The show started with the fan favorite of the eliminated rockers. Apparently the fans are retarded. They picked Ryan Star to return and sing his original "Back of Your Car" or whatever dumbass title he gave it. It wasn't that great the first time and it still ain't, babe. Why didn't they bring Storm back for "Lady Like?" That was a balls-to-the-wall rocking song. Much like the general elections in the Memphis area, the voters were fucking retarded. Yeah I said it.

After that it was time to...hear more about how these are the final four and they've made it and they are special and blah blah blah. JUST GET TO THE SONGS!!! Mark Burnett needs to be hit upside the head with a metal baseball bat so he'll quit doing that crap. We know where they've been. We know what they've done. And I swear that a 3 second look at a song from week 2 isn't going to give us some great epiphany. Someone please castrate the producers. I don't want their stupidity spread to the next generation.

First rocker to sing two songs (cover and original) was Toby Rand. In case you've been keeping your head where the sun don't shine, he's our Aussie badass. And yes, that is a technical term. He started out covering Radiohead's "Karma Police." I don't know the song and I won't go buy an album because of it. But he did a good job. Then came everyone's favorite: Toby's original song "Throw It Away." This time he stayed on the stage and let the song do the walking. (did you catch that metaphor?) And you know what? The song kicked ass as usual. I give this performance a 9.5 out of 10.

The next rocker was everyone's favorite marble gargling Canuck, Lukas Rossi. He started with Coldplay's "Fix You" before jumping back into his original song "Headspin." I have to say that during both performances he had a great presence on the stage. He actually kept my attention despite the marble garling lyrics. Paula Abdul was in the audience for his performance (apparently). You know Paula. She's the dried up ****** from American Idol. Yeah I don't watch the show because...well...it sucks donkey balls. But she was here to support REAL FUCKING SINGERS WITH REAL TALENT...and Lukas too. Personally that was STRIKE THREE for Lukas just because I can't stand American Idol.
Ok, here's another thought I had about Lukas in my attempt to justify why he shouldn't win: He's too Mod for this group. He has a great personality and a great stage character if he finds the right back up band. I can see him on MTV for a while. Of course that translates to "Philip won't pay attention to that no-talent-ass-clown" segment of entertainment. I don't wish that on him. He has a great talent. If he'll just stop gargling marbles while he sings, I will support him. Until that time, he can lick...well nevermind.
Btw he did an acoustic version of "Headspin." That kept my attention and he actually sang it. Way to go Lukas.

The third rocker to perform was the original frontrunner of the show: Dilana Robichaux. Yeah, if you read the spoiler from earlier, you would know that I found her real name. (yeah it's not the end of the world or anything information, but I didn't know). Anywho, Dilana did her remix of "Roxanne" by The Police. She had her competitors singing the backup of the chorus. You know what, THAT FUCKING ROCKED!!! That performance was back to the early days of the season when she was untouchable. I think it put her back in the top two. Then she sang her original "Supersoul" again. It was good.
I have to say that in my opinion SHE'S BACK BABY!

Magni was the final rocker to perform. And he fell flat. It's not that he wasn't any good. He just didn't take his performance to another level. He has already peaked. He sang "Hush" by Deep Purple. Then he sang his personal song: "When the Time Comes." It's a good song, BUT he won't win.

After the performances, they showed the order:
1. Dilana
2. Toby
3. Lukas
4. Magni

I really hope Toby wins it all.


Rockstar Supernova Spoiler - Final Show BIG SPOILER


Ok, I have found a few things that I didn’t know. Maybe I was the only one. First of all, Dilana’s last name is not “Smith” as I have been saying all season. I hoped on wikipedia and found her name is Dilana Robichaux. Here is the wikipedia site for her. I found her myspace page through it and this is her profile pic:
Hmm…that’s her with Supernova, right? Could it be she’s already won? I don’t know. I’m not stating that. I’m just saying it’s pretty interesting about that pic. Dum dum dum!

And now onto the discussion: I caught the webisode. It starts with the post-elimination meal. Everyone is discussing how they miss Storm whether by her performances or living with her. Then they start discussing how none of them can believe they made it to the bottom three. Blah blah blah. Magni decides to deal with it by playing a little solo song on the piano. Then Dilana puts a pie/cake in his face while he’s playing and hops away. Everyone laughs and what-not.

The next scene is from a day or so later. The rockers are sitting outside chatting. They show a familiar face walk up. It’s Mig from Rockstar:INXS. He’s there to deliver Toby’s car. He also delivers a bit of wisdom: “One of you will make it and be the winner. Three of you won’t. The reality (for the other three) is there will be no new recording deals automatically waiting for you. You still have to work for it.” But then he goes on to say how it’s easier after being in this though. They cut to Lukas in an interview who basically says “you know after he said the ‘three of you won’t’ I quit paying attention.” What an arrogant prick!
While everyone was looking at the car, Toby kept saying “I can’t believe I won a car, mate.” Then he dropped a real funny line: “Dilana, you can stand in there” referring to the back of the car and her height. I thought it was kinda funny.

Next it was song selection time. The Final Four walked in to find a framed picture of each of them performing on the wall amongst Supernova’s stuff. It was pretty cool actually. They were blown away. Toby said that each picture really captured their characteristics as performers:
He “was surrounded by the people.”
Magni was “intense.”
Lukas was a “showman.”
Dilana was a “scary, mysterious chick.”
Yeah that was pretty good description of the pics.
They walked over to the songs and found a stack of about 150 songs. There was a letter explaining that they will sing their original again as well as one song from the pile. The pile consisted of every song that was played in the show this season including the elimination songs as well as some songs that weren’t played. Lukas and Dilana both found a song they wanted: Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.” Lukas loves that song, and Dilana liked the way it looked so they had Magni sing it on acoustic guitar. He sounded damn good.
Let’s pause for a side rant: Does Dilana know any songs? Seriously! She doesn’t know Pink Floyd or The Who. What is up with her? And now back to our regularly scheduled spoiler:
Lukas and Dilana went back and forth. Lukas said he grew up on that song. Dilana didn’t know it but wanted it. Lukas eventually gave up and gave her the song. Dilana thought about it and then decided to do The Police’s “Roxanne.” She gave Lukas “Comfortably Numb” but he chose “Fix You” by Coldplay. So no one’s going to do it? Damn.

At rehearsal they mostly showed Dilana trying to rearrange “Roxanne.” This is after they showed a discussion among the rockers about how Chris Pierson (second person eliminated this season) really screwed up when he rearranged it. The next night he was eliminated. Ouch.
The guys in the House Band were basically cringing while Dilana was playing her version of the song. I mean they were literally cringing on camera while she played it and sang. In a solo interview, the keyboardist (we’ll call him “dude”) basically said it was risky to rearrange it and that she was doing a horrible job. In a separate interview Dilana said “if I get crucified for messing up this, whoever criticizes me needs their head read…I’m not screwing this up and that’s all I’m going to say about that.” Ok, we know she has some cajones, but is she really about to take a nosedive like this on the last performance show? I don’t know. I can’t wait to find out.

The last bit of the show was mostly filler. They showed everyone packing and analyzing how they feel about the experience. The whole time they had Toby singing some song on his acoustic guitar in the background. The final interview was with Dilana. She said “I need Supernova, and Supernova needs me.” To me, that felt like a crappy way to end things. Fortunately, the producers put a little bit of things into the credits. They showed Magni, Toby, and Dilana swimming and screwing around in the pool. The funniest thing happened during that. Toby and Dilana were basically standing waste deep in the pool. This is the conversation that made me bust a gut:
Toby to Dilana: “I can see your tits.” (note: she had a top on)
Dilana to Toby: “I can see yours.”
Toby to Dilana: “Well, I said that, because I didn’t think you were a girl.”
Hahaha. That’s still pretty damn funny. It kinda adds validity to what the roommate said a few weeks ago: he thinks Dilana is the Marlboro Man and she sounds like a man.

So let’s handicap things here for the finale. I think Magni is a strong contender, but I don’t think he’ll win. Dilana has a pretty good shot at winning, but I don’t know how much of a shot she has after the ups and downs she’s had lately. Toby is by far the leader in my opinion. I really think he’s got the best shot. Lukas is hard to read. So many people like him, but I don’t know if he’ll make it. We all know how much that voice thing drove Jason Newstead crazy in the beginning of the show. He really hasn’t stopped gargling marbles while singing these songs.

What do you think?

Songs on the Playlist:
The Doors – Break On Through (To The Other Side)
Cream – We’re Going Wrong
The Rolling Stones – You Gotta Move
Southern Culture On The Skids – White Trash
Alice Cooper – School’s Out
Van Halen – Can’t Stop Loving You
Widespread Panic – Climb To Safety
The Doobie Brothers – Jesus Is Just Alright
The Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday
Widespread Panic – You Got Yours
The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Led Zeppelin – Your Time Is Gonna Come
Cream – Sweet Wine
Kiss - Beth


Hey, It's Late

Yeah, I'm posting this because I'm about to go to bed. I had a great weekend. I'll give you a full recap later, but I don't know when. I have to go into jury duty tomorrow. Yeah Jury Duty on 9/11. I honestly don't feel that safe. But what are you going to do? So I may be MIA for a while. I'll try to make up for it.

Oh yeah, Ole Miss got destroyed by a very good Mizzou team this weekend. That sucks. But it is a second rebuilding year in a row. Hopefully Coach O will get the ship righted. And for all you non-Mizzou fans who want to talk smack (Serrabee and Princess Shaw Shaw) remember: we lost to the Mizzou Tigers, not the Memphis Tigers. Bite your tongues. I don't want to remind you that we've beat you two years in a row.

Ok, have a great Monday.
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