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I've watched "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" recently. It's a great flick. I love the line when Mandy (Allison Eastwood) first meets John Kelso (John Cusack):
Mandy: Are you thirsty?
John: No.
Mandy: Well, if you're thirsty, a drink will cure it. If you not, a drink will prevent it. Prevention is always better than a cure. Don't you think?

Such a classic. It's so true although it doesn't just roll off the tongue.

Anyway, I'm really stalling for time. I'm putting off going to sleep because I'm wide awake. But I need to sleep...bad.

Screw it. I'm turning off the computer and closing my eyes. G'night.


Just kinda random post

I was talking with a friend the other day. The topics changed easily until we landed on one in particular: why do bartenders seem to be some of the cooler people in town? We immediately differentiated between when they're working a with crowded house and when they're working with a few regulars. Of course when you're working with a crowded house (i.e. at Silky's last night), you're just trying to constantly fill orders, get the correct amount of money, and get them their change all while keeping the mob happy so you can make your living in tips.

Anyhoo, this got me thinking about all "my" bartenders from college until now at all my old haunts, and I realized that I have a very bad habit: I tend to fall for women who are bartenders. Not every woman who's a bartender, mind you, but the ones who are cool and will talk to you. I started to wonder why until the answer dawned on me. Women who are bartenders are usually attractive, they act as though they like to talk to you, and they have an endless supply of booze. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't those some important characteristics you look for in someone you'd be romantically interested in?

Unfortunately as I have grown older, you might say I've gotten a little wiser and started giving myself a reality check everytime I get the old feeling of admiration for a gorgeous girl who's serving me drinks. But damn, sometimes you just wish you were young and dumb still (although the fact I was talked into taking a tequila shot last night might say I'm still young and dumb).

I'm just putting that out there. Anyway, have a great one.

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