Saturday Night Options

So you're stuck in the Memphis metro area and you're looking for something fun to do. Well there are a few options out there (besides hiding from the approaching storms).

First, tonight is the coronation for the Grand Krewe of Ptolemy at the UClub. $35 per person for non-members. Almost Famous is the band. They are supposed to be pretty damn good. It is black tie and will be a great time as always. There are supposed to be a ton of folks showing up.

If you're way out east and need some great music, check out


I've got it!!!

I now know what I want in my next job. I want to work somewhere just like Dunder-Mifflin in the Office. You know a place where nothing ever gets accomplished and you are surrounded by idiots and nut-cases. I think it would be great. I'd sit back in between customer's calls and laugh at everyone. Then after a week, I'd quit just so I'd keep my sanity.

On a serious note, a few of the companies where I had my foot in the door have been put on hiring freezes or are downsizing right now. That sucks. I've been close (final four or final two) in several interviews, but you don't get the paycheck when you come in second place. Anyone know of any good jobs (not free-lance insurance sales!) in the Memphis area?

Friday Night gigs

I'm not going to this, but I promised someone I would post it. I recommend going to Beale Street for the 18th annual Memphis Zydeco Festival. I went to it a few years ago and had a friggin blast. Of course I'm probably going to save my second night of drinking during the week (what I'm doing for Lent) for Saturday.
Also if you know the distinguished Mr. Kalb, wish him a Happy Birthday this weekend.


Happy HNT yall. Beware of the booze.


The Next Day

Earlier today I told a few folks that it wouldn't be Ash Wednesday if you didn't feel like ass. So yeah, I had a few too many Fat Tuesday libations. Don't believe me? Check out this pic:
No I haven't shaven since last week. That was at the first bar I went to. I got Mardi Gras beads, a mask, and maraccas from everyone's favorite overtanned blonde bartender, Miss Myspace. Let's back up, I first had a big steak dinner with plenty of libations to match the entree. Absolutely delicious. After that I headed over to Newby's. Ran into Uncle Scottie Too Hottie and Dr. No Name. Stayed there while Freeworld jammed out a bunch of New Orleans rock. I loved the covers of the Meters' songs. After Uncle and Dr left, I had one or two more drinks, then headed home. On the way home I decided to stop and have a drink at Doc Watson's (the old Bottom Line). There I met several interesting characters:
Don - the wise learned construction worker who told me that finding a career was more important than your friends
Cyndi - the future cougar who seemed as dumb as a bag of rocks, wears hooker boots and jean skirts. Apparently her parents were confused as to where to place vowels when they named her.
Sylvia - the attorney who just got screwed over
I had way too much fun there. I saw all kinds of things happen (most of which I can't really post here). I will say that there was definitely something in the water there. Everybody was having too much fun. I hate to say it, but I am really starting to like going to that bar. After I left there, I came home. I tried to watch some of the shows I tivoed last night, but I hopped on the computer and didn't pay attention. Next thing I know I drunk posted on here and sent a few too many emails and messages out to people. Btw if you got one from me, sorry.
I got up this morning and left the house early. I didn't have a chance to read what I posted last night and was actually a little sketched out by what I might have said. So when I finally got back on here to check it, I realized it was nothing bad.
BUT I have been getting a lot of grief from my friends about the speedo thing. Let me say that it is not the banana hammock speedo that you are all thinking of. It's the speedo trunks. My old suits are all too big (they used to be too small) to swim laps. So I went to the Jaws Swim Shop on Poplar near Ronnie Grisanti's restaurant. These are the only kind of swimsuits they have. I bought a pair and love them. Plus I'm going to try and start swimming miles competitively (I just dropped my time from about 45 minutes per mile to 40 minutes). Don't worry, I'm not going to use them anywhere except to swim laps. And I'm sure as hell not going to take a damn picture of myself in them. However, I did take a pic just so you can see what the hell I'm talking about.
I feel that if I'm going to be serious about swimming laps to stay healthy and in shape, I need to use the proper equipment. I wouldn't go running in hiking boots, so this is the same thing. Anyhoo, enough of that.
In case you didn't know today is the start of Lent. Being a good Episcopalian, I will either give something up or do something. So here's what I'm doing/giving up:
- I'm going to swim at least 4 miles a week
- I'm only going to drink two nights total each week (including weekends) between Sunday and the following Saturday
Ok, I'm going to go and let you recover from reading this. Have a good one and don't get none on ya.
Ok FIRST!!!! Thank you to the grand-daughter of our neighbor who brought over girl-scout cookies to sell! Lord knows that J0-Bu loves his samoas!!! That really made my week.

However despite whatever EVIL that cookies bring onto me, I must mention that I bought a SPEEDO. Yeah, I put that in CAPS just to express what the F I bought. I bought a pair of speedos. Not your average, sterotypical, banana hammock speedos. But Speedos which grasp at the waist and cling just above the knee (past the thigh). The are the equivalent of "board shorts" that are tight throughout (the only negative is the lack of enhancement when I submerse myself in coldwater).

Anyhoo, it is fat tuesday. Let me rephrase that


I hope you celebrated well! I did a civic duty, swam a mile, went to Newby's (pic to be distributed later), and went to Doc Watson's. Let me restate:
BAD PIC from Newby's to be distributed ON THIS BLOG later!

Other than that, it was the usual FAT TUESDAY in Memphis. I highly recomment looking into the Phoenix Club's Mardi Gras Party on March 17. It is thrown by my friends:


Lord T & Eloise will be the musical entertainment, and I have been told that a mix that I do MAY be the music played before the main act. HOLY CRAP!!!
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