Auburn v. Ole Miss game, Oktoberfest! (HNT)

So this past Saturday, we (Ole Miss) hosted the Auburn Tigers in Oxford. It was a great game. We almost pulled it out against the number 7 team in the country (number 7 before the game). But that wasn't the main action. We had our Oktoberfest party at the tent. For those of you who don't know what Oktoberfest is, follow this link to wikipedia. It'll tell you all about it.

What we do for our version is have a lot of German food, German beer, German wine, and German spirits (Jager, Goldschlagger, Schnapps, etc.). Needless to say, it gets ugly. Last year was a night kickoff, so I was hammered the whole game. This year we had an 11:30 kickoff (thanks Jefferson Pilot bastards...I mean Lincoln Financial bastards). In other words, we left Memphis at 7:45 to head down there. I had been up at the Ptolemy and UClub Party (see previous post) the night before. I really didn't want to get up early, but I did. We got down there and started setting everything up. The word of the day was "Prosit!" I think you pronounce it "prost" with a long O. Loosely translated from German (i.e. what we meant) it means "cheers!" and "to your health!" We did a lot of toasting. Here are pics from the day with explanations as usual.
Unfortunately, HM couldn't make it down for this game, but he did sent this banner as a contribution to the party.

Ok, here's my HNT pic. It is a bratwurst with apple sour kraut and German mustard. It was damn good. I probably had three or four between 10 in the morning and 6 at night when we left.Here I am with the brother and my old college roommate Hanky Panky. We were really glad he got to stop by.I had to run back to one of the cars and grb something. On my way back I was walking behind this white dude and realized I needed to make a PSA to all the parents of college kids out there. "Parents if your son or daughter is caucasian and comes home at Thanksgiving or Xmas with dreadlocks, he or she is probably on drugs."Here is our good family friend Mac. We call him the "burgermeister" which is German for "mayor." With a hat like that, you get to be the mayor of the Oktoberfest party. Actually the Oktoberfest party at our tent is a continuation of the party he used to hold at his house every fall in the 80s and 90s. It is legendary. I won't repeat any of the stories I've heard, because I wasn't there to witness them. Let's just say, they are great stories. Here he's got a Spaten Oktoberfest beer in his German stein. Trust me, we come prepared for this party. I would have had my Hofbrauhaus mug, but it is in a box in the storage unit and I couldn't find it for this year. Next year, I'll have it. It's one of those mugs you see the women carrying in pictures from Germany.Here's a pic of the burgermeister, Todd, Scottie Too Hottie, yours truly, and Matt (I think that's his name). We are toasting fermented cabbage juice. You know it as Jagermeister.Prosit!!!Here is a pic of yours truly with the sister and the brother.Here I am with our buddy Yankee, the brother, and the sister. Obviously this is towards the end of the day. We are just a little too happy.

As usual our party was awesome. I had too much fun. I can't wait for next year.

Have a good one and don't get none on ya.

Songs on the Playlist:
Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild
REM - Man on the Moon
The B-52's - Love Shack
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
Queen - Tie Your Mother Down
Radiohead - Creep
The B-52's - Private Idaho
REM - Imitation of Life
Toad the Wet Sprocket - Walk on the Ocean
The Cult - Wild Flower
The B-52's - Private Idaho (live)
The Church - Reptile
The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary


Friday Night Ptolemy Halloween Party

So Friday night The Grand Krewe of Ptolemy threw a Halloween party with the University Club. And much like I feared would happen, it sucked. I still had fun with my friends and a few folks I hadn't seen in a while, but they didn't get the crowd necessary for a venue that big. A big majority of our membership didn't show up. A lot of the people I wanted to see were there. Oh well, those of us who were there had a blast together.

Btw who the hell are the people who go to Halloween parties and DON'T WEAR COSTUMES? What a bunch of losers.

Actually I thought more about the party since I typed that paragraph above and added the pics below and I have come up with a better way to describe the party. The party sucked overall, but we worked our asses off to have a good time. And I think it shows through the pics.

Anyhoo, here are pics from that night with the usual coded descriptions. Enjoy.
Quick point: my costume started out as a redneck vampire, but then the waiter at Huey's asked if I was the Duke boy (Dukes of Hazzard) who didn't make the jump in the General Lee. That changed the costume for the better. Plus I didn't have to wear stupid Vampire teeth all night.

DP and AP went as a "dirty Mexican" and a sexy Border Agent respectively. Here's a pic of DP unzipping a little of the jumpsuit for all the ladies out there. Enjoy it, senoritas! AP is the badge on the left. You'll see her outfit later.
One of the benefits of DP's outfit was the handcuffs. It helped him make sure no one ran off with his cold cerveza.After we got to the party, I ran into the Shady Hasbeen and the Shady Lady V. They were part of a really cool group costume: the Publisher's Clearing House people and the white trash couple who won on Superbowl Sunday. Unfortunately I don't have a pic with the entire group together. The Shady Hasbeen was the wife and LT3 was the hubby. There's a pic of them together later. You can also see my costume in the pic. I think I kinda look like a dead Duke boy.Here's a pic of LT3 as the Hubby with the dead Duke boy.Mike the Cordova Recluse and his girlfriend went as Ricky Bobby and Carly Bobby. Apparently Carly is taking the character seriously.Here is the dead Duke boy with a 5th Ave Socialite (or was she Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? I forget). And that mysterious shocker and struck again.Looks like the Shady Lady V has been attacked by the mysterious V.The Shady Hasbeen decided that she wanted a little sugar.Her hubby didn't like that. Don't they make a cute Mississippi State couple?The 5th Ave Socialite shows that she can find the party even if the dead guy is most fun in the room.Here's the brother making new friends with the Shady Lady V. He went as Dr. Tucker Fadden, plastic surgeon. They were actually getting along famously for a few minutes until I decided to meddle in things:
Me: "Hey bro, what do you think of Alabama?"
The Brother: "They suck. Why?"
Shady Lady V: "Ok, you suck and you are dead to me now."
This pic was taken shortly before that took place. She was trying to show the brother that she may have a chance to rival Gene Simmons in the tongue department. I don't think so though.The brother shows us what he learned at college: gang signs and beer.Two words: rufi-colada.Here is a great shot of the Mississippi State couple (official name: white trash couple). In the background is Scottie Too Hottie as a Duke Lacrosse player. A very un-PC costume. Now I know what all you ladies are thinking. Did he get a pic of just Scottie Too Hottie? No. Sorry. But I did a little work for you. Check out the next pic.Nice, huh? I even made it narrow and long so you can print it out and tape it to anything you want to associate with him. I know he'll appreciate it.

Our next pic is the dead Duke boy surrounded by several lady friends: Pretty Woman, Sexy Border Agent, and Carly Bobby. I'm making sure that Carly isn't smuggling anything.Here I am trying to show the Sexy Border Agent that I'm not hiding anything. Look at Carly. Maybe I frisked her too hard. She looks a little exhausted.Apparently the Sexy Border Agent was a little too much for me. Now Carly and Pretty Woman are trying to revive me.I told you she wasn't smuggling anything. Here are a couple of pics from the Shady Hasbeen. She was kind enough to email them to me for inclusion here. I took the best to use.
Here's the hubby and the dead Duke boy again.Here's Little Red Riding Hood and the white trash wife. Oh look! Another phantom Shocker sighting!Here they are again for take two. I believe that one definition of insanity is performing the same act numerous times and expecting the result to be different each time. Example: taking the same pic in the same location and expecting me not to jump in the background again and again.Here is a great pic of the white trash wife and the dead Duke boy.I'm not sure if this is a bad lap dance or what.

That was the party. Hope you enjoyed whatever you did this weekend. Check back Tuesday for the recap of Oktoberfest at the tent for the Auburn game at Ole Miss. Hotty Toddy.

Have a good one and don't get none on ya.

Songs on the Playlist (all Pink Floyd):
Welcome To The Machine
Have A Cigar
Wish You Were Here
Another Brick In The Wall (Part I)
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)
Goodbye Blue Sky
Young Lust
One Of My Turns
Hey You
Comfortably Numb
Run Like Hell

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