Esta Noche

Tonight, we are headed to the Grizzlies game. I predict a loss...but a great time. See ya bitches.


Anna Nicole Smith is Dead

That's right folks, the perpetual pill-popping plump skank has passed away. I only say that because I actually watched a few minutes of her show on the E network: the Anna Nicole Show. I have been around people who are stoned out of their minds and I have been around people who are sober and lucid. That chick was anything but lucid.
I hope that she finds the peace in death that she was looking for in life through mounds of pills.


OK, double post

Sorry to double up today, but I was just checking the site tracker and someone actually came to my page by googling "I need to find a dale jr garter for a wedding." That's above and beyond the call of complete white trash. As my buddy would say, that's RCWT. Guess what that stands for.

Whoa Wednesday

Has it really been 4 days since I last posted? Sorry. I haven't put the pics from the weekend on the computer just yet. So I won't recap Mendi's bday yet.

Thanks to Patrick, Holly, and Goose for hosting a great Super Bowl party. Unfortunately, I didn't realize a lot of folks were going to bring their kids to the party. I really wish someone would hold the parent(s) responsible every time a child bangs on a drum for 20 minutes. I was in another room and it got real old. We were sitting with a woman and her husband. She said "hey honey, you know how we've been talking about maybe having a kid? I think I've just been cured of that desire."

Anyhoo, the wings kicked butt as usual. Someone brought ribs too. So by the time the fourth quarter started I was fighting to stay awake (curse the 'itis').

Anyone else think the commercials sucked in general? I did. There were a few exceptions of course. These are the ones I thought were funny:
Sierra Mist Beard/Combover
Blockbuster Online Mouse
Bud Light Slap
Carlos Mencia's Bud Light Immigrant Commercial
Hitchhiker with Bud Light
Bud Light Auctioneer Wedding
Emerald Nuts Robert Goulet (definitely top three if not the best one)
Doritos Crash/Clumsy people
Etrade Bank Robbery
Etrade One Finger (only because the guy flips someone off at the end)

If you want to view these or the others from the game, check out at Break.com on their Superbowl commercials.

Anyhoo, I had a great time Sunday as always. I'm outta here. See some of you at the Ptolemy New Member Party tonight.

Have a great one and don't get none on ya.
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