Quick Calendar Items

Ok, here's the upcoming social calendar.

I just heard about this after work. Walrus is playing tomorrow night (Friday night) at the Dan McGuinness in East Memphis. Always a good show. But I have to ask, are their venues getting smaller? I mean every time I've seen them play somewhere, it's been Newby's or at a private party. Now they're at Dan McGuinness. I've been there before. Is there even room for a friggin band? There wasn't when it was Patrick's. Oh well. I don't know if I'll make it. I'm going to pack up boxes and move all weekend.

Thursday Next Week: the Grand Krewe of Ptolemy's March Happy Hour at the Flying Saucer downtown. Will be fun. I've heard a lot of buzz about this. Speaking of buzz...

Saturday Next Week: THE PHOENIX CLUB'S ANNUAL MARDI GRAS PARTY (benefitting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis). Be there or else. If you've never been, you don't know what you're missing. If you have been and yet you actually are considering missing it, you are officially old and are no longer allowed to be referred to as "cool". There is no debate.

Ok, I'm going to hit the hay now. I'm going to get up early and get some work done before the day begins.

G'night kids.

Quick Post

Ok, I know I promised a review of last night's episode of Lost but here I sit over 15 hours later and I am still blown away. How do you review that? I'll leave the full review up to the folks at the Entertainment Weekly's TV watch (although we all know how wrong the folks at EW are until after the world falls in love with a show).

Quick comment: the actress who plays Claire has the most beautiful blue eyes. Anyone else notice the Mother with the Lost baby (i.e. the Frenchwoman, Rousseau) and the Mother who still has her baby (i.e. Claire) both have beautiful but piercing blue eyes. I don't know if that is coincedence or not, but man when they were both looking around the medical "hatch" with so much intensity in each of their eyes, it just jumped out at me.

I'll try to go more into things later because my head is still swimming with thoughts about the show. I'll also post a quick schedule about next week's social calendar. There are several items that are NOT TO BE MISSED.

Songs on the Playlist (Buffet, Marley, & Jack Johnson mix at work)
Jimmy Buffett - Tin Cup Chalice
J.B. - Sunny Afternoon
J.B. - Manana
J.B. - Great Filling Station Holdup


Grey's & Who is yo Mama Post

I'm going to cover both Grey's Anatomy & How I Met Your Mother in this post. Then I'll watch Lost and go to bed (don't you love Tivo/DVR?). I'll post my Lost thoughts later after I find them.
Ok, first How I Met Your Mother:

Great episode. It looks like Ted has actually found a girl that will put up with his stupidity and his past obsession with Robyn. Now, the question remains, will she put up with his current obsession with Robyn. Hmm...only time will tell.

And what did you think of the whole most embarassing stories plot lines? You kinda knew Ted's would involve his obsession. Now Marshall & Lilly's story of having sex while Marshall's mom was still on the phone was funny as hell. I don't remember what Robyn's was, so it couldn't have been that great. And Barney's story was, well, BAD-F'ING-ASS!!! Barney goes from the lovey dovey hippie who is saving himself for one woman for marriage. She leaves him for a dude in a suit and that leads us to his story arc, i.e. how he went from coffeehouse/hippie/pussy Barney to Suit-Up!/yuppie/tail-chasing Barney. (for those of you upset with the "p"-word in the previous sentence, change it to "girlie-man" or something like that. I'm not PC) Barney rocks. Everytime you think he may have some serious depth with a sensitive layer, you realize that it was destroyed years ago by some cheating hippie chick.

Ok, onto Grey's Anatomy (very quick recap):
I thought it was a good episode. I'm glad to see George finally had his heart broken by Meredith so he can move on. I mean come on, did anyone really think they would get along and live happily ever after? (I really hope I didn't conflict with what I said in a previous post from last week). Quick props:
- Good job for that one doctor to give her number to the broken-hearted George.
- Great job to the writers for not showing us what happened between Meredith & George in the bedroom. We got to watch what happened in the hospital before the bedroom (reverse chronological).
- Good job to Burke for 1. giving George a place to crash for now & 2. pushing Christina's comfort zone into a smaller and smaller space. Last week she gave up her safety net (her own apartment). This week she has to share her place with a down & out coworker who she obviously gets along with but, had they never been coworkers, she wouldn't be friends with. She seems kinda like a social climber to me. Don't you think so? I mean you can tell she is really competitive and all, but the more I think about her character, I feel that if I knew her socially, she would use me and everyone I knew to gain in the social world.

Side question: where does a social climber head? Everyone I have ever known will try to use you to meet new people and when they are done with you or the other people, they seem to make it a point to lose touch. So will they ever reach their goal? I mean if they are using people to meet new people, how are they supposed to "move up" if they keep pissing off everyone they meet? Hmm...

- ok back to it (sorry) Great job to the writers for making Izzie & Christina side with George, even though they (and we at that point) didn't really know exactly what happened in the bedroom. But I thought that was realistic. And how about dude's comment to Meredith: "When you get drunk, you sleep with inappropriate men. That's what you do." I can't ever remember his name, he's the guy Izzie is/was sleeping with although now the patient with the bad coronary heart and the good character heart is back. And how is that for a monkeyed up metaphor? He has a great emotional heart, but his physical heart is weak and needs to be replaced. Man that is something that makes you think. I know it may be a simple little idea, but it makes you wonder, if someone is full of love and positive emotions, will that put any type of strain on his or her physcial heart. Or is the strength of his emotional heart what is keeping his weak physical heart pumping until they get a donor heart? Hmm...

Ok, I'm going to run and watch Lost.

Quick update for the weekend: I have no plans yet. Anything fun going on? Remember I'm not one of those hipsters so I don't know if I'd fit into a DJ show or anything like that. Or should I lay low this weekend and save my money? Or will I just wait until something sporadic goes down. Or will I be lame and pack my apartment and move? Hmm...

Quote of the Post: Jimmy Buffett - "I know one thing, indecision may or may not be my problem."
Songs on the Playlist:
The Allman Brothers Band - Into the Mystic (live in Memphis 10-5-04)
Talking Heads - (Nothing But) Flowers)
Talking Heads - And She Was
Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
Tenacious D - My Biznitch Is The Shiznit
Terence Trent D'arby - Wishing Well
Tesla - Love Song
The B-52's - Roam
The Band - Up On Cripple Creek
The Band - The Weight
The Doors - Peace Frogs
The Del McCoury Band - Rain And Snow (from Bonnaroo 2002)
The Monkees - Last Train to Clarksville
The Gourds - Gin & Juice (NO IT'S NOT PHISH!!! I've seen them in concert at the Hi-Tone before. Trust me)

Quick Update

Ok, I know I'm slacking. I'll come up with my reviews of Grey's, How I Met Yo Mama, and Lost later tonight (unless Lost is another f'ing rerun).
Anything else yall want?


My New Crack Habit

Ok, I have a new addiction. I finally decided to try it and now I can't stop.

I joined MySpace.

The bad news is I just keep checking it all the time. I thought blogging was addictive, but this is worse.

The good news is I've found friends from college that I haven't seen in a long time. It's really cool to hook up with old friends on that.

One downside is it won't let me automatically link to this blog. Or at least I haven't figured out how yet. Hey I hated programming in college so I doubt I'll figure it out unless someone (hint hint) shows me how. Anywho, it is a really fun thing. I'm sure it'll get old in about a week or two.

In case you want to visit me, here is my profile.

Quote of the post: Unknown - "And we were so excited we splooged ourselves!"
Songs on the playlist (downloaded mix):
Kenny Chesney - No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem
Van Morrison - Baby Please Don't Go
Phish - Boogie On Reggae Woman
Seal - Crazy
Led Zeppelin - Moby Dick/Bonzo's Montreux (this is from the box set. It is a pretty cool version. I heard it on Jarman's show on Rock 103 the other night)

Pics of Drunks, Dancers, and Revelers

All these are from Coronation Saturday night.
Above we have Scott, Jason, Amy, David, Autumn, and Elizabeth. Here we have Kellie Ann, Elaine, James, and Duchess Melinda.

Here we have Autumn and Duchess Jana. Here we have Amy and Jason dancing. Did we step back into teh disco years or something?
And that's me in the background searching for an open bar.

Here we have Scott and Brian.

Pic of the King

Here is a great pic of King Trip Spear of Ptolemy. He is pictured with David Porter one of the members (and one of my best friends).

Ptolemy Coronation Pics (first bunch)

Gina Boyd and Natasha Nassar, past Duchesses (or is it Duchi?). Yours truly with Elizabeth Davis (past Duchess)

2006 Royalty (sans King Trip) getting crunk on stage with the band.
left to right: Duchess Lana Holmes, Duchess Suzanne Culpepper, Duchess Leslie Drake, Duchess Melinda Liles, Queen Laura Russell, Duchess Jana Davis


R.I.P. Don Knotts

Ladies and gentlemen,
Bow your heads and give observance to a moment of silence for a great American actor and comedian. He made you laugh many times in your life I know. Don Knotts passed away this weekend. No more Barney Fife.
See ya, Barn.


Hey Kiddies!
I don't know about yall, but I am still hungover. I did the coronation thing, then met a ton of folks from the party at the Blue Monkey. Too many shots and too many red bull & vodka's. Ouch. Soooo after that, I head out and go to Destiny Diner to get a BBQ pizza. I call as I'm leaving the Monkey and they say it'll be 25 minutes. I get my pizza and run home. Chow down and go to bed about 4AM. And now I am hungover.

I'll post my pics Monday. My camera cord is at the office. I got a lot of great ones.

By the way, congratulations are in order for Queen Laura of the house of Russell and King Trip of the house of Spear. I can't remember all the duchesses names right now. But I'll post the pics of them on Monday. So congrats all.

Quote of the Post: "Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear. And when I do, it's usually something unusual." - Bill Murray in Stripes
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