Spalding! Noooooo!!!!

Last week I had a Caddyshack moment. I was swimming laps at the gym in "Cowtown" when I noticed the majority of the people in the pool were getting out. I didn't think anything of it and kept swimming my laps. Around the mile and half mark, a guy from the lane next to mine was standing on the edge of the pool motioning for me to stop for a second. He said that I probably would want to get out of the pool as someone got sick on the other side of the pool. I quickly climbed out of the pool and said absolutely. I didn't hear the lifeguard's whiste because I swim with ear plugs.
Anyhoo, as I am walking towards the sauna, I pass the lifeguard. I said "too bad someone threw up in the pool. How long until it reopens?" He said no one had thrown up in the pool, but some neglectful parent didn't put a diaper on their young child. He didn't go into any more specifics and really didn't need to. Some jackass parent didn't put their kid in a swimming diaper and the little tot left a "baby ruth" in the pool. Of course the lifeguard had fished it out with a bucket, but it really makes you wonder. Are people really this stupid? If your kid isn't potty trained yet, how can they just get into a pool or anywhere else without a diaper.
Anyway, I played the part of Spalding from Caddyshack: I didn't realize what was going on and kept swimming. The good news is that it was on the other side of the pool from where I was swimming laps and the lifeguard had already removed it from the pool. Kinda gross huh?
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