Como Se Dice "My Head Hurts"

Ok, I just got back from McAllisters. I had to get a 1/2 muffaleta. All that bread and olive oil soak up my hangovers like crazy. Why am I hungover? Because I took tequila shots last night at Crown & Sceptre. Miniher and I had fun. I saw all the royalty and tons of other folks. Kat was there. I think she tried to remind me how much she hates me, but I didn't care so I tuned her out. Oh yeah, I forgot the first cardinal rule of the world: if you are a white guy who is older than 25 DO NOT DANCE!!! I guess tequila fried my brains...again. Oh well the lights were low. Wait, that doesn't matter because I still looked like a damn idiot. I got tons of pics of people walking in during the presentation. I was really happy about that. The damn Boll Weevils attacked me. I think I saw one of them give Kat a sticker. I won't say where it was put, but she might tell you. I ran into a girl I went to high school with. She is married with two kids now and is a stay at home mom. She says she loves it. That was pretty cool.

Ok, that's all I'm going to post for now. I'm headed back to the couch for another few hours of Fox Sports Soccer channel and The Military Channel. England was playing Hungary earlier I think.

Have a good weekend. If you see me out downtown tonight, say hi. I'll be "that guy".

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Upcoming Schedule

So whatsa happenin hot stuff?

Well tonight marks the beginning of Carnival Memphis's 75th year! It is 9 days of parties around Memphis. The only problem, you have to be in a Krewe or a member's guest to go to any of the parties. At this point, I am going to Crown & Sceptre tonight and the Ptolemy Clubroom party next Thursday. I am able to go to two other parties, but I can't make those (date one night and work dinner the other).
And yes, it's too late to join a Krewe.

So what else is going on? Oh yeah, Italian Fest is this weekend. It's in Marquette Park at Park & Mt Moriah. That'll be fun. I've never been, but I hear it is the way BBQ Fest was about 10 years ago.

That's all I have. I'll post a Crown & Sceptre Recap sometime this weekend or the first of next week. I won't post a Saturday recap because I have a date and I don't divulge info on my love life (as you know). I also have more pics from the trip to Carrollton, MS to post. I'll get to those sometime. I promise.

Have a good one and don't get none on ya!



Well I'm back baby! I have healed from the very bad ankle injury. How bad was it? Over a week later, I had bruises in areas around the ankle that couldn't have been injured. I had one up my shin.

But what is the best way to tell I'm back? I can wear my boots again. Hells Yeah!

Have a good one and don't get none on ya!

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The Grateful Dead - He's Gone


Pics of Courthouse & Governor George's Antebellum Home - Carrollton, MS

These are pics of the courthouse and the old governor's office and home.

Here is an exterior pic of the courthouse. It is at the center of the town square. I'm not sure what year it was built, but it is the old style. The downstairs is open air (with heavy doors to close in bad weather or cold weather). It has high ceilings. I stood in the middle of the downstairs with doors open at each end and it was a good ten degrees cooler. It was amazing. The downstairs makes a giant 't' or a cross with rooms in the four corners.Here is a pic of the interior. I'm standing at the very middle of the cross and looking out one of the doors. Here are two pics of the former Governor's Law Office. The first is a sign outside the office which is still there. Apparently he started his practice in 1838.
Here is a shot
Here is a pic of his home (where the Garden Party was held). Obviously if he started his law practice in 1838, this home must have been built well before the Civil War. Pretty cool to realize that there are still people living in Antebellum homes. It was absolutely beatiful.
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Confederate Monument in Carrollton, MS

I took these pics during my trip Friday of Memorial Day Weekend (May 26, 2006).

These are of the Monument to the men of Carrollton, MS, who died fighting for what they believed in during the Civil War.

Do not turn this into anything political. I just thought it was a nice piece of history and I wanted to share it with you. I don't care if you are pro-North, pro-South, or don't give a rat's ass. This is just a cool piece of history.

There is an inscription around the statue. This is what it says:
"Erected by Carroll County Under the Auspices of (not sure who it says) 1905.

Random Dating Post

Well it has officially happened. I am now “the single guy.” Not sure what I’m referring to? Remember all those chick flicks about the groups of couples with the single friend that everyone wants to set up? I’m that guy now. It’s happened gradually over the last 6 months or so. I’m not mad about it or anything. In fact I’m pretty flattered by it.

I have many married friends in my various circles of friends. So over the last few months, several of the wives have decided that they can find “the perfect woman” for me. It’s been real and it’s been fun. Hey, in some cases it’s been real fun. Some cases it got bizarre. But each time, I’ve taken the same attitude and had fun with it. In the end that’s all I can do.

I’m really appreciative to all my friends who have tried this. I am grateful for their interests in my wellbeing even if I have met a few nutcases.

So why am I writing this when I never talk about my lovelife on my blog? Because I have come up with a few rules of civility that need to be reminded to everyone in the dating world. This is not an all encompassing list, but something I want to share with you because it makes me laugh (even if some of the things were embarrassing when they happened). They didn’t all happen to me, but many did:

- When setting someone up on a blind date, be sure to tell both parties about it. Don’t just give one person the other’s phone number.
- When eating dinner, make sure the other person is done eating their meal before you start chain-smoking.
- Ladies, if you are not interested in the man, thank him for the evening and tell him that you don’t think it’ll work or you just want to be friends or something. Don’t bring up the taboo date topics (i.e. dirty sex stories) in a way to disrespect your date. Men don’t think that way.
- If a date is not going well, that is not an excuse to start heavy drinking to make it better.
- Do not take your date bar hopping if it is going well. End it earlier than you would like to leave them wanting more.
- Do not seem desperate for a relationship, even if you are. Desperation stinks. You can smell it a mile away. No one finds desperate people attractive (except desperate housewives, except Nicollete Sheridan. She is a skank) Don’t believe me? Remember the last time you were at your local meat market (i.e. singles bar). You can tell the people who have their sh*t together and the people who are just dying for anyone to be with them. Which ones do you think were desperate? That’s right. The latter.

Ok, I’m done with this rant. Have a good one and don’t get none on ya.

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The Beatles – Dig A Pony
Johnny Cash – Greystone Chapel
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Shooter Jennings – Solid Country Blues
David Gray – This Year’s Love
The Who – You Better You Bet


Weekend Recap

Note: I will not post any pics on this one. I'm going to do that another time. All I have are pics from Friday night, Saturday breakfast, and E&H Saturday night. Sorry

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was fun. Not long enough though. I partied too much and didn’t do enough housework. So that means it was good.

Friday I left work at 3PM. I raced home to change into my suit. My sister is going to be a debutante this year in the Southern Debutante Assembly. They have a garden party in May and the actual Debut in December. When my cousin was a Deb, the garden party was at a house just outside Greenwood, MS. This year it was at the Antebellum home in North Carrollton, MS. The original owner was a former MS governor. I took a ton of pics from the party, of the town, and of the house. I’ll post those pics in another post sometime. It was really cool.

The party lasted from 7 to 8. It had champagne…no, wait, that was sparkling grape juice. It was sans-alcohol. Not a big deal though. I had fun with the family. Well everyone except Dad. He was at the Tophatter’s Dinner for Carnival (my sister told him to go to that). (The Tophatter’s Dinner is a private dinner for the King and Queen of Carnival full of toasts and other things. I’ve never been so I don’t know much about it. It’s full of past kings and presidents as well as the other “who’s who” of Carnival.)

After the Garden Party was over, I chugged a Red Bull for the drive back to Memphis. I probably got back to the highway about 8:45. When I got to Winona to get back on I-55, I decided to grab a little dinner. I got McDonald’s…for the first time in over 6 months. Sorry, but I’ve seen Super Size Me. That is nasty. But I just had a craving for two cheeseburgers from there. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad.

Funny thing though, anytime you go to a fast food restaurant in Memphis, the folks who take your orders and give you the food can’t speak. It’s not that they won’t speak; they actually cannot speak. Allow me to provide an example of what they (what you are reading is the way their words would be spelled):
We’come to MaDonalls (Burg Keen, Winday’s) my nam is **. Canni take yo orda?
Wood yu leik fries wit dat?
Okay, you want a dubba chee’burger wit kachup, mus, an prickles.

Why am I making fun of these people? Because I have grown so accustomed to these a’holes who can’t annunciate their words that at the McDonald’s in Winona I was blown away when the girl who gave me my food said the following (typed the way it was said):
Did you all go to graduation this evening?
All I could say was no, I’d been at a garden party and thank her. That completely caught me off guard.

I rolled into Memphis late in the evening. I got home and changed into jeans and a shirt. I couldn’t find anyone who was going out so I decided to head up to Newby’s. Holy crap. I walked in and saw my Dad there with some of the other Tophatters. I couldn’t believe it. So I hung with them and some of the regulars. Had a good time and got home around 2am. I was hungry so I called both Dominoes and Pizza Hut. They were closed. When in the hell do they close that early on a Friday night? That’s ridiculous.

Saturday morning I woke about 7:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I remembered this breakfast place I had driven past on Summer a few times, I threw on a Tshirt and shorts and went to Bryant’s Breakfast near Summer and Graham. I got two sausage/biscuits and an order of grits to go. I got home and fixed an OJ. Oh my Lord! It was delicious. Old fashioned sausage & biscuits. I am in love. I have a new place for breakfast. This is way better than anything you’ll ever get at a coffee shop like Huddle House, IHOP, or CK’s. Yeah I know it’s sacrilegious to say that, but it’s true. I went back to sleep and napped on the couch for most of the day.

I had a date Saturday night so of course I won’t tell you about that. I will say that if you eat at Automatic Slim’s downtown, don’t get the “Tale of Two Fish”. I found A fish and a bunch of other stuff I couldn’t eat. Although the cocktails with dinner were badass. They make the best mojito at Automatic Slim’s. After that we walked to Silky’s on Beale, and thing’s progressed downhill. Too many beers and too many jagerbombs. She had too go home so we caught a cab eastbound at 1. She had a plane to catch at 6:30 Sunday morning so that’s what killed the evening too early. Funny thing though, as I got out of the cab at home, my brother called me to see what was going on. And we headed to Ernestine & Hazel’s downtown for late night soulburgers. Too good.

Sunday I was bad hungover. I woke up at 9 for no reason and couldn’t go back to sleep. I think the jagerbombs were still killing me because I threw on my clothes and drove to Target. I walked in and couldn’t remember what I went there for. Is that a bad sign?

I went back home and crashed for the rest of the day. I ignored all phone calls as I nursed myself back to health. I had made a promise to my friend Paul that I would go to his cookout that evening. He had stressed the fact that I HAD TO BE THERE NO MATTER WHAT. I vegged and napped all day and finally made it to his house around 5. My suspicions were validated when he introduced me to one of his wife’s friends. It was quite interesting. I was trying to kill the final remnants of my hangover, be polite, nurse the first beer, and chat up a hottie all at once. How did I do? You know I never talk about the love life in detail. But I will say I had a great time despite the fact that Paul burned the burgers. I stayed late and listened to stories until well late in the evening.

Oh yeah, all during the weekend (and a lot on Sunday) I watched Vh1’s History of Metal and SuperGroup. That’s actually been very entertaining.

Monday I woke up and swore I wasn’t going to drink anymore. I had been drinking a lot for three nights in a row and I couldn’t handle anymore. Dad called around lunchtime and invited me out for ribs with the family for dinner around 5. I said yes and watched Band of Brothers on the History Channel all day. I love Memorial Day Weekend. War movies and shows all damn day. That rocks. Dad cooked some badass ribs and “the it is” hit me about halfway home. I rolled into the house and turned on war movies again. I never could take a nap again but I did get to watch all these great movies. I ended up going to sleep around 11:30. And the alarm went off too early today.

Overall a badass weekend.

Songs on the Playlist:
Tony Bennett – Just In Time
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Breaking the Girl
Soundgarden – Limo Wreck
Robert Johnson – Crossroad Blues
Stone Temple Pilots – Dead and Bloated
Hank Williams – I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Paul McCartney & Wings – Jet
ACDC – Jailbreak
Derek & the Dominoes – It’s Too Late
ZZ Top – Waiting For The Bus>Jesus Just Left Chicago
Robert Earl Keen – Undone
Bob Dylan – Tombstone Blues
Cake – Short Skirt, Long Jacket
Billy Squier – Lonely Is The Night
Tesla – Love Song
Widespread Panic – All Time Low
The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again
Widespread Panic – Hope In A Hopeless World
The Grateful Dead - Friend Of The Devil

Tuesday Update

I'll post a weekend recap later. I'm too busy at work to even think about last weekend...or at least the parts I remember.
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