Bar Advice

What’s up drunks and lushes? I have a bit of helpful info to pass your way.

You know how our generation used to drunk dial from our cell phones before evolving into drunk texting? For the longest time drunk texting would get you one of two results: an embarrassing reputation or a fun evening. Well there is a bar that has added another consequence for drunk texting. If you text the number on the screens at Red Rooster, they will text you with drink specials and nightly themes all day long. How do I know? Because four guys I work with drunk texted the bar and for the last month or so have been dealing with a barrage of daily texts mentioning everything from Ladies’ Night to 2 for 1 Well Shooters. It took several weeks of calling the bar before they were finally removed from the text lists.

So remember if you go to the Rooster to keep your thumbs off small buttons.



I keep hearing this tap-tap-tap sound. What the hell is that?

Oh, right I'm posting on the blog. (I promise that will be the lowest attempt at humor in this post).

So what's going on? Well I did finish the 44 mile swim in 12 weeks at the gym. I feel really good about myself. I was talking with one of the lifeguards on Saturday. I told him I only had enough time to swim 1.5 miles but I still had another mile to complete before they closed the gym Sunday. He said why don't I just say I did it and come in Monday to actually do it. I told him I couldn't do that. I'm not going to cheat myself from this accomplishment. So I came in yesterday afternoon to swim my mile. Then I went home and rode the bike. I really need to do that more often because I am really not up to my form from last summer and fall on my bike. Why am I kicking my own butt on this? I'm doing the Memphis in May Triathlon. It's going to be the longest one I've ever done. It's on May 18. That's a Sunday. For those of you who aren't keeping score. That the Sunday of BBQ Fest weekend. That's the Sunday morning after my friend's wedding. I need all the training that I can get before I begin the week of decadence that is BBQ Fest.

Speaking of BBQ Fest I am on a team. I know it completely goes against the pre-BBQ Fest post I've done for the last three years, but I found a team with a bunch of my friends on it and I am lucky enough to join it. And they put me in charge of designing the team tshirt and coming up with the slogan (with help from my brother of course). No I'm not publishing which team. I don't want a bunch of random rednecks walking up to the door saying "yea I know that Philip fellar over thar from the interweb thingy!"

What else? I went to Little Rock for Mr and Mrs Mailbox's wedding. I don't think I can come up with some cut Hollywood/Celeb nickname for them. Sorry. Anyhoo, I'll post the pics on that later.

I went this past Saturday to Young at Art's Kentucky Derby Party at the Dixon. I had a lot of fun there and I learned an important lesson. Don't try to go drink for drink when you're not drinking the mint juleps. Most of you know I'm not a whiskey drinker. So I had vodka and cranberry. Well the bartender would fill the highball glass to the top for vodka and cranberry while the mint julep was half full (or half empty if you were drinking it). So I'm basically drinking everyone there two for one. Not good. But I caught my mistake and started to pace myself and I made it through the party relatively unscathed. Here are a few pics from the party. The first two are with Mendi and the last one is with Shannon the Friggin' D.

It was a lot of fun. Though the race was only a minute and half long, the crowd was really into it. Afterwards half the guys went to smoke cigarettes while the other half pretty much fell asleep where they lay. Of course most of the women there were ticked off it didn't last long enough where they could get anything out of it.
Wait. Was that a sex joke?
Other than that I'm just trying not to spend money right now. I have some bills to pay, and I'ld like to save a little money. Real boring right?
Oh yeah! I got into a wreck. Someone ran a stop sign and t-boned my truck. I'm OK. I have to have my truck repaired. No one was hurt in the accident and the other driver admitted fault...through his interpreter.
Well that's all I've got for now. Have a good one and don't get none on ya.
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