Confuscious say "lack of title make reader bored"

Ok, I'm on the water this weekend. If you're in Memphis, go to the Walrus show at the Blue Monkey Saturday. Other than that I'm not sure what's going on this weekend. Btw, I'm pissed I missed the damn Lord T & Eloise show last night.

have a great weekend


Blogger sucks donkey balls

I hopped on the blog. My most recent post about the Phoenix Club party with Raiford wouldn't pop up. I had to head to someone else's blog and follow a link back. WTF! I wonder if it's because I used a long ass title.
Hopefully posting this short bitching session will fix the problem.

Party for white people who can't dance

That's right kiddies! The sensation you never experienced is making a return trip to the Memphis party scene.

Raiford is back, baby!!!

Since Raiford's Hollywood Disco closed, I've had so many people make comments to me about how they always meant to go, but "just never did." Well he is performing at the Phoenix Club's Luau party on Friday August 17th.

Now you could go to the Phoenix Club's website and order tickets, or you could help me out and buy tickets from me. They are $30 per person and the proceeds go to our big end of the year check to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis (we raise over $100,000 annually with help from folks like you). So if you want to get a ticket contact a friend who is a member or you can email me at memphisphilip at hotmail dot com.

I should have my tickets this Thursday afternoon so go ahead and start getting your orders in ASAP. I'll post more details later.
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