Triathlon Training Update

Today after work, I swam 1 mile, biked 7.2 miles, and ran 3.25 miles at the gym.

The standard "sprint" triathlon is .5 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run...I think.

I just need to keep conditioning myself so I can do it in the heat of July and August.



Actually I've known about this for a while, but I think this is the first I've mentioned it on the blog. Lord knows with the giant lack of posts lately, it should be easy enough for me to check...

Anyhoo, Robert Earl Keen and the Robert Earl Keen band will be playing THIS FRIDAY night at the New Daisy on Beale Street. It's usually a packed house so buy your tickets now. (His album "No. 2 Live Dinner" is in my top 20 albums of all time and top 5 live albums)

If you've ever liked a single country music song in your life, then you will like REK. He's more of a Texas country/folk/singer-songwriter with a great sense of humor in his song writing.

I'll be there. So will a large assortment of folks. Not sure exactly who, but I imagine some if not all of the following will be there:
The brother
The sister
DP and "new mike"
Mailbox Mike
The Uncle (supposedly coming in town according to sources)

As always I'll make a prediction who will be there and half will miss it and 20 others will make it. You know what, who cares. It's always a great show. If you miss it, you suck.
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