Ptolemy Happy Hour Recap

The brother and I headed to the Ptolemy kickoff party for our Poker Run Fundraiser. We had an absolute blast. I didn't take any pics though. I spent most of my time talking to friends and congratulating new papas Trip and James. Both of their wives gave birth on the same night. It was actually the first time I saw them since before their kids were born.

I also heard that Joey D and Amy are engaged. Apparently it happened two months ago. When did I get out of the loop? I can't believe I didn't even hear about it at Coronation or before.

The big news of the evening is that most folks had their March Madness brackets screwed up by Virginia Commonwealth. How so? They beat Duke. In the first round. Honestly, has that ever happened in the history of Duke University? So does this mean that we won't have to see commercials of Valparaiso beating Ole Miss anymore?

Let's see what else. Oh, Mailbox Mike has finally accepted his nickname as permanent fixture to his persona. He signed some charity shamrock at TJ Mulligan's as "Mailbox Mike." Funny thing is that a lot of folks don't know his last name but know him as Mailbox Mike. I honestly heard a few folks call him that. I'm still laughing whenever I think about it.

By the way why is it a big deal for me to drink water at a Happy Hour? I honestly didn't know that a ton of folks would ask me why I was drinking water. This Lent thing is hard. Big D actually handed me a beer and was offended when I didn't accept it. But I continue to follow my pledge without hesitation. And the folks I told it to were impressed by my devotion.

I have officially scared our Royalty to death almost. They are afraid of me showing up after they've been at parties and taking bad pics of them (like what could have happened Saturday night if my camera had been working properly). I wonder when it's actually going to happen. Hmm...

That's all I've got from tonight. I tried to post a funny video here, but it wouldn't work. So here's a link to WHAT HE'S REALLY THINKING.


Saturday & Tuesday Nights

Saturday night I was going to meet up with the Ptolemy royalty after they got done at another krewe's coronation. The Shady Hasbeen and Shady Lady V were going to head up there with me so I headed to their apartment complex. We had drinks and waited for the royalty to call us with their post party plans. And we waited. And we waited. Apparently they aren't going to leave parties this year until the band is finally over. Sucks to be a royal, I guess.
Anyhoo, after we finally got the word to head to the Blue Monkey, Shady H was waiting on Lloyd to get there and they would show up later. Shady LV and I headed on. We had a good time but we weren't having near as good a time as the royals. I got a few pics.
Here's Duchess April, Duchess Kristie, Queen Kathryn, and Shady LV.
Here's the King and Queen.Someone tore her dress again.Here's duchesses Autumn and April (or as someone called them "the seasons").We stayed there a while and then called it a night. It was fun. But I was never able to catch up with their royal headstart.
Tuesday was Uncle Scottie Too Hottie's Birthday. He wanted to get folks together at the Brookhaven Pub. Here's a pic of the birthday boy with his birthday bottle of Ol' Grandad:

I took my cousin Robert who was in town for spring break. We hung out with Andy and Jana, McAsh, Dr. J, Mailbox Mike, and a several other folks. About 9 I realized that it was starting to wind down so I decided to take Robert to Ernestine and Hazel's. He'd never had a soulburger to I told him about it on the way there. I was afraid I oversold the quality of it, but after a few bites, he told me that it was the greatest burger he's ever had. We later headed to Silky's on Beale and had a beer there. He was really impressed with E&H and Silky's. Everytime he's come to Memphis, he's been underage so I couldn't really take him around. But he had a blast.

Other than all that I've been interviewing and spending time with my family lately. Kind of laying low and behaving myself. I hope you all are having a great week.

Please read the post below about the party Saturday night.


THIS JUST IN!!! Al Kapone is going to play with Lord T & Eloise at this Saturday's Phoenix Club's Mardi Gras/Casino Party. If you don't have your tickets yet, you'd better let me know ASAP. I have a few left. The price will go up the night of the party.

Email me at memphisphilip(at)hotmail(dot)com if you want a ticket.


Quick Post

I'll post the recap from Saturday night later. I've been interviewing the last two days AND have family in town so I've been a little occupied.

Tonight we are going to celebrate Uncle Scottie Too Hottie's bday. If you didn't get the invite, text me and I'll let you know where we are. We're doing this in lieu of having the Thursday Drinking team meet any other day this week.

If you're looking for plans tomorrow night (Wednesday), Newby's has the crawfish boil followed by The Wailers on the band side. For those of you who are culturally ignorant, The Wailers are Bob Marley's band.

Thursday night is the Ptolemy Fundraiser Kickoff party at TJ Mulligan's at 6PM. The money raised will go to a local children's charity so go sign up. The fundraiser is going to be a Poker Run downtown. I'll give you more details on that when the time comes.

Saturday is the St Patrick's parade on Beale Street at 4PM. I'm blowing that off so I can get ready for the real party that night: the Phoenix Club's Mardi Gras/Casino Gaming party. If you've never been, go. It's an absolute blast. Definitely a target rich environment. If you are interested in a ticket, email me at memphisphilip(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Other than that I have nothing to report. Oh yeah, I hate the fact I can only drink two nights a week during Lent. Don't know why I did that. Kinda sucks having to pick what you do and what you're blowing off. And I really don't want to play DD anymore because driving drunken duchesses sucks.

Have a good one and don't get none on you.
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