Are you there Margaret? It's me, Philip.

I think it's been long enough since the last post that it's time to give you a quick update before I run out the door. I'm going to do my first triathlon of the year. Yeah, I'm doing the Rebel Man Triathlon in Oxford, MS. But here are a few quick pics of what's been going down. This is real quick. Below are the major (read: blogworthy) events that I need to post. Other than these, I've been training for triathlon season and working.
Anyhoo, here's what's been going on:

Phoenix Club's Mardi Gras PartyA Carnival Krewe Coronation where I ran into Mr. Michael Donahue.
I went to the Ptolemy Coronation. Here I am with Queen Shady Hasbeen. (I know it's kinda hard to title her "Queen" and "Hasbeen." She was a Hasbeen because was a EX duchess. Now she's the Queen so I have to adjust her nickname...maybe).Oh yeah, the brother and I went to New Orleans for Mailbox's bachelor party. And this is what happens when you mix New Orleans Hand Grenades, beer, bourbon, Jagerbombs, and other adult styled beverages with the bachelor's ego. That's right. It's time to go home at 9PM.

So there's more to come...someday.

Take it sleazy.

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