Cat's Out of the Bag

I’ll make this quick. Last night my dad was talking to me about some stuff. Towards the end of the conversation, this little exchange happens:
Dad: “So I hear you have a blog.”
Me: “What? Maybe…dammit.”
Dad: “Yeah you do. (Name withheld until I kill him) told me so. So what’s this blog about?
Me: “Nothing. I gotta go.”

So now I’m at a cross roads. I don’t know whether to change what I do on here or not. But I’ve been thinking about it; when I first started I’d say what I felt and not hold back short of changing a few details (names, dates, places, etc). But as more and more people I knew socially began to read this, I’ve had to drop certain subjects and events in my life. In fact I won’t speak about some other things now because I think someone from work may read the blog too. I hate restrictions, but I’ll just deal with it.

So here’s what I’m going to do now: I’m going to keep doing the same shit. But now I can use this as an excuse to make some of the changes I’ve been trying to work towards. From now on, I’m not going to talk about my plans beforehand unless they’re something big like a big party. If I’m going to a bar with friends, I’m not going to mention it beforehand. I’ll recap it later. I like this idea.

Anyhoo, I’m heading to the bike shop this afternoon to pick up the new bike before I head downtown for a birthday dinner and then a Cowboy Mouth show. Adios yall.


One Day Left...

Until I get my badass bike from the bike shop. I got it off ebay at a "deal-deal" price (most of you won't catch that unless you've seen "Kelly's Heroes"). But it arrived in pieces. I'm not Santa Claus so I had to get professionals to put it together. I'm heading up there after work to buy clip pedals and shoes and MAYBE an odometer. Don't know if I need it yet. We'll see. I can't wait to get it. I've been riding my other bike (Dad's old bike) for over the last week and am ready to fly on a real road bike.

Unfortunately I can't ride it until this weekend. Tomorrow after I pick up the bike, I have to take it home. I'm heading to a birthday dinner and then (maybe) to Cowboy Mouth (I think at the Peabody). Friday I'm on the road to the lake for the weekend. So I'll ride in the mountains of the Ozarks Saturday and Sunday.

Anyhoo, nothings going on tonight, so have a good one and don't get none on ya.


Blows My Mind

One of my guilty pleasures is to check out Go Fug Yourself. They have a great ability to make fun of celebrities and celebrity wanna-bes in their attempts to keep up with the latest fashions.(when's our local Z-List celeb, Mendi, going to get her shot at this kind of treatment?).

I'll admit that I'm not the most fashionably conscious person you'll ever meet. Hell, I think it should be ok to go to a bar in flip flops and shorts during the summer and I can't quite understand why people dress up in suits to go to Beale (not including people who come from weddings or similar functions). Anyhoo, I'm straying away from the point (must be all the sweettarts I've had this afternoon).

So I was on Go Fug Yourself and saw this post. This is the girl who drove me to school when I was in 9th Grade. And here she is. Now she is called "Sarah Jane Morris." I knew her as Sarah Morris who was president of the student council at Hutchison and as the girl who introduced me to Dave Matthews "Under The Table And Dreaming" album 6 months before it went big. I know that now she stars in Brothers & Sisters on ABC but I never watched it because it conflicted with something else on my tivo list. Funny thing is one of my friends here in town (who used to have regular appearances on this blog) is her cousin. But it was just really weird to see her on the site.


Luau Party Recap

Remember when I went on record to say "if you decide to skip this, you will miss one of the best parties of the year" in the last post? That wasn't a lie. It was a fantastic night. I rolled into the party a little later than I had planned, but ran into a ton of folks I hadn't seen in a while. Of course you had most of the usual suspects, but I honestly can't say who all was there because there were so many people that I heard were there and never ran into. I'd list the names of everyone who was there but that would take too damn long. So here are a few pics

Of course here we have Andy, Scottie Too Hottie,The Brother, AP & DP, and me. My camera isn't the best when used at night so obviously she almost cut off Andy.
Here I am with Amy W. I actually met her and her friend Kel Bel (aka Shoopster) the weekend before at Sabafest. But I was so damn drunk that there's really no telling what I said. I'm sure it sounded something like "hiyaniiicetamee-ya."
Here I am with Andy, Anna, and Laura. Laura liked my grass skirt so much that she wanted it in the pic. I have to say that I was surprised that no one was wearing more luau clothing. Everyone was dressing nicely. It's like no one wanted to really get into the party spirit until after they got there.
Here I am with Alaina. I have to say it was a great time and I'm glad I went. By the way, I got to meet Mr Roboto from Nashville. He used to do the Thursday Night Fever blog but stopped. I heard the reason, but it's not mine to say. Anyhoo, I'm about to go ride my bike for an hour. Yall have a good one and get some on ya tonight.
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