Blogger Bash Recap

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So last night I went to a visitation for a few friends whose mother died this week. It was nice and I had a good time with everyone despite the reason we were there. She raised three wonderful children. Of course I was called back to the office halfway through it and had to race back.
I left after 7 and headed to the Deli for the blogger bash. I walk in and don’t see anyone I know. Then I realized that I didn’t know these people anyway. Fortunately Serrabee recognizes me and calls out to me. I met Paul Ryburn, Serrabee (obviously), Kat (I already knew), Pulp Faction Rachel, Rachelandthecity Rachel, John Sparks, and a bunch of other folks. Paul and/or Serrabee were taking names and blog addresses, but I don’t know if they made the complete list. I know it’s not on Paul’s blog yet.
I sat in the very middle of the table (Serrabee offered me the head of the table when I got there, but I told her it wasn’t my show). I was between Pulp Faction Rachel and Paul. I’m really glad I didn’t get the head of the table because those “Drinking Liberally” people showed up and crashed for a little while…and started talking politics. I think a few people warned me to not get into that conversation. I don’t know if they know my political beliefs or not, but they did know my warnings about becoming belligerent and offensive if I got involved in political talk. I think a few folks agreed with me and didn’t want it to get political either. I forget who, but someone said that at the last blogger bash there was a large contingency of political folks and only a few social bloggers. Apparently people just argued back and forth and no one ever listened to anything the other folks were saying. And you wonder why I don’t like talking politics?
I think the highlight of the night was the “hipster” dude that Rachel knew. I’m slowly beginning to understand what the hell a “hipster” is and beginning to appreciate the fact that I won’t ever be one. If I understand it correctly, a hipster is an individual who does things (i.e. dresses a certain way, listens to a certain type of music) for shock value. What’s my proof? This guy was proud of his haircut. I guess I’m the demographic he’s trying to shock. I mean do you actually get so much satisfaction from the shock value that you will leave the house looking like this? If I ever show up anywhere looking like this (except for a Halloween party), you all have my permission to kick the living shit out of me.

BTW that’s Rachelandthecity with him. Yes, he has a mullet. Yes, it is business in the front and party in the rear. And yes, he has lines shaved in the side. If he's going for shock value, he's definitely got it. If he's going for some strange ass, I doubt he'll get it. Anyway, I’ll be back Sunday. This time I’ll bring plenty of cash. They wouldn’t let us have separate tabs. And that was fun with people coming and going. It was really fun when I went to the ATM and it wouldn’t work. Now I owe Serrabee for what I ate and drank (the muffaleta at the Deli is not good by the way).
Have a good one and don’t get none on ya


F.U. Friday - Thunderclouds

This week's F.U. goes out to those thunderclouds that pass over while making noise, but never rain. It's hot! I want some rain!!!

Fuck You!!! Quit teasing us and rain!!!


Edit (Friday 7AM): So that was the original post I typed last night. I wake up this morning and it's raining. Spooky. Very spooky.

Rockstar Elimination Recap 8/9/06

Are you looking for the HNT? Next Post down.

This is my recap of last night's Rockstar:Supernova (aka Rockstar:Tommy Lee's Unit).
I don’t really have much to say about this elimination show except WOW! There were several surprises:
- two encores instead of one
- the survivors will go with Supernova to Vegas after the show
- and…well I’ll save that one until the end

So they started the show with a clip from back at the mansion. And what happened? The Italian couldn’t stay bottled up inside of Jill for too long. She started some shit. She called all the girls out for not wanting to play with Gilby. When one of them threw it back in her face, she said that she already had. Me-ow! Cat Fight!!!
Well not really. It was more subdued than a verbal cat fight, but you could tell Jill was ready to let the claws fly. I think the others realized that she wasn’t up to their level and just let her go. Of course the guys (I think it was Ryan and Toby) just stood there stunned.
After that they talked for a second back at the show. Blah blah blah. It was boring and I was losing interest until Supernova announced that last night’s survivors would board a private jet to Vegas after the show to party at the Hard Rock Casino/Hotel with the band. Now that’s cool.
Then they said there would be two encores. My initial guess was Lukas and Magni. And in fact Lukas Rossi was first. He came back out to do Radiohead’s “Creep.” The only difference was he had the fishnet gloves which just looked weird. What was up with that?
They went to commercial (Victoria’s Secret Heidi Klum again!!!) and came back. Magni was asked to come sing Live’s “Dolphins Cry” but this time with the house band. I loved it. It was just as good as the first performance.
After that Brook Burke came back out to announce the rockers who were in the bottom three at some point in the night. By the way, did anyone else notice how hot her cleavage was? Yummy!
Sorry I had to remember that for a second. So who were the people in danger?
Jill Gioia
Josh Logan (the crowd was surprised)
Zayra Alvarez
Ryan Star (the crowd was REALLY surprised)
Patrice Pike
Brook started saying who ended up in the bottom three: “Zayra… … … (long ass pause as Zayra started to walk to the stage), you’re safe this week.” WTF!!! How could this weirdo be safe? That makes no sense. I am officially going to say that the voters collectively decided that if Supernova was going to be stupid and not vote her off they’d quit putting her in the bottom three to get rid of the other dead weight.
So who ended up being the first rocker? Jill. She sang “RESPECT” by Aretha Franklin. And you know what she played her banshee roll from the first lyric on. Way to go Jill! You know how much I love your shrieking: about as much as I love a lobotomy. I think at that point I was praying for them to kick her off.
Next up was Josh. He did Bad Company’s “Shooting Star.” Tommy had said he might be in the bottom three for having played his guitar which cut down on his stage presence. And then Josh played his guitar again. Wow. Not too smart. But still a good performance.
The final rocker was Ryan Star. I guess the world didn’t really like his eyes painted the previous night. He rearranged Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence” to make it current and harder. The only bad part of the performance was when he took off his sweatshirt in the middle. It was kinda funny because he actually struggled singing and taking it off. But other than that it was a great job.
Then it was time for the hatchet to fall. Supernova told Ryan that he was safe. Then they cut BOTH JOSH AND JILL!!! Wow! I got what I wanted and then some. Jill obviously didn’t have the talent or the voice for the job (although she had the power to belt out loud voices she didn’t have the touch needed to actually hit notes). Josh obviously was more of a soul singer (self-proclaimed) than a harder rocker that the job needs.
So I was shocked by the double elimination, but it’s going to lead to more competition among the remaining rockers I think just because no one is safe now.

Have a good one and don’t get none on ya.

HNT - Where I'd Rather Be

The theme for this week's HNT is where I'd rather be: two fisting in the lake. And for my Texas buddy: yes, that is a can of Lone Star beer I'm drinking.
Instead of being there, I'm stuck at work just like the rest of the world.

Happy HNT yall


Social Calendar

So I was looking through the thousands of bulletins on myspace and thought I’d share a few cool things coming up. Then I realized that I hadn’t put up a social events calendar recently. Here you go:

Wednesday 8/9/06
At the HiTone: Four Square, The United, and DJ Court $5 9PM (thanks for the heads up Shawna).
At the Flying Saucer (downtown I guess), the Roxanne Lemon Band at 8:30PM. You can’t ever go wrong with a little of Foxy Roxy.

Thursday 8/10/06 (HNT!!)
Blogger Bash at the Young Ave Deli at 7PM (I’ll be a little late)

Friday 8/11/06 (F.U. Friday)
SABAFEST!!! Or if you want to be a douchebag and not help out a worthy cause, the Nick Pags Trio is playing at Garcia Wells in Overton Square. Go support this guy sometime. But be at Sabafest first.

Sunday 8/13/06
PR said something about being at SleepOut Louie’s at 11 on his blog. Dunno.
Blogger Bash 7PM at the Young Ave Deli
Roxanne Lemon at Newbys 9PM

Monday 8/14/06
Roxanne Lemon plays at Margarita Mondays at Café Ole in Cooper/Young

Put these future events on your calendar:
8/26/06 The Phoenix Club of Memphis hosts its Annual Speakeasy Martini & Cigar Celebrity Mixer (fundraiser benefiting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis). If you would like tickets, email me at memphisphilip (at) hotmail (dot) com.

9/2/06 Lord T & Eloise at the HiTone. Their first show ever. Be there ya bastards! Wanna know what they do?? It’s called ‘aristocrunk’. Check it out, bitches!

9/3/06 My football season kicks off as Your Memphis State no talent assclown Tigers come to Oxford to take on My Ole Miss Rebels, bitch. It’s going to be one hell of a party at the tent. Invite only bitches.

Rockstar:Supernova Recap 8/8/06

The show started with the usual intro: what’s happened in the last week? Magni’s wife and son came to visit (and were there for the performance). Dilana found the songs. She was the only one who wanted the one with Gilby on guitar. Yada yada yada...
After the recap, Dave Navarro chastised the rockers for not fighting for the chance to sing with Gilby. I mean, he verbally spanked them all for being stupid. He said “if it were up to me, Dilana would win it right now.” Bold statement.
And that was actually a nice lead into the first performance: Dilana Smith singing The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” I have to say the one thing I don’t like about this show (hey Mr. Producer, Mark Burnett! Pay attention here!) is how they’ll take a great song like this which is normally eight and half minutes long and cut it down to a two or three minute version. The beauty of longer songs is how much is in there. I understand it’s an audition, but come on. That being said, Dilana killed it. I like the way her voice was a nice contrast to how Roger Daltry normally sings it. They had a camera on the end of Gilby’s guitar which made for a few great shots of the performance. They really worked well together. I thought it was a great performance. It wasn’t her best, but that’s only because it’s going to be really hard to outdo her earlier performances of “Ring of Fire” and “Lithium.” After her performance Dave said “as if it didn’t suck to follow Dilana before, now you have to follow Dilana with Gilby Clarke.” Gilby said “Dilana, I’m sure everybody knows this, but you’re a star. And after that, I have no doubt a woman can front our band.” Wow. I wonder if she’s going to drop the ball over the next few weeks or if she’s going to keep it up.
Next up was Jill Gioia singing Tracy Bonham’s “Mother Mother.” I have one question for Supernova (aka ‘Tommy Lee’s Unit’): when are you going to vote her off? She tried to change it up by sitting at the beginning. I was actually enjoying the first half because she had toned down her banshee shrieking, but sure enough she belted out one loud shriek at one of the later choruses. I’m begging you Jason and Gilby. Gag Tommy Lee so he can’t vote tonight and kick her off. We know he’s the one keeping her, because he loves the ladies. The only good thing she did was finish her performance in the middle of the crowd. I literally spent the entire time wondering when she would be kicked out. Dave said he didn’t want to say anything bad, because he felt like he was watching Carmella Soprano on stage. Maybe that’s why she’s lasted so long. The mafia won’t let them kick her off.

Then we cut to commercials, now I normally don’t talk about the commercials because I fast forward through them, but I had to go back and watch the Victoria’s Secret bra commercial with Heidi Klum. Wow, she is still hot as ever. Excuse me, I need a minute.
And I’m back. BTW there was a Verizon Wireless commercial for the new ‘Chocolate’ by LG phone. Can anyone tell me what that song was? I want it. It sounded real badass.

And back to the show. Brook Burke said “and somewhere in this auditorium is Ryan Star.” Next thing you know, there is a camera on a hooded man in the audience walking and singing. Obviously it was Ryan. Did anyone else think that the stuff on top of his head looked like black feathers from a Sesame Street character’s head? I did, but then I looked again and I thought only of Garth Brooks’ fatass rocker persona from back in the 90s: Chris Gaines. So anyway, we have a hooded muppet in all black walking to the stage singing. He gets on stage and at the chorus rips off the hood to show that he’s actually shaved his face! Kidding. He had painted the area around his eyes black. It looked like a painted on Zorro’s mask, which is kinda cool because he was singing The Rolling Stone’s “Painted Black.” And you know what? He rocked it! At the end of the performance he leaned over and kissed some chick in the audience. All the judges were blown away. Dave said “unbelievable,” and “Ryan Star has just shown us that he is a contender.” And I’ll be honest, throughout the last few weeks, he’s gotten better and better with each performance. Jason Newstead said he hoped it was just the tip of the iceberg.
Another one of my favorites was up next: Storm M-Fing Large. She did Queen’s “We Are The Champions.” Her vocals were unbelievable. She was not over acting. She’s letting her vocals and the song itself do the ‘talking.’ She really showed her vocal range on that song. I also liked the way she changed the arrangement a little. All the judges like her performance, but Tommy said that he hoped she would still “go bananas.” Storm said “ok, I’ll spank the crap outta you.” Nice.
Next up was Zayra Alvarez singing Mott The Hoople/David Bowie’s “All The Young Dudes” with Magni on acoustic guitar. As usual her outfit was more interesting than her actual performance. She had a gold body suit that started down by her feet and stopped just above her breasts. She had dark, shiny elevator shoes with stiletto heels. And of course, she had a black top hat. It’s like she’s trying to be David Bowie in this costume, BUT I really want to call her the Anti-Bowie. Why? Because I can’t understand any of her lyrics, and I know the song! Bowie is always crisp and easy to understand. Zayra is singing with rocks on her brain and marbles in her mouth. So guess what, I didn’t like her performance. Dave said “if this show was called Rockstar:Planet Pluto, you would win by a landslide,” and the crazy bitch took that as a compliment! Gilby said she has great showmanship, but she needs to watch the keys, because she was flat. Not where I’m looking Gilby. Oh, you mean her vocals?
Josh Logan jumped on stage next to sing Stone Temple Pilots’ “Interstate Love Song.” He’s about to start and “The Unit” stops Josh so he can come play drums. Surprise! Josh honestly looked like he thought it was a joke. I thought it was a perfect song for his voice, and he didn’t let the fact that Tommy Lee was on drums inflate or deflate his performance. It felt natural watching that. Dave said it was a good performance, but asked at this stage is ‘good’ enough? Gilby said it was a great job. I think he should be safe from elimination.
Magni came up to sing Live’s “Dolphins Cry.” It him alone on stage with a guitar. And they put a spotlight on his wife and child in the audience too. It was actually really cool. He’s about to start playing, and the crowd is screaming. He hushes them and then rocks the song. I was honestly too mesmerized by the performance to write any notes. It was awesome. Gilby said “you have inspired everybody.” I think having his family there really charged up his batteries for this performance.
Patrice Pike came up next to sing John Lennon’s “Instant Karma.” I have to say that I like her, but I don’t think she has the right voice to stay in this much longer. She’s really starting to lose me. She was playing guitar during the performance and singing at the mike stand. Towards the end of the song, she grabbed the mike stand and walked to the end of the stage. That was actually kinda cool. In the end, she didn’t get much applause from the audience. And I have to say that when I compare her vocals to the competition she really doesn’t have much of a chance.
Lukas Rossi came out to sing Radiohead’s “Creep.” I’ve read the entertainment weekly online recap of this show and they keep referring to him as the Lemur King from ‘Madagascar.’ You know what I kinda see it. My initial reaction to his performance was thinking that he’s really into this song, and it doesn’t feel fake. It was a great performance. His body actually shook while he sang the song. He was really intense. And his vocals were on. It proved my skepticism wrong. The judges loved it, especially Jason who’s been trying to get him to actually sing for weeks now.
Toby Rand sang The Talking Head’s “Burning Down The House.” I thought that he looked great and natural singing that song. It sounded great too. Before the last verse, Zayra (now in an all black outfit obviously hiding her gold thing) brought out a megaphone with an Australian flag on it. Toby sang a verse through the megaphone and then sang on the mike for the last bit. At the end of the song he used the siren option on the megaphone into the mike. That was awesome, but Dave said he loved the performance until the megaphone just because he doesn’t like props. Jason contrasted that saying that he did like it and that he enjoys them as long as it doesn’t happen all the time. At the end Jason gave Toby a standing applause.
The initial bottom three were Jill, Zayra, and Patrice.

Here are my picks for the bottom three:

If it’s someone other than that, I will be really surprised. Those were the weakest performances.

Ok, I’m done now. Have a good one and remember “camo thongs are so you don’t see her coming!


Rockstar Tuesday 8/8/06 Spoiler

Ok, I watched the internet show at rockstar.msn.com and here's a spoiler about what a few of your favorite rockers will be singing. They didn't show all the songs or say who got what, but this is what I do know:

Available songs
Mott the Hoople - "All The Young Dudes" (originally written by David Bowie)
This is a classic song from the 70s back in the androgenous (sp?) rocker era. You know when you couldn't tell if Bowie was trying to be a girl or boy.

Radiohead - "Creep"
Great ballad from this band back in the mid to late 90s. If you don't know this song, slap yourself for me.

John Lennon - "Instant Karma"
Ok, let me take that last comment about slapping yourself if you don't know "Creep" and apply it to this song instead.

The Who - "Won't Get Fooled Again" ...with Gilby Clarke on guitar
A classic. If you don't know this, go out and buy The Who's Greatest Hits album right now. Then drive to Memphis. We'll meet at a bar. I'll buy you a beer while we listen to it. Once the song is over, I'll slap the taste out of your mouth for not knowing that damn song.

So who got what? Well, Dilana found the songs and after looking through them, brought them to the rest of the group. The only real picking they showed was Dilana saying she wanted "Won't Get Fooled Again" and no one else going for it. I like how Ryan Star said that this is a show full of great singers and not great strategists. I agree. He went on to say that if Dilana kills this performance she can run away with the show and win it all. Guess what, Dilana got it.

Dilana sat outside smoking a cigarette with Lukas Rossi. She convinced Lukas to sing the ballad "Creep":
"They (Supernova, I mean 'Tommy Lee's Unit') wanted to hear you with a ballad. You can make it yours, man." They went back inside and Lukas took it. They later showed a few clips of him practicing. You can hear his voice struggling over and over. That may be risky. Let's hope he can bring it.

Patrice Pike got "Instant Karma". Let's hope she does well and doesn't end up in the bottom three again.

That's all I've got for now. I'm going to head to the gym. If I don't get to the recap after the show tonight, I'll do it in the morning.

Have a good one and remember:
"Camo thongs are so you don't see her coming"
Thanks Kevin. That's a great line.

Theta at Vandy confirmation / Queen of Fiesta (San Antonio)

Ok, so I don't really like to repost things (previous post) BUT it has been confirmed by multiple sources that this is in fact the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority chapter at Vanderbilt.
How was it confirmed? Well there was one alumnus (or is it alumnae?) of this chapter from the 90s who said "it's not their finest hour."
I had another friend from college who emailed me today with this story. I have edited a few bits ONLY to save her identity and the identity of the girl she singles out.

...I was going through today and came to the one (email) he sent of your blog with the Theta pic from Vandy. You are never going to believe how random this is...ok

we have this thing in SA where one girl gets voted to be the queen of fiesta...
(edit) anyway its like this big deal with older people and parents is like a 110 yr tradition, supposed to be very high honor and all that BS, you represent the city for a year ...(edit)... anyways this years queen was (name deleted) and she went to Vandy and was a theta. Anywys, about 2 weeks ago someone went around to all the mebers of the society club that votes doors and posted this pic HUGE and worte on top "CAN YOU FIND YOUR QUEEN" she is dead center in middle....i thought it was all a myth until I saw your pic....isnt that random???? so damn funny....kinda mean someone did that ...(edit)...sorry for the rambling on, just could not believe it when i clicked on your link and saw this infamous pic i have heard so much about but never seen....

So, yall have a chance to finally see the San Antonio Queen of the Fiesta. Supposedly she's in the center area with blonde hair and not much cleavage.

Arkansas's New Gift

The great state of Arkansas has brought us many wonderful things throughout history:
-Prime duck hunting land
-Some of the best rice in the world
-Jim Dandy
-Bill Clinton ("I feel your pain...while I feel your wife's thigh")
-Charly ("I'm Asian, I'm hot, but I don't know Michelle Wie so stop asking!")
Arkansas has also brought us some terrible things throughout history:
-Hillary Clinton

But the great state of Arkansas has finally redeemed itself and will now go down in the history books as the inspiration to the single greatest invention ever to be brought before mankind. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

Camo Prom Wear!!!

I'll tell you what boy, she is hawt! I want her phone number. Yum Yum! I bet she's got a bikini that matches that. Hmm...if you wear a camoflauge thong does that mean it's see-thru?

And does anyone know where I can get some yellow boots like he has? I need some of those.


Weekend Recap

Well the blogosphere is boring today. It just seems like no one is doing anything fun. They just talk and talk. Give me a story people! Paul at least put up pics from an evening of drinking. He talked about some dude named Ish who was obnoxiously drunk. That was interesting. Why don’t other people understand that? We want to read interesting things. I don’t care about you cleaning your A/C ducts. You are boring us. And if you are boring, you suck. End of story.

Ok, now that I’m done with that, how are you doing? I spent most of my weekend trying not to be the main entertainment for a 7 year old. Yeah, my cousin was back at the lake with us this weekend. I had a good time, but I really don’t like spending my precious free time entertaining a 7 year old.
So Friday after work, the brother and I left the office and headed to Arkansas. Before we were out of the city we saw this minivan. It had spinners on the driver's side but not on the passenger. The passenger side only had regular hubcaps (maybe he's waiting for this month's welfare check to get here). Check out the pic. I think we need a press conference to tell this guy how much of a pimp he is.

We picked up beer and booze at Porter’s Liquor in Augusta, AR. That’s the last stop for beer on the way there. He got a 4 pack of San Salvador’s premixed margaritas (or ‘road pops’ as we call them). I saw that they had a new mango flavored style. I love mangos. I love margaritas. How could this go wrong? It was a weird kinda sweet. Too much of a “fru-fru chick drink” for me. It got better the more I drank, but I just didn’t really like it enough to get it another time. Next time, I stick with the tried and true regular margarita. We got to the house and started grilling hot dogs and burgers. We stayed up drinking and watching the Three Stooges.
Saturday we went on the water, tubed, and then went in to hang out and start dinner. We had steak, grilled bbq chicken, twice baked potatoes, fried green tomatoes with a remoulade sauce, tomatoes with basil & gorgonzola cheese, and fresh watermelon. We had several bottles of wine among everyone. After everyone went to bed, Dad, the brother, and I stayed up to watch Casablanca. Always a great movie.
Sunday, the grandparents and cousin left early. I decided to come home earlier rather than around sunset. I’m glad I did, because Dr. JR called me to invite over to hang out by the pool at his place and eat some fish. Hmm…fish…pool…beer? I’ll be there. I headed over to find two dogs, one doctor, and no one else. I thought it was going to be a party, but it turned out to be just us, and another guy with his wife and daughter. We had pan seared grouper with jerk sauce in fish tacos and a grilled grouper. It was too damn good. So after plenty of fish and a 6 pack of Bud Light. I headed home.

So that was the weekend. Remember there are a few functions coming up this week and weekend to check out:
For bloggers, you have the blogger bash Thursday and Sunday at the Young Ave Deli at 7.

For everyone there is the Sabafest party/fundraiser benefitting St. Jude.

Have a good one and don't get none on ya.

Songs on the Playlist:
The Allman Brothers Band – Revival
The Allman Brothers Band – Wasted Words
The Allman Brothers Band – Blue Sky
The Allman Brothers Band – One Way Out
The Cars – You’re All I’ve Got Tonight
The Allman Brothers Band – Melissa
The Who – Eminence Front
The Cars – Bye Bye Love
The Allman Brothers Band – Blue Sky

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