Dogs for sale (two Boxers)

A friend of mine sent this to me, and as I have a few readers I thought I'd do her a favor and post this. Contact me at memphisphilip (at) hotmail (dot) com if you need any further information:

Boxers for sale that need a really good home
Personality: Simba and Nala are two very friendly and attention needing full blooded Boxers that need a nice home. They are both trained not to jump on furniture and house trained as well. They will be so excited when you come home and then fall asleep with you if you want them to. They are very loveable and they love each other very much too. They are used to children as I nanny for a 3 year old. They are not biters, but are ferocious barkers when they think someone is in danger! I would love to keep these awesome dogs. I rescued them from an elderly man that had a heart attack and couldn't physically keep them, but unfortunately I cannot either. I bought them for $400 a piece but am asking $200 a piece and thats a really good price!
Medical: Simba and Nala have had all vaccines and are on currently on frontline because we have neighboring dogs and I don't want to take a chance of them getting and little fleas. They are not for breeding because they are brother and sister, so they are spayed and neutered. They have no health problems at all though.
Forward to friends that could be intrested?

If you have anyone you think might be interested, please forward this to them. I think this is a great chance to get trained dogs. Please help her out.

Panic at the Coliseum - Night 1 Recap

Last night I went to see Widespread Panic at the MidSouth Coliseum. Rumor has it that tonight's Panic show will be the last concert ever at the Coliseum. This is a place where both The Beatles and Elvis Presley have performed as well as countless others. But it is a P.O.S. and needs to have some serious renovations or to be demolished. I'm not in favor one way or the other.
So last night Brandon, the Weak Bitch (WB), stopped in town on his way back home to Dallas from Oxford. He went with me for his first Panic show. We caught a cab at 6 to Newby's. They have a shuttle special where you pay $5 to ride a MATA bus to the show and then ride back for free. Hmm...I can do that or pay more than $5 to park at the coliseum. Hmm...curbside dropoff/pickup or dealing with traffic leaving the concert. Sounds like a no brainer. We rolled into Newby's and I introduced him to two of the local staples: a Rockstar and an order of smothered tots (tater tots covered with bacon and smothered cheese with ketchup and sour cream on the side).
After a few cocktails and the tots, we went to the show. They dropped us off by the south entrance. The line was at least 150 feet long. It was ridiculous. I said we needed to try the north side. There were 10 people in line. Like Hannibal in the A-Team always said, I love it when a plan comes together. We went in and found Zac, Jake, Matt, and Etz. They were up in the stands off to the left of the stage. The doors opened at 7. We got to our seats around 7:50. At this point the roadies were still doublechecking things. We waited and waited. I finally had to hit the head. I was in line and all of a sudden we all heard the crowd scream and this voice come over the speakers introducing the band. It was Dave Brown of Channel 5. Pretty damn cool.
Why is that cool? For those of you who don't know the Midsouth Coliseum is where most of the pro-wrestling that was on TV back in the 70s and 80s was filmed. All the Jerry "The King" Lawler and Andy Kaufmen stuff happened there. Dave Brown used to be a ring announcer or commentator or something. I couldn't understand what he said, but someone told me it was something like "Weighing in at 500 lbs and standing 6' 4", Widespread Panic!" Kinda cool.
So they immediately jumped in with 'Love Tractor'. That's a personal favorite. And actually at my first WSP show at the coliseum in November 2000, that was the first song. Pretty damn cool. Here's the setlist from the show:

07/28/06 Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN
1: Love Tractor, Goodpeople > Going Out West*, C. Brown**, Better Off**, Walk On*, Don't Wanna Lose You*, Sleeping Man*, All Time Low*, Cream Puff War
2: You Got Yours, Chilly Water > Makes Sense To Me > Chilly Water, Surprise Valley > Driving Song > You Should Be Glad > Drums > Surprise Valley* > Driving Song*, Climb To Safety*
E: Vampire Blues*, Junior*
* with John Keane on Guitar** with John Keane on Pedal Steel['You Got Yours' Last Time Played 6/29/02]

At the end of 'You Should Be Glad' and beginning of 'Drums', Schools (bass) was on stage playing bass with Sonny (percussion) on congas. Schools changed basslines and started singing into the microphone. It took a few lyrics and I went nuts! He was singing The Cars 'Moving In Stereo'. It was just a tease though as he only sang about 4 or 5 lines before leaving the stage for the drum solo. No one else there caught that and obviously it didn't go into the set list on Everyday Companion. Stupid hippies.
It was an amazing show. By far the best I've ever seen. And I've been going to Panic shows since '98. WB and I left at Vampire Blues to catch the bus because we were worn out. I was ready to go drink. We caught the bus back to Newby's which was packed full of folks. It was ridiculous. We hung out for a drink and then caught a cab home. We ordered a pizza and watched TV.

So tonight I'm going back. I wasn't planning on it, but I talked to Too Tall Todd and he said he wanted to go so we're heading down there tonight. But first I have to run to the office and do a little paper work. So you kids have a good one. I'll see you at the show.


F.U. Friday

I love Fridays. But Fridays typically, well always, come at the end of a long frustrating week. So I'm rolling out my official Fuck You Friday in honor of the frustrations I get week in and week out. So to you, PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT WHEN THEY SPEAK...Now get a clue and shut the hell up.

Happy FU Friday, yall.



Wednesday Night Recap

So I know this is really what you are waiting for…A DRINKING STORY!!!

Yesterday afternoon, I made my evening plans. I was going to work late then go to the gym before going home and having a big salad for dinner. I was going to watch “Rockstar: Tommy Lee’s Big Unit”. Then later I’d watch the season premiere of 30 Days which is by far the best reality show ever. Hands down. It’s entertaining and you actually learn things.

So that sounded like a good plan right? Well between 1 and 3 yesterday afternoon, HM called me and said “Dude, we’re going drinking. Meet at the Blue Monkey at 7:30.” I actually fought the idea for about 30 seconds then said “fine.” So I changed my plans: leave the office on time, go to the gym, eat a salad, head to bar by 7:30. Sounds possible. Well I worked late. By the time I got home, I would have had 30 minutes to get to the gym, workout, and get back to shower. So I said screw it. I ate a salad and watched “Rockstar: Pam Anderson’s Former Chew Toy” (which reminds me, how the hell has Zayra not been kicked off yet?). After that I threw on a shirt and shorts and headed to the Monkey. I got there at 8:15-ish. They were all at Celtic Crossing. So I jet to Celtic.

It was Brown G, Brown D, HM, MB, and Cort. I noticed Miniher at another table so I sent her a text message that said “only sluts hang out at celtic.” I hear her say “WTF!” and then I look over and smile. She was there with a couple of dudes. Then I ran into a buddy from college named Nolan. We had a good time. Then Brown G got the itch and wanted to go to, surprise surprise, Newby’s. We all piled in our respective rides and head to Newby’s.

At Newby’s Brown G won’t stop talking about the blog. MB and Cort had never seen it. So they asked questions. Then Brown G said “hey did you bring your camera? I wanna take pictures of stuff.” I said yeah and handed it to him. He ran into the bathroom to take a picture of his junk. Yeah, thanks dude. That’s really what I need: some dudes junk on my camera. The funny thing is that it is my digital camera. I have a blog. I have no fear in posting that on here. I’d prefer not too, but if he pissed me off I would have definitely considered it. Or maybe I’d make a separate blog for bad pics of people. Hmm…now that’s an idea.

Anyway, we took tons of pics. Here they are with the descriptions.

This is Brown G, MB, and Brown D trying to figure out how they can all get in a pic together and do something funny. I took this one to make them hurry the hell up. Then after this they took one that was hilarious. Brown G looked like he was licking the side of MB's head (I know his wife would have been proud of that). BUT we were all laughing so hard after the pic that I dropped the camera. Somehow every other pic was fine, except the one badass one. That's a memory that's now lost in space.

Here's a pic of Lauren, everyone's favorite. Unfortunately she is being bugged by one of those customer guys.Here's a pic of Cort with some stud. Next thing we knew her bf showed back up.So she took his mind off that pic.It was about this point in the evening where we started to lose control. Brown G decided that he wanted to become a photographer. So he started with a self portrait.Then he wanted a pic with Brown D. I'm sorry but it looks like Brown D is praying "Dear Lord, if you get me out of this, I will do anything. Just please let me get away." That's just what it looks like. These two have been good friends since childhood. But it does look like he doubts Brown G's photography skills.The longer we drank the more pics he took.I think he finally got tired of the self portraits so he started taking pics of others. Here he took a pic of HM. It kinda looks like he's saying "I'm here for your women!" Doesn't it?I really have nothing to say about that. It's just disturbing.At this point Brown's camera abilities began to disappear. He took this pic of MB, but I don't think he was doing a good job.Here he tried to take a pic of HM flipping the bird, but he got more bar than anything."No honey, I'm fine. Hey, where's my phone."

So we had a blast. Cort is originally from Brooklyn, but has lived down south for a while. She doesn't sound too much like a yankee, but there are a few words. MB told me that she's been training the dog to sit and shake. Down here the commands are usually "sit" and "shake." Up in Yankee land, apparently you teach the dog "sit" and "paw." Except she says it "PUUUAAAAAAAWW." He told a story how he told the dog to "sit." The dog sat. He then said "paw." The dog turned its head and looked at him. He said "paw" again and nothing happened. She said "PUUUAAAAAAAWW" and the dog presented its paw to shake.

Pretty damn funny. I'm going to end this post with a few short comments that only a select few will understand. Sorry, but I'm not going to explain everything. Come party if you want to know what's going on.

"Do you like the picture of my new watch?"

"Is this your gum?"

"200 euro, that's like $253 American."

The Amsterdam Story

Ok, yall have a good one and don't get none on ya.

Songs on the Playlist:
The Steve Miller Band – Jungle Love
Trick Pony – Pour Me
Van Halen – Eruption > You Really Got Me
The BoDeans – She’s A Runaway
ZZ Top – Legs
Coldplay – Daylight
U2 – One Tree Hill
Pearl Jam – Jeremy
ACDC – Whole Lotta Rosie
Frank Sinatra – The Way You Look Tonight
Stone Temple Pilots – Lounge Fly
Coldplay - Politik


Today's HNT is brought to you by Brown G. The title is "Brown, you drunken 'tard. Learn to step back when you take a picture in a bar so the flash doesn't make me look as pale as a corpse." It is a post-modern, during drunk piece that expresses the inner joy one feels at a bar with a camera. The artist decided to include the background as a contrast to the magnitude of the flash when he took the pic...2 feet from my damn face.

Happy HNT yall

Sela M-Fing Ward

Sela Ward needs to become familiar with my posterior. Or, as we would say in the parlance of our time, that crazy bitch needs to kiss my ass. I had closed down my hotmail account and saw a link to this story. I thought it would be something funny and that she would introduce us to all these magical, unknown secrets about women (ladies, it's not that we don't know these things, it's that we just don't care). So I read said article and I started fuming after reading items 2, 5, 7, 9, and 10. Here are my rebuttals to each item:
Rebuttal to item 2: There is no way for a woman to ever understand men. We think with logic and not emotions/hormones.
Rebuttal to item 5: We don't mind you complaining about your visit from "Aunt Flo." But don't you dare ask us to stop scratching our nuts ever again. And we can't take over the chores of childbearing, morning sickness, and postpartum emotional swings: we're not wired that way. But we have to put up with you during all this crap so if you're gonna bitch, then we should be able to bitch.
Rebuttal to item 7: We know suits look good, but we'll take our old college t-shirts and gym shorts any day of the week.
Rebuttal to item 9: So how many boyfriends did you have just before you married your husband, you tramp?
Rebuttal to item 10: "Men are free to think they are the boss, as long as they know we're chairman of the board." Is that why the company's stocks plummet every 28 days?

So ladies, we love you. But remember we have just as many comments about you as you have about us. Except when you make comments about us, we take it. If we make comments about you, we don't get sex for a month. Let's work through this.

Have a good one and Ladies, don't get none on ya


Lance Bass Is Gay / Michael Jackson Rant

After lunch, I was scanning the net when I found this story: Lance Bass is gay. Not that any hetero man from my generation (i.e. in college when those douches in N’Sync started) ever doubted it. But my sister grew up listening to them. They were her first BIG favorite band. I showed her the article, and it has ruined her day. She left my office and came by a few minutes later to tell me that. I told her it wasn’t that big of a deal. She argued that it was because she grew up listening to these guys. I had to put things in perspective for her:
“Look, he’s only gay. At least he’s not a child molester like Michael Jackson (supposedly). How do you think that effected my generation?”
But that got me thinking: why weren’t we that shocked when he was charged with child molestation time and time again? I don’t think we were. I think we were slowly shown the insanity of Michael Jackson over years and years. He went from taking Brook Shields as his date to the Grammy’s one year to taking a friggin monkey some years later. What’s up with that? I’m not even going into the skin bleaching thing. Or the millions of plastic surgeries, which reminds me, does anyone else think that Lil’ Kim is looking more and more like Latoya Jackson every time she gets a new plastic surgery?
If you’ve ever seen Eddie Murphy Raw (I think it was Raw), I think he does a bit about Mr. T and Michael Jackson. He talks about how he did some jokes about both and found out they were both looking for him. He was afraid of Mr. T, but he wasn’t afraid of Michael Jackson. He took the joke and said “you know, we don’t know too much about Michael Jackson. You know, he’s a recluse; he could be a bad mother f*cker behind closed doors.” I guess history has proven that Eddie was on the right track but he made the wrong conclusion. He isn’t a bad m-f’er behind closed doors. He’s a nutcase who needs to be put in a rubber room and looked at through a small window for the rest of his life. But that’s just my opinion.

I have one final question for you, dear reader: why the hell do we actually care about these washed up, no talent, ass-clowns?

Tuesday Rockstar Recap

Last night I caught Rockstar:Supernova…or as I’ve heard some people call it Rockstar: Tommy Lee (I too feel he is taking attention away from the rest of the show). There were some badass performances and some that were just ‘bleh’. Here’s my recap and (this is for you MG) who I think will be in the bottom three.

Lukas Rossi started things off with “Bittersweet Symphony” by the Verve. A great song. He really took it from being a little pop to a lot of rock. I was enjoying it until they had the single spotlight on him just before the last verse or the last chorus (I can’t remember). As soon as they went into that chorus/verse, they kicked it up a few notches. Now my question is what the hell was that jacket? For a second, I thought he was wearing a straight jacket.

Zayra Alvarez came up next to sing Blondie’s “Call Me.” I’m sorry, but a few times I thought she forgot the lyrics or she took the mike too far from her mouth. I think the band was too loud for her. But you know what I couldn’t really pay attention to the music after seeing what she wore. I can’t find a copy of it on the net otherwise, I’d put it up here. It was some blue vinyl outfit that showed off all her best assets. Now, like Dave Navarro said, I don’t think she’s right for that band. She needs to do her own thing. Start a solo career now while she is still that popular.

Next Dana Andrews did an acoustic version of Nirvana’s “About A Girl.” You know Dana; she’s our little Georgia Peach. She (like most of America) only knows this song from Nirvana’s “Unplugged in New York” album. So that’s why she sang it that way (I’m guessing). At first I didn’t like it because she growled a few words in an attempt to be heavy. Growling does not equal heavy, just like Paris Hilton does not equal disease free (in my opinion). After a few lyrics, she started to put the appropriate anger and strength in her words as she sang. I really dug her performance. After her performance, she admitted that she chugged a beer before coming on stage. Now that’s my kinda woman! If I had actually voted last night, I would have voted for her in a heartbeat.

Patrice Pike came up and tried to sing The Black Crowes’ “Remedy.” ‘Tried’ is the key word there. It didn’t sound right. Her performance wasn’t overly energizing; it didn’t make you get into things. After the performance, she tried to argue with Dave like she wanted to bring the rock attitude, but I think that back fired in her face. She may not be getting what they are trying to tell her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s gone sooner rather than later.

Toby Rand showed up next. Everyone favorite Aussie sang Billy Idol’s “White Wedding.” It started off weak and uninteresting, but it got better as it went along. By the end I really enjoyed it.

Magni came out to do David Bowie’s “Heroes.” He took Bowie and made it heavy. David Bowie, although always great, is very theatrical rock, both musically and in stage presence. He’s never been overly heavy in my opinion (I was born after Ziggy Stardust so I don’t know if he was considered really heavy at that time). After the performance, they asked why he was strapped into his guitar and stuck at the mike. He said because he was singing to a person across the world in Iceland. He’ll perform for everyone else on other songs. Then he took a shot at Zayra on her outfit. Gilby Clarke thought that it was sang the wrong way, but it had a beautiful delivery.

Ryan Star came up next to sing Live’s “I Alone.” It was good and got better towards the end. I’ve never been a huge fan of that song (or even that band), but I like Ryan’s version. Dave Navarro said it was Ryan’s best performance yet.

Jill Gioia popped onto stage next to perform the Rolling Stones’ classic, “Brown Sugar.” Gilby Clarke came out to play guitar. They started it out and the camera cut over to the Tripod (Tommy Lee) who was getting into it and dancing. The camera cut back to Jill and Gilby who were singing into the mike like Mick & Keith. It was a high energy performance. I think she should be safe because of her performance, but the comments may have killed her. I’m not sure. Gilby shot her down saying that he doesn’t like how she was wiggling and grinding on him during the performance. He went into this whole sensitive man thing about how women should be able to perform without using their sexuality to keep everyone’s attention. Hey, Gilby! This is rock n’ roll. I’m sure you’ve heard (and lived) the old adage: SEX DRUGS & ROCK N ROLL! After he was finished, newly single Dave Navarro piped up and said he’d grind on her anytime if she were in his band.

Phil Ritchie came out to sing the Wallflowers’ “One Headlight.” It makes me ask how the hell is this guy still in the competition. He just sucks. I don’t like his performances at all. This time he had too much sneering while singing. His voice doesn’t sound right. It was a real disappointment after last week when he killed with Jason on bass. Supernova doesn’t like the “wobble” he does. Whatever that is.

Dilana sang Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” Do I even need to say how it was badass? She came out for a duet on it with a guy on guitar. She has a great voice that can get real hard and harsh. I wish I could find a pic of her because she looked like an evil fairy godmother. Dave said she always gives him chills. Tommy “The Tripod” Lee said she was enchanting. I honestly think she may get the Encore again.

Josh Logan tried to sing Blind Melon’s classic “No Rain.” Here are my two initial impressions in the song:
1. Not the right energy
2. Doesn’t sound right
I have a special respect for this band: I saw them open for the Rolling Stones at the Libertybowl here in Memphis in September 1993. I feel that Josh butchered this song. I don’t think he’s long for this show.

Storm Large came out last to sing Dramarama’s “Anything Anything.” I’ve never heard that song. I’ve never heard of that band. And you know what, I was mesmerized by her performance. Her performance was sexy without trying to be sexy. She had hard, cutting vocals at the right places, and soft vocals when necessary. She had a smooth transition between the two. I loved it; of course I may be biased after last week with her google comments. At the end of the performance she actually dropped the mike and did a stage dive into the crowd. Supernova loved it. They went NUTS!
For those of you who want to see more of Storm Large, this blog has another link to more pics (read: more frontal nudity). This is a link to the pics themselves. Otherwise you can go to my link from last week.

At the end of the show, Josh, Jill, and Zayra were in the bottom three. Tonight is the elimination show. I think it’s going to be Josh, Phil, and Patrice with a slight chance that Zayra may be in Patrice’s spot. I think either Josh or Phil will be gone this week depending on who kicks ass tonight.


Reason #1 why I miss college

There are many many reasons why I miss college. Reason #1 will always be the women. That is without a doubt the best thing about college.

Supposedly according to the guy who sent this to me, this is a chapter at Vanderbilt, but since there is no proof on the pic, I won't say it is. But for you Vandy men and women, take a look at the faces and see if you know any of them. Vandy men, these are the type of girls you want to party with.
Now please notice that I made a very strong attempt at covering the name of the sorority. I honestly doubt that you will be able to decifer which one it is. Ha.

Edit: Since I originally posted this last night, I have had about another 5 people tell me that this is a chapter of a sorority at Vanderbilt. One person specifically named one of the girls in the pic who pledged last fall. So congrats to Vandy, you have some hot smart chicks.
Now the next question is which of these lovely ladies is going to escort me to their spring formal?

Weekend at the Lake

So I’m back from the lake. We had a great time. I feel really rested now. Much more than the last time.
Well, when 4:30 rolled around on Friday, my truck was already loaded with a couch, a grill, and a new anchor to take over to the lake. I had to get to my house, pack my bags, wait for my sister to get there with her friend K-Razz, go pick up HM, and get some crispy strips from KFC. Why crispy strips? Because the next day after they’ve cooled off, they are incredible. So how did that go down? Definitely not according to schedule. I planned on being at the bridge heading into Arkansas at 5:45 at the latest. We didn’t pick up HM until after 6. We went to a KFC over on Summer Ave after we called HM and he told us he was getting in the shower. We waited for 20 minutes in line 3 cars behind the one at the speaker. It was so ridiculously slow that a car would wait about 8 minutes before they could give their order. Apparently customer service was not a top priority for them. The other problem was we were stuck in line and couldn’t hop out if we wanted to. Believe me, I tried. We were finally able to hop out of line and go get HM. We picked him up and stopped at the KFC in Marion, AR. There we got our strips. So after all that we were about an hour and half later than I wanted to be. But that worked out in our favor, because a huge rainstorm came across the entire path we were going to take before we hit it. So we never had to cover the couch. There was a break at the back of the clouds around sunset and this is what we got to see:
Now that’s gorgeous. We rolled into the house a little after 9. Everyone else (Mom, Dad, the brother, Aunt J, Aunt C, and Graves, my 7 year old cousin) were already there having fun. Mom had made spaghetti for dinner so we had a little red wine and spaghetti. We stayed up late drinking and listening to music.
Saturday morning came too early in the form of a 7 year old saying “Philip. Wake up. It’s morning. We’re going on the boat today. Wake up. Why won’t you wake up? Hey Wake up. Why are you turning over to the other way? Wake up. Why did you turn back after I walked to the other side of the bed? Wake up.” Apparently children that age have yet to learn how to take a hint. He walked to the otherside of the basement to wake up the brother. That didn’t work either. By this point I realized that resistance was futile, so when I heard him coming back, I feigned sleep. I had one eye cracked open enough just so I could see when he was close enough. He walked up to the bed and as he was about to say “wake up, Philip” again, I jumped up and grabbed him throwing him on the bed and tickling him. He laughed and howled as kids do. Then I put him back on the floor. He was still laughing. I said “I’m up” and went upstairs to get breakfast. After a while we loaded up our gear and coolers before heading to the boats.
Out on the water we went to this first cove just to the west of the marina. It has a very deep bottom right next to some high rock walls. There was a strong wind coming through. So the end result was our anchors wouldn’t reach the bottom and our boats almost floated into other people’s boats. After dropping anchor in three separate parts of the cove (none of which worked) we hauled over to another area of the lake. I personally had that area because it is full of stumps and you almost inevitably lose an anchor there every time. Well the anchors held and we got wet. HM had decided that he wanted to destroy some brain cells so he brought a jug of Sangria (or San Gria). Now whenever we go on the water, we always take San Salvador’s pre-mixed Margaritas. They come in little bottles and are great. We also take beer. Lots of beer. But you already guessed that. Well since HM was my guest and he brought the huge jug, I decided to try it. I’ve had Sangria before at CafĂ© Ole in Midtown, and it was great. But this was funky (we later read on the bottle that you’re supposed to mix it 4 parts from the jug to one part brandy and fill the pitcher with lemon and orange slices). It had a very fruit punch like flavor with an immediate after taste of red wine. Not a good combination. So I had one of those while HM and the brother kept drinking them. I switched to margaritas. I love those way too much. So we floated and drank. I played ‘shark boy’. That’s where I quietly slip off my float, swim under water, and grab the foot of some unsuspecting person. I usually try to yank them under water or throw them off their raft. It’s fun.
After a while they took Graves tubing. He was on the big tube with my sister and K-Razz was on the other tube. Remember, Graves is 7 so they went about 5 miles an hour. But he thought he was going “super fast.” They had a blast. Then they came back and swapped out people and I got on the boat. I drove for a while and then headed back to the pontoon boat to see if anyone wanted to ski. They were pulling up the anchor to go home and cook dinner. So we headed back before I could tube or ski. Damnit. But the good news is that Graves got to drive the ski boat back. Here are a few pics with him at the helm (with some guidance):
Here’s a pic of him with K-Razz and the sister:
After we got gas, we docked the boat and went home. We started preparing dinner. HM and I ran to the store to pick up a few items and came back. He went to take a shower while I messed with the dog. I decided to watch TV and wait until I could shower. I went to my bed, and the brother was trying to sleep in my bed by the TV. I kicked him out and told him to go to his bed. I laid down on my and fell asleep. Next thing I know an hour has passed and dinner’s almost ready. I take a quick shower and run up to eat. We had chicken and pork chops.
After dinner I put Raiders of the Lost Ark on the TV. Graves had never seen it so everyone sat down to watch it. Next thing I know HM decided to smoke a few cigars. I leave everyone in front of the TV and we go smoke. It was in the lower 80s/upper 70s outside. There were only a few lights on. After while Mom turned on the lights for the path to the water which illuminated the under side of the leaves and gave a nice effect. We just sat out there for a few hours smoking cigars, telling stories, and drinking. It was great. After a while we started drunk-texting people. From that we learned a new term. I won’t share it with you because it is that good. I want to be one of three people who know what it means.
We got up Sunday morning and had breakfast. Mom and Aunt J cooked a great breakfast: sausage, eggs, biscuits, watermelon, sausage gravy (white), and hash browns. It was a feast for a king, well, a feast for a southern family really.
We goofed around the house yesterday and finally realized that no matter what we were going back in the water to ski and tube. The sister and K-Razz wanted to come back to El Memfrico. So we took our time, packed up, and cleaned up. The ride back was pretty uneventful.
I had a very nice weekend. I hope you did too. Tonight I’m going to the Ducks Unlimited Fish Fry cookout. It’s a BYOB event. I’ll pick up a 6 pack probably. It’s way out in Arlington at someone’s house.

Have a good one and don’t get none on ya.
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