Is that Botox in your face or are you just unaffected by what's happening?

Why do people tell me things? I was at a party Sunday when a friend of mine told me she got a shot of Botox in her forehead within the last month. She was getting a wrinkle in a strategic place in her forehead and although she is in her early thirties, the offer of free Botox paid by Momma was too much to pass up. The problem was, while I was making fun of her for getting the shot, I couldn’t tell that she was actually getting mad until she tried to kick me. Why not? Because she couldn’t furrow her brow to give me the non-verbal communication of “shut the F up! You are really starting to piss me off.” This made me laugh even more.

It reminded me of that episode of Scrubs where Dr. Cox’s ex-wife Jordan is called “ma’am” by a young hunk. She goes and gets her entire face injected with Botox and doesn’t move a facial muscle for the rest of the episode. Dr. Cox mocks her by requesting facial expressions: “show me happy,” “show me sad,” etc. When he gets to “show me angry,” she knees him in the crotch, all the while without make the slightest change of expression on her face. Thank God, that didn’t happen to me.

Anyhoo, as a regular reader of the blog I know she’s going to initially be mortified that I posted this. But since I’ve made it as vague as possible, she will be the only person who knows her actual identity.
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