Bug around Memphis

Memphis has officially been bitten by "the bug". What bug? The "I'm tired of winter" bug. Let me explain:
A few weeks ago (specifically the beginning of March) we had a very warm front come through. This was followed by a ridiculous cold spell that has lasted until...yesterday. I would say today, but as I have been nursing a hangover all day, I haven't set foot outside. This cold weather has gone through and made every one of us miserable. Now we are ready for spring and as we've had the few warm day earlier this month we are now really ready for spring. How do I know this? The proof is in the last three days.

Thursday, I go to Cowboy Mouth with several other people. Great show and everyone has a blast (you can read all about it in the previous post from Friday).

Friday, I decided to behave myself because I had to get up at 8 Saturday morning and move more furniture and boxes (yea, I'm a packrat). So I watch Walk The Line (which is awesome!!) and go to bed around 11:30 or 12. I get a text message from a friend wondering where I am. She never sends me text messages. I call to see if everything is ok. She's up at the Blue Monkey and ran into Miss Nat, the Friggin D, and several other people I know. I told her I was in bed because I had to move junk in the morning and had a full day ahead of me. Then I get a call from Mendi. She is with CR and they are both tore up. They want to know how the Monkey is. I tell them I'm not going out and why. Mendi calls me a dork and I proceed to explain to her drunk ass that I was at the Cowboy Mouth show Thursday and she wasn't. She acts drunk, laughs and then we get off the phone. Then I get two more calls asking if I'm up there or if I'm on my way. It was at this point that I realized I might miss something fun. But I had been determined to move in the morning and I wasn't going to do that hungover. So I went to sleep. Did I miss anything? I don't think so. I talked to Mendi Saturday afternoon and she didn't remember talking to me. It was at that point I was glad I stuck to my guns.

Saturday, I went to the Weiner/Sykes wedding at Second Pres. The minister messed up and refered to the bride as husband and the entire place erupted in laughter. That's the highlight of the wedding. Onto the reception. I walk into the reception at the Memphis Country Club and they have servers on both sides of the entryway. On the left we have Country Club Specials and on the right we have white wine. Yea, it was awesome. One room had a big screen TV setup with the game on. Which game? YOUR Memphis State Tigers. That room was packed beyond belief...until they lost. They filled the entire country club with people. I haven't seen it like that since the Galbreath wedding two years ago. I'll spare you all the gossipy details and what not. Here's a few highlights:
The entire crowd (my age) was married, engaged, or seriously seeing someone. It got to the point where I was struggling to find a single woman (i.e. a woman not on a date or whatever). Where's the proof? There were only two, YEA TWO woman trying to catch the bouquet! Speaking of catching things: I caught another garter! I'll post the pic later. But it came down to a 36 year old single guy and a 26 year old single guy. And which one am I? The 26 year old. The other guy didn't even budge. So now I've caught two garter belts. One last summer and one this year already. I'm going for number three this May at DP/AT's wedding. I may fight someone for it. Ha.
Oh you're asking if I want to get married? I do eventually, but I think this superstition thing about being the next to get married is a joke. I'm not really worried about it and it's something fun to do.

Ok, how does all this relate to the bug I talked about at the beginning? Think about it. It was a crazy three days and everyone was out. What does that mean? Everyone is finally tired of this cold weather. We want the warm gentle breezes of a Memphis spring on our faces. We want to sit at patios at bars and enjoy our beers in good weather. Overall we are frozen and are ready to thaw out. We have citywide cabin fever and are ready to get out.

So get ready folks, we are about to go nuts!!!

Have a great evening.

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