Cleatus & Lurlean: The Agony Continues

Now who didn't see this coming eventually? I thought the kid would make it until 9 months before they nearly killed him again.

Now let me say this before I finish: I don't wish any ill will on the kid. I hope he turns out very well both healthwise and as a man. But how can you expect two people who have had every done for them for the last 4-7 years to take care of a baby. Cleatus (aka Kevin, K-Fed, Mr. Britney) isn't even interested enough in this family to stay at home. Lurlean (aka Brit-Brit, Britney, the scourge of everyone from the South who is not white trash) probably hasn't wiped her own ass since she "Hit Me One More Time" came out. So how are they supposed to be responsible parents?

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