Crash and Burn, Maverick

Well dear readers, I am pissed off. The end of the day started well yesterday. I called Cingular about the ear piece on my phone going bad and they have sent me a new one under warranty. It should be here in 5 business days. So until then I have to walk around like a dork with an ear piece when I use my phone.

But that was fine and I left work about 5 and went to my grandmother’s house for dinner. We had gumbo with shrimp and oysters and other seafood. I can’t tell you what all was in it because I ate it too fast. It was gone in no time. But damn it was good.

From there I left and ran to Target (pronounced “Tar-je”, haha) to get some new gym gloves because I lost the old ones, but they stunk so it’s ok. I also bought a plastic storage box for winter clothes to put in the attic.

At this point of the evening my night was still on the rise. I went to the gym and did chest and back. It hurt bad. I did more than I usually do and I am losing weight again. Hell yea! (Moving, not running, and drinking a lot of beer over the weekend didn’t help my springtime health kick). I left the gym and went by Smoothie King to get a post gym smoothie (my blender is still in a box somewhere and I am out of fruit at home).

When I got home, the roommate reminded me that his b-day is tomorrow. So now I have plans for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. So much for resting and relaxing this weekend. But hey I was still having a great night that it really didn’t matter. So I’m going to have fun this weekend

Then he drops the bomb. I didn’t realize the devastation until later. He told me that the cable box screwed up and locked up. He had to shut it off and let it reboot. I thought this wasn’t a big deal after we got it working again. I took a shower while he watched his golf stuff. I folded clean clothes. And went to the living room. Turned on the dvr and started Lost. I got 30 minutes into and a commercial break started which I fast-forwarded through. Halfway through that break the damn show stopped. I didn’t think this was a big deal because the dvr showed another recording of 31 minutes afterwards. I start that one and nothing happened. I didn’t record it. So (SPOILER ALERT scroll down to the next paragraph if you haven’t seen last night’s episode and care about it) the last stuff I remember seeing was Hurley attacking Sawyer and then chasing his imaginary friend through the jungle to where Charlie and Ecko were doing construction work (although I missed the entire rest of the episode I assume they are building a church). Then it was a commercial. Maybe I got that backwards. Maybe Hurley ran up on the construction site, had a flashback, went to Sawyer for meds, and then attacked him.

So please dear readers, TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!!! I have printed out the EW.com version of what happened, but it is usually commentary and won’t tell you what you missed. It barely gives a plotline.

So that’s what sucked. The island has started messing with people again and I don’t know what else happened with the captured other. What did he tell them if anything? What happened with Hurley? I remember from the preview from last week that he was going to be near a cliff but I missed that. Please someone give me a synopsis.


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Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh man...that's kinda complicated.

Yeah, Hurley was in the crazy house with that bald guy Dave. Turns out, Dave isn't a real person...he's Hurleys imaginary friend (did you see that part where the doctor told him that?) Anyway, Hurley went to Sawyer for the meds to make him "not see things" anymore...and Sawyer was an asshole about it (BIG surprise there, huh?) and Hurley jumped him.

Anyway, Hurley decided he wasn't fit to hang around with the rest of the survivors so he went to go back and live in the caves because no one was there. So he got a bunch of food and shoved it in his backpack...all the while that blonde< Libby tried to stop him.

So, Hurley took off and the bottom of his backpack ripped open and his peanut butter fell out and, as he was scraping it off a rock to eat it, Dave shows up again and convinces him that everything...Dave, the island, the crash, the plants, the survivors, everything...it's all in his head and that Hurley is still really in the crazy nut house. So he tells Hurley he knows how to make him "wake up" and get on with real life...and he leads him to the cliff and tells him to jump. Dave jumps and Hurley is thinking about jumping and Libby comes up and eventually convinces Hurley that, no....everything IS real. Then she lays a big wet smooch on him and everything is cool.

As far as the captive guy goes, turns out his IS one of the others....but that's all they said about it. They never went into details. Sucks huh? Oh and last week, it turns out that the captive guy NEVER punched the code in and pressed the button...he told Locke that nothing happened when he didn't enter the code. Of course, Locke said he was lying.

Anyway, you can go to the website here...http://abc.go.com/primetime/lost/episodes/218.html for the recap.

Whew! :)

Philip said...

Thank you so much for that recap. And for the link

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