It's Monday Morning Already?

So, how you durin? I'm alright. It's Monday and I'm alive. So I've got that going for me. And now blogger is screwing up. WTF? It says that I'm typing in italics but I'm not. Weird. Ok, on to the weekend recap:

After our last one-sided conversation, I hopped in the shower and went to the engagement party. I dressed nicely in a pair of slacks and blue button down shirt. I got there and DP was in khakis as everyone else was except this one guy in a 3 piece suit. What was up with that? Very weird. I don't think it was meant as a joke either. It was just odd. So I stayed there, ate dinner, and hung out until about 10:30 when everyone left. I headed back to the crawfish boil which apparently had really wound down. A few were left and I grabbed a beer. Everyone decided to leave just as the rain was starting so I asked who wanted to head to the Brookhaven Pub. GS said he'd go. I told him I was going to change clothes first. I raced home, threw on an obnoxious Tshirt that said "I'm Really Excited To Be Here" and a pair of cutoff khaki shorts, and was walking out the door when I got a phone call from GS. Here's how it went "Hey man, listen. The crowd is a little too...odd for me. Let's go to Newby's"

And we went to Newby's. They had some hippie band next door that was so bad I'm not even posting the pics of the crowd or the show. They were called Pnuma Trio. Some guy at the door called them "Memphis's Own Pnuma Trio". I looked at him like he was stoned...then I realized he probably was. It went downhill from there. GS and I went back to the regular bar and had a few beers and then decided to run in and check out the hippie show. Yea, when I stand there for 10 minutes and they play the same notes over and over, I'm not a happy camper. It wasn't even a jam. It was the same thing over and over. I could put a song on a loop and come up with the same crap. And it was a guy on keyboards, a drummer and a bass player. That's it. Oh yea, some rapper got up there and went "Uh, What?, Uh, What?". I kid you not. GS and I went up to the front during all this because...I really don't know why, but he made a beeline there. So the rapper dude was still going "Uh, What, Uh!" I channelled the genius of Dave Chappelle and yelled out "Turn my headphones up! I'm serious! What! Oh!" No one laughed because well they were all too stoned. Two minutes later they started laughing and then I had imitators. It was ri-donk-u-lous.

I got tired of these damn dirty suburban hippies and dragged GS back next door to sit at the bar. What happened then? Observe:

This is my friend, but he's sad and lonely. He needs a friend.
Hey look yall! He found a friend!
We asked one of the bartenders to take our picture. We tried it with and without the flash. My eyes were closed in the other one so here is the one without the flash. So we had a few beers and then I ordered Newby's wings to go. Took them home, watched Anchorman and went to bed about 4. I wake up after 12 on Sunday with a nice little hangover. I grab an orange and sit on the couch. I flipped channels and caught a little Nascar. I kept peeking out the window at the sun and contemplating sitting in a chair in the back yard and catching some rays, but decided against it. About 2:15 my phone rings and it's HM:
HM "Hey man, what are you doing?"
Me "Nursing a hangover."
HM "Are you doing anything else today?"
Me "No."
HM "Good. Put some clothes on, I'll be at your house to pick you up in 2 minutes."
Me "...Ok?"
He pulls up and explains that I am going to get in the blazer and we're going to Arkansas. "We might not accomplish anything," he tells me "but we're going to have a good time. What better way to take care of a hangover? Grab a beer for a little hair of the dog."

So we pile into the blazer, stop at the state line to pick up a six pack of Shiner Bock, and cross the bridge:

We stop at Wal-Mart in West Memphis. Suddenly I find myself buying a fishing license and a new rod/reel. We roll to Porter lake, telling stories along the way and laughing. After a few beers, my hangover has disappeared. We spend several hours just throwing jigs into the water and watching nothing happen. It was great. I got two nibbles, my hook stuck in a tree underwater, and another hook stuck in an over hanging tree. Best Sunday afternoon in a long time. Oh yeah, when we pulled up there was some dog barking at us. It came over, let us pet it, and followed us the rest of the day. It was a cool dog that just lived there I guess.
I hope you weekend went well.

Have a great Monday.

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

The only problem I see is that you willingly took a trip to Arkansas - and liked it.

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