Not WOW!, but wow

That was a very unenthusiastic "wow".
What is wrong?
Either I need to be shot or Paris Hilton does.
What's wrong this time Philip?
I just saw this video on Break.com. Paris Hilton sings 'Happy Birthday' to Hef. How does this no-talent assclown stay in the spot light? I hate this society sometimes. The only thing she has ever done to contribute to society is screw on camera. That is it.
I bet if she had been in the Garden of Eden, she wouldn't have needed the snake to tell her to eat the forbidden fruit. She'd have eaten it just to screw mankind over.
Why are you so cynical about her? Where does this hatred come from?
She is constantly watched and worshipped and hasn't accomplish anything besides giving some guy a little head. She has no talent yet pop culture America follows her every move. We need a collective slap to the face for that. She is nothing but a waste of oxygen. Tell her when she's ready to give me back my rib to call me.

Songs on the Playlist:
Palo Alto - Naked Sorority Girls (this is a college band from my days at Ole Miss; they lasted about a year and half but had this hit on the college circuit)
Bob Dylan - Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again


K said...

I'll tell you a little fashion industry secret..well it's not really a secret. Pretty much every fashion showroom refers to Paris Hilton as The Fashion Whore... because she wears evryone...

Seriously, she wears a shirt and instantly everyone wants one. It's pretty sad. She could wear a shirt and say "this is the ugliest F-ing shirt I have ever worn" and little girls would line up to buy it.


Anonymous said...

I love Paris. Don't be a hater because you are jealous!!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...


Her parents have it, she has it...it's all about the almighty dollar.

charly said...

I want to have Paris' babies.

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