No, I'm sorry for that lie. I am


Why? Because I was driving home from the gym, when a friend called me crying about some drama. I put the phone down and all I heard was Robert Earl Keen in Memphis tonight. I called bullshit. She said it's true.

I called DP (he and I have been to at least 5 REK shows together). I asked him if he knew anything about it. He said no. Since I was driving, I had him check REK's website for tour dates. The tour starts in Nashville tomorrow night. That's what it has said for the last month. I had a thought and told him to check Pollstar. Pollstar confirmed that REK is playing at the New Daisy tonight.

Let's do a quick explanation as why I'm not going:
I just got home from the gym. I have to shower and get dressed (that'll take maybe 15-25 minutes). I need money as I am broke (ATM 5 minutes). I have to drive downtown (15-20 minutes). I will have to park and walk to the show (10-15 minutes). It is 9PM and the show just started (I'm sure). That means by the time I get to the door to buy a ticket, it'll be 10PM probably. Since he'll play anywhere from an hour and half to 2 hours, I'd miss at least half the show.

I am kicking myself because I'm not going. But I have to cover the sales and shipping departments tomorrow (both guys are on vacation). So I'll be covered up. Let's see. I can deal with that with or without a hangover. Hmm...

I think the official verdict is go see REK the next time he rolls into a town nearby. Roadtrip anyone? The next time he is close to Memfricano is tomorrow night in Nashville. Well shit. I guess I'll catch the fall or winter tour.

Curse you Memphis media!!! Why do you advertise for stupid bands, but nothing good?


Got Sense? said...

Blog Spammer!!! ahhh!!

Philip said...

In case anyone missed it, there was some dick who spammed my comment. He has been deleted and will forever be a douche.

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