Weekend Planner

Ok, in case you are wondering what’s going on this weekend, here’s the schedule of events.

Friday night: Brooks Uncorked
Here is the official info from the invitation I received:
Hard to believe Brooks Uncorked is next week! Thanks to all the hard work from committee members, the Art of Good Taste Season has really begun! You can still help by buying your tickets today (544-6209, or online www.brooksmuseum.org) and by forwarding this ebrooks to interested friends! Happy weekend everyone. From: ebrooks@brooksmuseum.org

Please pass along to friends! If you are unable to view the images in this e-brooks please click here to view them using your web browser. Thank you, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

I don’t think I’ll make it to this. It'll be cool, but the roommate has a bday today and if they aren’t going to Tunica tonight, I’m going out with them.

Friday night: Hayseed Dixie at Newby's. Great band. I hope I can make it to this.

Saturday afternoon into evening:
Overton Square Crawfish Boil. Should be fun. I don’t think I’ll make it though. Depends on several things. Mostly I need to save my money for Saturday night.

Saturday night: Bachelor Party for David
I’ll be there. If you weren’t invited, you won’t know where we’re going and aren’t invited. If you see us out, say hey.

Sunday: nursing a hangover

I was really starting to lose faith in my playlist. It had been playing the same artists over and over. But now it is starting to get interesting. I love the random feature.
Songs on the playlist:
INXS – Mystify
Jimmy Buffett – Barometer Soup
Widespread Panic – Walkin’ (For Your Love)
George Jones – Choices
ACDC – Thunderstruck
The Band - The Shape I'm In

Puddle of Mudd - She Hates Me

Huey Lewis & The News - Workin' For A Livin'

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Collin C. said...

I should have gone. but alas I am broke as a joke & I aint got no money. Plus we are not the RSVP crowd & probably would have started some trouble, >;D

BTW-the crawfish fest should have been called rape your wallet fest. $10 for a to-go bow full!?!?!?! That is merely a snack!

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