Pics of Courthouse & Governor George's Antebellum Home - Carrollton, MS

These are pics of the courthouse and the old governor's office and home.

Here is an exterior pic of the courthouse. It is at the center of the town square. I'm not sure what year it was built, but it is the old style. The downstairs is open air (with heavy doors to close in bad weather or cold weather). It has high ceilings. I stood in the middle of the downstairs with doors open at each end and it was a good ten degrees cooler. It was amazing. The downstairs makes a giant 't' or a cross with rooms in the four corners.Here is a pic of the interior. I'm standing at the very middle of the cross and looking out one of the doors. Here are two pics of the former Governor's Law Office. The first is a sign outside the office which is still there. Apparently he started his practice in 1838.
Here is a shot
Here is a pic of his home (where the Garden Party was held). Obviously if he started his law practice in 1838, this home must have been built well before the Civil War. Pretty cool to realize that there are still people living in Antebellum homes. It was absolutely beatiful.
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Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I love old courthouses! We have the oldest working courthouse in the state. Where I work, I can look right out the window at it every day.

And those old homes are beautiful! :)

Four D Blues said...

I love these pics, they are right up my alley. :) The film version of the Faulkner novel, The Reivers, was filmed partly in Carrolton, not sure if any of your locations were in it or not, but they are way cool nonetheless! Southerners have a patent on the garden party, we know how to put one on!

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