Where's Waldo?

I feel rested. Without warning I took a vacation day yesterday. Where did I go?


Of course everyone at work wanted to know why I just took off a random Wednesday. My answer to them? NONEYADAMNBIDNESS!

Did I catch anything? Nothing worth keeping (i.e. nothing over ten inches).

Any stories to tell about it? Nope. All I did was fish and relax. I needed that like you wouldn’t believe.

Why didn’t I post anything about it Tuesday? I was busy after work and my computer at work was messing up all day. I couldn’t get on my personal email for some reason. Today everything is fine. So I went two days without blogging, and it wasn’t bad at all. I know some of you might have been a little miffed about it. Sorry.

Well what is on the schedule now? BBQ Fest tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday. I’ll put up plenty of pics for that starting Friday.

Oh yeah, I’ll get up the HNT later today too.

1 comment:

MG said...

I was wondering...
good to know you were just having fun without us

thanks for rubbing it in.

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