Living in the Ghetto

Not many folks know how to survive in the South Memphis Ghetto. Back in March, I did a post on Ghetto fashion and shortly after, a post on what the Ghetto boys and girls were drinking. Well I have combined those into another more general post this time. I present to you

To live in the ghetto, you must be able to adapt to your surroundings. Feel like you need to lose weight? Well have no fear, it is ok to drink Bud Select in the ghetto. How do we know this? Because one of our friendly hoodrats left a bottle cap in the parking lot this morning.
For the higher ranking members of the Ghetto Society, you don't need to worry about your appearance. Drink Miller Lite and pack on the pounds.
Now if you listened to the stereotypes, you would assume that Kools, Marlboros, Newports, and Swisher Sweets are the tobacco products of choice. There appears to be a new favorite:
Red Seal, Long Cut
I guess dipping isn't just for the suburban white kids anymore. Now everyone can look stupid with a mouth full of dirt. Yeah!!!

So you know how to get drunk and fill your nicotin fixes while living in the ghetto. But what about fashion issues? Well the hot item right now is apparently the Destiny's Child purse. Here we have Moniqua modeling it at a South Memphis sandwich shop. Apparently you "ain't da shiznit" if you don't carry your "homegirls" with you to "git your eat on." Thank you, Moniqua. While in the South Memphis hood, you will see all kinds of cars. Everyone knows about spinners, 20s, rims, and all that. But this one stood out that it just had to be included. It's not very ghetto or hip or anything, but it is kinda disturbing. On the VERY TINTED rearview window, there is a sticker of Jesus with the crown of thorns. On the truck, there is a Jesus Fish. The temporary tag is dated 06/06/06. That's scary.
I hope you have enjoyed this seminar on how to live in the South Memphis Ghetto. Hopefully we'll have more advice for you soon.

Keep it sleezy and don't get none on ya.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I have a purse kinda like that only mine has "The All American Rejects" on it.

So what...you're saying purses like that aren't cool???

Am I Memphis Ghetto material? Think I can visit and not look like a tourist???


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Mark said...


Mark said...
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