Ptolemy Clubroom Recap

Wow. Last night was a blast. The doors opened at 8:30 and I rolled into the Ptolemy Clubroom about 9:30. I was on my way there when I realized I had forgotten the camera. I didn’t turn around because I thought I was running late. Turns out I could have gone back for the camera but I didn’t. I rolled in and said my hellos to everyone. I have to say I was a little disappointed by the turnout. We had plenty of guests, but we were missing several members. I know of seven who weren’t there off the top of my head. But we had a lot of great representation from other Krewes. My only disappointment was our lackluster attendance by our Krewe members. But I had a blast.

Our theme was Caddyshack (GOLF PROS & TENNIS HOS). I wore a pink golf shirt, white pants and loafers. Yeah, I’m a friggin stud. I show up and say my hellos. I finally get to the bar to get the first cocktail. I order a Vodka tonic and go get in a conversation with Mark & Leanne (I think). All of a sudden I feel someone tapping my shoulder with something metal. I turn around to see Scottie-too-hottie holding my flask. He had walked out with it at DP&AP’s wedding a month ago. It was mostly full of vodka when he got it. I got it back mostly full of vodka. I had enough to make three more vodka tonics. Hell yeah. So as far as the bartender was concerned, I was driving because I kept getting tonic and ice. The only drink snafu of the evening was some boll weevil dropped a Baby Ruth in my sister’s drink. She said “EWW!” and threw it in mine. She had ice so it sat at the top of her drink. My ice had melted and the damn thing sank to the bottom of my glass. So I was walking around with a mini Baby Ruth in my vodka tonic. Since the party had a Caddyshack theme, I kept walking around asking folks if that was dootey or a Baby Ruth.

The band was Aquanet. They are an 80s hairband/metal cover band. I know it had nothing to do with the theme, but they were still good. I highly recommend checking them out whenever you can. It was fun. So overall I had a blast. I saw a few folks I hadn’t seen in a while. I messed with several of my sister’s friends in the Carnival Court. One of them who I’ve known since she was probably three years old tried to be all ‘miss hot stuff’ and tell me how I could never have her no matter how much I tried. I asked her what made her think I would actually lower my standards that much. She didn’t take it well. She just walked away. My sister, her date, and this girl’s date just stood there with their mouths agape. What do you think? Was that a little harsh? I don’t think so because she pulled that stuff back at Crown & Sceptre. Whatever. If she can’t take a joke, forget her.

So what’s left on the social calendar? I’m going to go fishing tomorrow morning so I’m not going out tonight. You kids have fun. I know there is some Memphis Blogger bash. I’ll probably miss that. I know the University Club Tea Party is tonight. It’s member and guest only though. I got an invite, but I’m too damn tired after last night. I think I’m just going to go home and crash after work. Other than that I don’t know anything going on tonight.

Oh yeah, if you are thinking about doing anything downtown anytime soon, you need to read Paul’s Blog about the damn crime spree downtown with the gangs. It is getting disturbing.

So in lieu of party pics from last night (since I forgot the camera), I have a few random pics for your enjoyment. If anyone has any pics from last night that they want me to post, email them to me. So yeah, these are totally random and off topic, but I thought they’re funny. Enjoy. And don’t get none on ya.

By the way, that Barry "Balco" Bonds walking to the outfield and seeing that sign. The whole sign said "Babe Ruth Did It On Hot Dogs & Beer." That's pretty damn funny.Hotty Toddy indeed. Go Rebs! Get some of that on ya.

Songs on the Playlist:
Bob Dylan – You’re A Big Girl Now
Journey – Don’t Stop Believing
Garth Brooks – Longneck Bottle
Cake – Short Skirt, Long Jacket
Velvet Revolver – Do It For The Kids
Cream – I’m So Glad
Johnny Cash – San Quentin
Ten Years After – I’m Going Home (live from Woodstock ’69)
Chris Isaac – Somebody’s Crying
ZZ Top – Doubleback
The Band - I Shall Be Released (from the Last Waltz)
Jimmy Buffett - Another Saturday Night

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Fame said...

You are a very busy man, you make me dizzy! Funny drink story with babe ruth.

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