Dogs for sale (two Boxers)

A friend of mine sent this to me, and as I have a few readers I thought I'd do her a favor and post this. Contact me at memphisphilip (at) hotmail (dot) com if you need any further information:

Boxers for sale that need a really good home
Personality: Simba and Nala are two very friendly and attention needing full blooded Boxers that need a nice home. They are both trained not to jump on furniture and house trained as well. They will be so excited when you come home and then fall asleep with you if you want them to. They are very loveable and they love each other very much too. They are used to children as I nanny for a 3 year old. They are not biters, but are ferocious barkers when they think someone is in danger! I would love to keep these awesome dogs. I rescued them from an elderly man that had a heart attack and couldn't physically keep them, but unfortunately I cannot either. I bought them for $400 a piece but am asking $200 a piece and thats a really good price!
Medical: Simba and Nala have had all vaccines and are on currently on frontline because we have neighboring dogs and I don't want to take a chance of them getting and little fleas. They are not for breeding because they are brother and sister, so they are spayed and neutered. They have no health problems at all though.
Forward to friends that could be intrested?

If you have anyone you think might be interested, please forward this to them. I think this is a great chance to get trained dogs. Please help her out.

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Alok said...

Nowadays dogs are best friend of human, they makes us happy and safe.They are status symbol also,so don't wait just bring a new puupy for your sweet home.

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