F.U. Friday!

Hey Kids! It’s F.U. Friday!
I was going to give a big F.U. to the phone that doesn’t do anything but ring all damn day. But instead, I have a bigger fish to fry. I am giving my official to everyone in Memphis who keeps pushing this voting thing down our throats.
I’m constantly getting emails from people who say crap like “I normally don’t do this but I want to tell you about candidate X.” If you don’t normally do it, then keep being normal, you jackass. I’m not voting in this fucking election. Kiss my ass. I got jury duty in September because I voted in the last presidential election. I’m not going to vote, because I really just don’t care. I don't want to hear how your candidate is going to solve the problems of the world. They won't. They never have and they never will. All beaurocrats do is create more bullshit laws that we don't need. Yeah, they get it right every once in a blue moon, but I really don't care about state senate. We'll get some dumbass either way you vote. So quit posting bulletins about your buddy the candidate on MySpace and quit sending me emails about it too. I really don’t care. And in fact you are starting to piss me off. So here’s to you, you arrogant bastards. Now Fuck Off!

Damn, that does make me feel better.

I'll post the recaps of Wednesday & Thursday night later.


MG said...

SEE? told ya you'd feel better ;)
just gotta trust me on this.

Great FU and I love the Mickey Mouse flip off...

(though I'm still waiting to see YOU flip me off)

Have a great day!

Philip said...

I would have had a pic of me doing it, BUT I left my camera at home on the charger by accident today. That's why I won't have any pics for my recaps of Wednesday and Thursday nights...whenever I get to it.

scarysquirrelman said...

excellent, you mousefucker.

TequilaGirl said...

Hehe! Very good! At least we understand each other. LOL! I've been yelling at famous people all week that have been calling my work phone!

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