Wednesday Night Recap

So I know this is really what you are waiting for…A DRINKING STORY!!!

Yesterday afternoon, I made my evening plans. I was going to work late then go to the gym before going home and having a big salad for dinner. I was going to watch “Rockstar: Tommy Lee’s Big Unit”. Then later I’d watch the season premiere of 30 Days which is by far the best reality show ever. Hands down. It’s entertaining and you actually learn things.

So that sounded like a good plan right? Well between 1 and 3 yesterday afternoon, HM called me and said “Dude, we’re going drinking. Meet at the Blue Monkey at 7:30.” I actually fought the idea for about 30 seconds then said “fine.” So I changed my plans: leave the office on time, go to the gym, eat a salad, head to bar by 7:30. Sounds possible. Well I worked late. By the time I got home, I would have had 30 minutes to get to the gym, workout, and get back to shower. So I said screw it. I ate a salad and watched “Rockstar: Pam Anderson’s Former Chew Toy” (which reminds me, how the hell has Zayra not been kicked off yet?). After that I threw on a shirt and shorts and headed to the Monkey. I got there at 8:15-ish. They were all at Celtic Crossing. So I jet to Celtic.

It was Brown G, Brown D, HM, MB, and Cort. I noticed Miniher at another table so I sent her a text message that said “only sluts hang out at celtic.” I hear her say “WTF!” and then I look over and smile. She was there with a couple of dudes. Then I ran into a buddy from college named Nolan. We had a good time. Then Brown G got the itch and wanted to go to, surprise surprise, Newby’s. We all piled in our respective rides and head to Newby’s.

At Newby’s Brown G won’t stop talking about the blog. MB and Cort had never seen it. So they asked questions. Then Brown G said “hey did you bring your camera? I wanna take pictures of stuff.” I said yeah and handed it to him. He ran into the bathroom to take a picture of his junk. Yeah, thanks dude. That’s really what I need: some dudes junk on my camera. The funny thing is that it is my digital camera. I have a blog. I have no fear in posting that on here. I’d prefer not too, but if he pissed me off I would have definitely considered it. Or maybe I’d make a separate blog for bad pics of people. Hmm…now that’s an idea.

Anyway, we took tons of pics. Here they are with the descriptions.

This is Brown G, MB, and Brown D trying to figure out how they can all get in a pic together and do something funny. I took this one to make them hurry the hell up. Then after this they took one that was hilarious. Brown G looked like he was licking the side of MB's head (I know his wife would have been proud of that). BUT we were all laughing so hard after the pic that I dropped the camera. Somehow every other pic was fine, except the one badass one. That's a memory that's now lost in space.

Here's a pic of Lauren, everyone's favorite. Unfortunately she is being bugged by one of those customer guys.Here's a pic of Cort with some stud. Next thing we knew her bf showed back up.So she took his mind off that pic.It was about this point in the evening where we started to lose control. Brown G decided that he wanted to become a photographer. So he started with a self portrait.Then he wanted a pic with Brown D. I'm sorry but it looks like Brown D is praying "Dear Lord, if you get me out of this, I will do anything. Just please let me get away." That's just what it looks like. These two have been good friends since childhood. But it does look like he doubts Brown G's photography skills.The longer we drank the more pics he took.I think he finally got tired of the self portraits so he started taking pics of others. Here he took a pic of HM. It kinda looks like he's saying "I'm here for your women!" Doesn't it?I really have nothing to say about that. It's just disturbing.At this point Brown's camera abilities began to disappear. He took this pic of MB, but I don't think he was doing a good job.Here he tried to take a pic of HM flipping the bird, but he got more bar than anything."No honey, I'm fine. Hey, where's my phone."

So we had a blast. Cort is originally from Brooklyn, but has lived down south for a while. She doesn't sound too much like a yankee, but there are a few words. MB told me that she's been training the dog to sit and shake. Down here the commands are usually "sit" and "shake." Up in Yankee land, apparently you teach the dog "sit" and "paw." Except she says it "PUUUAAAAAAAWW." He told a story how he told the dog to "sit." The dog sat. He then said "paw." The dog turned its head and looked at him. He said "paw" again and nothing happened. She said "PUUUAAAAAAAWW" and the dog presented its paw to shake.

Pretty damn funny. I'm going to end this post with a few short comments that only a select few will understand. Sorry, but I'm not going to explain everything. Come party if you want to know what's going on.

"Do you like the picture of my new watch?"

"Is this your gum?"

"200 euro, that's like $253 American."

The Amsterdam Story

Ok, yall have a good one and don't get none on ya.

Songs on the Playlist:
The Steve Miller Band – Jungle Love
Trick Pony – Pour Me
Van Halen – Eruption > You Really Got Me
The BoDeans – She’s A Runaway
ZZ Top – Legs
Coldplay – Daylight
U2 – One Tree Hill
Pearl Jam – Jeremy
ACDC – Whole Lotta Rosie
Frank Sinatra – The Way You Look Tonight
Stone Temple Pilots – Lounge Fly
Coldplay - Politik


Alexandra said...

Is HM about to lick BG nipple in that picture??

Felicity said...

nice pix, boyz...look like y'all are having a ball.

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