Rockstar Elimination Recap 8/9/06

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This is my recap of last night's Rockstar:Supernova (aka Rockstar:Tommy Lee's Unit).
I don’t really have much to say about this elimination show except WOW! There were several surprises:
- two encores instead of one
- the survivors will go with Supernova to Vegas after the show
- and…well I’ll save that one until the end

So they started the show with a clip from back at the mansion. And what happened? The Italian couldn’t stay bottled up inside of Jill for too long. She started some shit. She called all the girls out for not wanting to play with Gilby. When one of them threw it back in her face, she said that she already had. Me-ow! Cat Fight!!!
Well not really. It was more subdued than a verbal cat fight, but you could tell Jill was ready to let the claws fly. I think the others realized that she wasn’t up to their level and just let her go. Of course the guys (I think it was Ryan and Toby) just stood there stunned.
After that they talked for a second back at the show. Blah blah blah. It was boring and I was losing interest until Supernova announced that last night’s survivors would board a private jet to Vegas after the show to party at the Hard Rock Casino/Hotel with the band. Now that’s cool.
Then they said there would be two encores. My initial guess was Lukas and Magni. And in fact Lukas Rossi was first. He came back out to do Radiohead’s “Creep.” The only difference was he had the fishnet gloves which just looked weird. What was up with that?
They went to commercial (Victoria’s Secret Heidi Klum again!!!) and came back. Magni was asked to come sing Live’s “Dolphins Cry” but this time with the house band. I loved it. It was just as good as the first performance.
After that Brook Burke came back out to announce the rockers who were in the bottom three at some point in the night. By the way, did anyone else notice how hot her cleavage was? Yummy!
Sorry I had to remember that for a second. So who were the people in danger?
Jill Gioia
Josh Logan (the crowd was surprised)
Zayra Alvarez
Ryan Star (the crowd was REALLY surprised)
Patrice Pike
Brook started saying who ended up in the bottom three: “Zayra… … … (long ass pause as Zayra started to walk to the stage), you’re safe this week.” WTF!!! How could this weirdo be safe? That makes no sense. I am officially going to say that the voters collectively decided that if Supernova was going to be stupid and not vote her off they’d quit putting her in the bottom three to get rid of the other dead weight.
So who ended up being the first rocker? Jill. She sang “RESPECT” by Aretha Franklin. And you know what she played her banshee roll from the first lyric on. Way to go Jill! You know how much I love your shrieking: about as much as I love a lobotomy. I think at that point I was praying for them to kick her off.
Next up was Josh. He did Bad Company’s “Shooting Star.” Tommy had said he might be in the bottom three for having played his guitar which cut down on his stage presence. And then Josh played his guitar again. Wow. Not too smart. But still a good performance.
The final rocker was Ryan Star. I guess the world didn’t really like his eyes painted the previous night. He rearranged Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence” to make it current and harder. The only bad part of the performance was when he took off his sweatshirt in the middle. It was kinda funny because he actually struggled singing and taking it off. But other than that it was a great job.
Then it was time for the hatchet to fall. Supernova told Ryan that he was safe. Then they cut BOTH JOSH AND JILL!!! Wow! I got what I wanted and then some. Jill obviously didn’t have the talent or the voice for the job (although she had the power to belt out loud voices she didn’t have the touch needed to actually hit notes). Josh obviously was more of a soul singer (self-proclaimed) than a harder rocker that the job needs.
So I was shocked by the double elimination, but it’s going to lead to more competition among the remaining rockers I think just because no one is safe now.

Have a good one and don’t get none on ya.

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MG said...

all I can say is.. "finally.."
too bad Zayra wasnt' in the bottom three, they could've axed 'em all.

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