Rockstar Supernova Elimination Show Recap 8/30/06

If you are looking for the HNT post, it is the next one down.

So last night was Cigar Night on the ol' social calendar. Why is that relevant? Because I didn't watch the elimination show until after 12. And the internet hookup is in the roommate's office which is shut when he goes to bed. So I'm doing a basic recap without notes from last night's show...which I mostly fast forwarded through because I was ready to go to bed.

Lukas got the nod for the chance to sing the third Supernova song. I heard the name, but it wasn't anything worth remembering. What I do remember is how he was a little incoherent and he gargled his words through the song. He looked good with the band, but sounded like shit...as usual. Did anyone else notice that they had to use a keyboard player. How are you supposed to get by without a keyboard player in your band when you have keyboard songs? Maybe they should audition for a keyboard player. Doesn't make sense to me.

Then it was time for the encore performance which they gave to our favorite Aussie, Toby Rand. He sang Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell." He didn't pull anyone on stage, but ran around through the crowd and got them singing. He even ran to the back and the producers had to turn on the house lights to find him for the cameras. That was funny. It was pretty good.

When it came time for the bottom three potentials, Brook Burke called everyone's name...except Magni. Hell yeah!

Ryan Star was the first rocker called out. He sang The Who's "Baba O'Reilly" or as you probably know it: Teenage Wasteland. It wasn't that good. His vocals were all over the place. He was more interested in running around the stage and climbing on speakers than actually singing the song.

A very happy Storm Large was the next rocker to be called into the bottom three. She did The Beatles' "Helter Skelter." I have to admit, it was my least favorite performance of hers. Yeah, she went all punk and crazy dropping the sweet soft side of Storm crap she's been forced to do with all these damn ballads. But I really would rather her sing well when she performs this type of song. I heard her voice crack a few times I think before I fast forwarded through the performance (yeah, I did it on each singer, don't worry).

Dilana came up last to sing the Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer." I really wasn't that interested in her performance and started to fast forward through it when I realized something. She's more of a damn hippie chick than a rocker. She had the long skirt. She sang without shoes. She jumped around. I don't know, but it really came across as a hippie to me. Plus I've heard over the net that before she did Rockstar:Tommy Lee's Unit that she was more into Melissa Ethridge type stuff than heavy rock. Hmm...I guess she can't hide her true style forever.

In the end, Tommy "The Tripod" Lee said they cut Ryan. At that point I fast forwarded to the end of the episode. I didn't care about the goodbyes and all that crap. I just wanted to sleep.

So did I miss anything? What did you think about it?


MG said...

sounds just about right to me.

perfect call on Dilana, I hadn't thought about it, but I think you're right.

And agreed again on Lukas. I couldn't undertand any of the lyrics.

Right now I've completely changed from one of the guys I didn't care for in the beginning... yep my new fav is Magni.

tenscvols said...

I was glad to see Ryan go---he will do whatever they tell him to...

If Gilby says, "You know, Ryan, I enjoyed it, but if you would eat rat poison that would rock.."

You know he would do it..

Philip said...

MG - yeah, I'm really beginning to like Magni more than anything. I think Dave f'ed up when he called out Ryan for being the dark horse. You don't see the dark horse until the end of the race when it wins. I honestly think Magni is the real dark horse.

tenscvols - Actually he would have done that ONLY if Gilby had told Toby or Magni to do it first.

Anonymous said...

As Much as I like all 3 band members in there original bands Supernova is going to be a slap in the face for all those fans who listened to them for years. They are sellouts!!!!!

erika said...

Ya know I am liking Magna more and more!

AR Natalie said...

So, okay off the subject..will you be at the Ole Miss game? I know Jana is going. If so let me know, we'll all meet up, I'll be in Oxford all weekend!

AndyT13 said...

Well, I put up a guitar lesson for you. It's never too late to learn.

Billy said...

You nailed it right on, it was a disappointing elimination show. Everybody rocked on Tuesday then Wednesday was a let down, wish I could have fast forwarded through it then.

I was surprised that Ryan went, but not disappointed. Magni's still my vote, always confident and comfortable on stage.

Have a great weekend.

AlRo said...

Tommy Lee does keys in studio - they'll just hire a studio musician to do shows with.. I doubt they'll tour much!

I think supernova will be a stupid group doing some odd shows here and there.. but nothing too serious -- Tommy Lee is still doing some tour stuff with Motley Crue.

I agree with you for the most part.. i was really shocked that Ryan was axed... Dilana's song was from Left Field.. didn't like it.. I didn't mind Helter Skelter.. but i like the song...

I like Lukas' energy - and he's not dwarfed by the stars on the stage with him.. but he's more punk to me than Rock... so dunno how he'd fit in..

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