Spilly & Jules & Lotsa Jagerbombs

Wow, this was a rough weekend. It became official that I was losing my job on Friday morning (actually everyone lost their job because the company is closing). So I spent the rest of the day closing things down and what not. Around 2PM I headed to the Memphis International Airport near beautiful, crime free Airways Blvd. I picked up Spilly and dropped him off at my house. Spilly is an old fraternity brother from San Antonio, TX. Obviously it’s not hard to figure out how he got his nickname.
By the way, I would hate to forget this: on the way back to my house we saw a crack whore on Prescott and a pimp on Highland. Spilly couldn’t believe that he’d been back in Memphis less than 30 minutes and had already seen both. I told him that it was a little weird to see both, but it was still pretty funny.
I had to head back to the office to finish a few things so I showed him how to work the TV and where the beer fridge was. After work was over, I raced home. We both changed for dinner and headed to the Butcher Shop to meet Jules and two of her friends. Jules was also at Ole Miss with us. She and Spilly were the best of friends back in college but haven’t seen each other since graduation. He went back to Texas, and she went back to Florida. Jules brought her friend Skooch and his girlfriend. Skooch used to work at Rebel Radio with her. We had a nice dinner. My steak was a little too bloody, but still pretty damn good. They say Medium Rare when I would say Rare.
After dinner Skooch and his girlfriend had to jet home. Jules road with us back to my house. We called a cab and picked up HM. Check out this pic of the cab:
Yeah he has plastic hubcaps that look like rims. They are a lot shinier in real life than they turned out in the pic. Only in Memphis right? Well, maybe Atlanta too.
The four of us headed to Pat O’Briens on Beale St. As soon as we got there things went downhill: we had a round of Jagerbombs. For those of you who are uninitiated into…well the world we live in, a Jagerbomb is a combination of Jagermeister and Red Bull. It is supposed to be done as a glass of Red Bull with a shot of Jagermeister dropped in it. Some places are too cheap and just pour a shot of Jagermeister into a cup of Red Bull. What happens when you take one of these? Well that’s an easy answer: it leads to you taking another…and another…and another…and so on.
After a round of Jagerbombs, we headed out to the patio bar. We grabbed a table near the bar. We took the opportunity to take a few pics.
Here I am with Spilly.Here's Spilly and Jules.Here's where they are acting more like themselves.We met some Georgia fans who were waiting for drinks next to us. They told us they’d never been to Ole Miss before and we told them they could come back anytime. So they bought us a round of Jagerbombs. Jules was so proud of her retro-80s belt that she had to show them. One of the guys took her over to show the guys at their table, which turned out to be right next to ours.

Spilly got a call from Boeckman, another fraternity brother. He, Nolan, and Megan were on their way to meet us up there. Here’s a pic with Boeckman, Spilly, and me:

After a while we were all tired of the scene at Pat O’s. We decided to start heading east. We were walking to get a cab when Nolan said we could all fit in his Colorado. So we made the hike from Beale to Peabody Place parking garage. We didn’t take the stairs by the Flying Saucer; we took walked up the vehicle entrance and went to the stairs. We were having a regular discussion on the way up. Maybe our voices were a little magnified by the mixture of concrete around us and alcohol inside us, but all of a sudden this glorified rent-a-cop walks out of the office in the corner opposite the stairs entrance. She points at Jules and says “Ma’am, you are going to have to be quiet in here. You are way too loud.” I thought ‘lady, you have no idea what you just did.’
Jules turns to her and says “excuse me? Are you really trying to be a bitch? Because you are succeeding…” or something like that. I don’t remember all that was said because I was laughing so damn hard. I do know that Jules told her she needed to try to arrest her. The rent-a-cop just stood their stunned as we walked to the stairwell. No one really knew exactly what the hell we did wrong. I still don’t.
We quickly walked up the stairs and jumped in Nolan’s Chevy Colorado. If you’ve never been in one, it’s quite comfortable and roomy. Well, it is until you put seven drunks in there. We took off and all Jules would say over and over was she wanted to go dancing. Now this was between 11 and 12. Nolan takes off for Raiford’s. I immediately started explaining that it was too early for Raiford’s by about two hours. We pulled up and there were no cars outside. None. Zero. Zip. I convinced Jules that we could go to the Blue Monkey. They always have a great band on the weekends, and you can usually dance there. Boy, was I wrong. There were maybe 30 people in there. Of that 30, 10 were working there and 7 were our group. Yeah, dead does not describe it. So we had a few rounds of Jagerbombs and I had a few pints of Guinness. Then the camera came back out.

After a few minutes, Jules realized that there wasn’t a band and she couldn’t dance to the music. So we left and went to Newby’s. As we walked in the Friday night band stopped for a set break. So we kept drinking and partying. It’s at this point in the evening that things begin to get hazy. I did get a few pics at Newby’s though.
Here's Jules showing Spilly a little affection.Here's Jules showing me my early birthday presents.The last thing I remember was calling for a ride home about 2:30. Spilly, Nolan, and Boeckman had headed to Platinum. Jules and HM were hanging out with some other folks we knew. I remember being picked up by my ride outside Newby’s and that’s it. But I definitely remember the next morning. I woke up drunk around 8:30. I stumbled out of my room to find Spilly passed out on the couch. It turns out that he had been driven to my house by Nolan after their escapades at Platinum. Spilly had no idea how to even find my house or what area of town I lived in. But he did know how to get there from Newby’s somehow. Apparently I had left the front door unlocked for him.
About the time we were trying to remember anything from the night before, the roommate came out of his room. I introduced them and they started talking about both Texas and golf. The roommate’s friend stumbled out of the guest bedroom and dropped this bomb on us:
dude – “Symon, I thought you didn’t have any pets?”
Symon – “I don’t.”
dude – “Well a cat shit in my mouth last night.”
That was not the best line of the morning. I heard many more. I’m going to give them to you out of context to protect the identities of those involved (in a few cases):

Guy to girl: “Where did you come from?”

Girl to guy: “You are a lucky guy. Do you know that? You were sex by convenience.”

Guy to girl and guy: “Is this your gum?”

Me: “Best detox is retox! Where’s the beer? Who’s drinking?” In my own defense, I woke up a little drunk and was starting to slide into a wicked hangover. A beer helps. Just one. And only if you can still drink it.

Girl to Spilly as she shakes her chest in his face: “Hey Spilly, what does this remind you of? Last night?”

Spilly: “Let me hop on the net to check my bank account. Oh my God! I spent $400 last night! At one place!”

Jules: “Hey Spilly, what does the number 400 mean to you?”

The roommate and his buddy fell in love with Jules after she started making fun of Spilly. In the mean time, Spilly took a shower and got dressed for the Ole Miss v. Georgia game that evening in Oxford. After he was done, I got a quick shower and dressed. We loaded up my truck and started to the trip south.

I’ll end that portion of the story with a quick tale about the way down. Between the three of us we had various ways to deal with our impending hangovers.
I decided to drink a little Gatorade on the drive down. I had to drive so I needed to rehydrate myself. I had already had a beer to make myself feel better first thing in the morning so I needed the Gatorade now.
Jules took a nap in the back seat. Spilly was kind enough to take a pic of that. He also asked if I had an annoying song on the ipod that we could blast to make her feel worse. I said I had the worst song possible: Herman’s Hermits “Henry the VIIIth.” We got in the truck after getting gas and beer. Spilly cranked up the volume while I played the song. Jules wasn’t happy. Here’s a pic of her trying to nap in the backseat.
Spilly had the best immediate cure: he drank a six pack on the way to Oxford. He wasn’t even halfway into his second beer when he lived up to his nickname. I took this pic for those of you who knew him in college.
That’s all for now. I’ll talk about the gameday stuff later.
Have a good one and don’t get none on ya.

Songs on the Playlist:
Jimmy Buffett – Boat Drinks
Hall & Oates – Maneater
The Allman Brothers Band – Ramblin’ Man
Velvet Revolver – Illegal I Song
The Pretenders – Stop Your Sobbing
Jimmy Buffett – The Night I Painted the Sky
Mott the Hoople – All The Young Dudes
T Rex – Bang A Gong
Janis Joplin – Me and Bobby McGee
The Allman Brothers Band – Revival
Stevie Ray Vaughn – Cold Shot
The Who – Heaven and Hell (live)
Jimmy Buffett – Lady I Can’t Explain
Archie Bell & The Drells – Tighten Up
Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is
Dwight Yoakam – Fast As You

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