NYE recap

So before we headed up to Newby's for NYE a bunch of us met at Hugh's house for dinner...and cigars by the fire outside. Here's the brother with a cigar.Some of the ladies had trouble navigating the stairs after several cocktails. I won't identify who though.Remember kids, nosebleeds are serious. Apparently the blood ends up in very random places.After a fantastic dinner, we walked through the cold to Newby's to catch Walrus. Here's a shot of the band.
The brother and I met these two random girls. I'm not sure who they were. I think their names were Melissa and Jessica, but maybe I've been listening to the Allman Brothers too much.
Here is another pic of Walrus.
Here is a pic of Dan the drummer getting out from behind the drums to sing The Cult's "She Sells Sanctuary."
Here are pics of folks in the crowd dancing. This one we'll call "Fat Guy in a Little Coat."
Here is a happy couple enjoying the show.
Here's a pic of Shannon with Patrick after the show.
Here are a few more pics.

Overall it was a great time. I saw a ton of folks I hadn't seen in a while. Got to party with a few good friends. Basically, it didn't suck. Oh yeah, best part of all: this NYE wasn't a let down. Most usually are (they tend to be overhyped).

I hope you had a great NYE with whatever you did. Have a good one and don't get none on ya.

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