I've got it!!!

I now know what I want in my next job. I want to work somewhere just like Dunder-Mifflin in the Office. You know a place where nothing ever gets accomplished and you are surrounded by idiots and nut-cases. I think it would be great. I'd sit back in between customer's calls and laugh at everyone. Then after a week, I'd quit just so I'd keep my sanity.

On a serious note, a few of the companies where I had my foot in the door have been put on hiring freezes or are downsizing right now. That sucks. I've been close (final four or final two) in several interviews, but you don't get the paycheck when you come in second place. Anyone know of any good jobs (not free-lance insurance sales!) in the Memphis area?

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Oscar said...

What are you good at? I may have some connections or possibly want to interview you myself.

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