Last Night

In case you already didn't know, last night was the coronation for the royalty of the Grand Krewe of Ptolemy. Congrats to all the royalty. The party was overseen by Chairman Walker.
Here's King Cy and Queen Kathryn making their way to their thrones. (edit: how did I screw that one up?)After way too many speeches and introductions, the bars openned back up and the band kicked on. They were incredible. I definitely recommend Almost Famous to anyone who is looking for a party band.
I got to teach McAshley how to dance. She wasn't as sure about dancing as she is about tanning.
Here I am with duchess Autumn.
Here's duchess Autumn with her sister and two work friends.
I danced for a while before someone grabbed my camera and started taking pics of me dancing with the Shady Lady V and her broken rib.
In case you can't tell, we were just a little cheesy.
Here is a great pic of our Queen Kathryn and her husband Chris.
After the party really started to wind down, most folks left. The brother and I headed to the library where the royals were hanging out. Here's (l to r) Duchess April, Duchess Kristie, Duchess Beth, Queen Kathryn, King Cy, Cy's wife Lana, and Duchess Autumn.
Now I took three pics because I couldn't ever get all of them to focus at once. Sorry, but they'd been partying for too long.
Sweet Lana wanted to point out that her toe didn't try to escape this shoe (inside joke).
Here is a great pic of Duchess Autumn.
After we finally got our group together in the car, we headed to Yosemite Sam's on Overton Square. Duchesses April, Colleen, and Autumn really wanted to sing. They actually got tired of waiting for their turn so they ran out and started singing with anyone who was on the mike. While that was going, the Brother, Shannon the FD, and I were hanging back laughing at them. I decided I needed plenty of pics for future laughs.
We met some random girl there named Summer. She joined the group in singing. It was at that point we became a seasonal group: April, Autumn, and Summer.
Duchess April decided to hot dog it on one song.
Their actual song finally came up thirty minutes after they first started singing. Don't know why, but they picked "Baby Got Back." Funny thing was none of them knew the words or could rap with the screen. At one point they were just reading the screen. So this random guy comes running up and grabs a mike. He knows the words and does a great job.
At some point in the night they realized they had danced holes in the bottom of their dresses. It was confusing at first...
Then it was amusing.
I guess when you take off your shoes in a bar that tends to happen.
After we closed down the bar, I drove April to her house. We then took Autumn to her house. We would have driven Mailbox Mike home too, but he ran into someone from college and shaded out on us. When we got to Autumn's house, we found David on the couch.

We had a great time all together. There were plenty of friends there who I didn't get pics with on my camera. If any of you have pics you want me to post or just send me, put them in an email and send them over.

Have a good one and don't get none on ya.

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