Ok FIRST!!!! Thank you to the grand-daughter of our neighbor who brought over girl-scout cookies to sell! Lord knows that J0-Bu loves his samoas!!! That really made my week.

However despite whatever EVIL that cookies bring onto me, I must mention that I bought a SPEEDO. Yeah, I put that in CAPS just to express what the F I bought. I bought a pair of speedos. Not your average, sterotypical, banana hammock speedos. But Speedos which grasp at the waist and cling just above the knee (past the thigh). The are the equivalent of "board shorts" that are tight throughout (the only negative is the lack of enhancement when I submerse myself in coldwater).

Anyhoo, it is fat tuesday. Let me rephrase that


I hope you celebrated well! I did a civic duty, swam a mile, went to Newby's (pic to be distributed later), and went to Doc Watson's. Let me restate:
BAD PIC from Newby's to be distributed ON THIS BLOG later!

Other than that, it was the usual FAT TUESDAY in Memphis. I highly recomment looking into the Phoenix Club's Mardi Gras Party on March 17. It is thrown by my friends:


Lord T & Eloise will be the musical entertainment, and I have been told that a mix that I do MAY be the music played before the main act. HOLY CRAP!!!

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