Random notes

Tonight I went to Cigar Night. Had a blast. Only had a few beers but that's one of my two nights for this week. So now I have to choose between Friday and Saturday. Looks like it's going to be Friday. After my interview tomorrow, I am heading to the first meeting of the Unemployment Fair. There will be plenty of PBR and ribs. Turns out within the last two weeks I have two friends who quit jobs and another who was fired. So we're all hanging out, eating, and calling whomever will be the most pissed to hear "Hey, have fun at work! I'm unemployed but I'm enjoying my Friday by eating ribs and drinking PBR." If you get a phone call, sucks to be you. If you don't, I couldn't reach you or didn't call. Remember, if the phone doesn't ring, it's probably me.

Don't know if I'll go out Friday night...or if I'll even be able to go out Friday night.

Other than that, there's not much going on right now. I think I need to schedule another meeting of the Thursday Night Drinking Team or whatever the hell we called ourselves. It's been too long since we were all together.

Oh yeah! Shannon the FD sent me this pic from the Ptolemy Coronation Saturday night:

Thanks, bud.

Yall have a good one and don't get none on ya.

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