Last Week Notes

I've got a few things to post covering last week before I get to the Saturday night recap

- I have a new favorite deal in town that I thought I'd share with yall. The brother told me about it. Apparently Little Caesars has this $5 "hot & ready" pizza deal. You get a large cheese, sausage, or pepperoni pizza for like $5. The trick is getting there when they just finished making them.

- Have you seen those ads for the Blockbuster Total Access? I heard a rumor about how it's not going to work in several cities. Apparently if your local Blockbusters are part of a franchise, you can't return the tapes you get in the mail and exchange them at the store. Why? Because the tapes that are mailed to you belong to Blockbuster the corporation.

- Supposedly the Brookhaven Pub has had a series of events where a stink bomber has attacked the bar randomly over the last few months. How do I know this? Well one of the waiters explained it to me after my friend got kicked out last week. Here's the story:
Some of my friends were out at a fundraiser. One of them had a bottle of "French Parfume" for whatever reason at the fundraiser. They came to meet us at the B'haven Pub afterwards and he had the bottle in his pocket. Someone asked him if they could see it. He handed it to them and they opened it up before quickly closing it. Our area of the bar stunk for a brief moment. Someone else got a hold of the bottle and did it again. I walked over and asked to see the bottle. I immediately walk outside to chunk it in the trash. Apparently the B'haven doesn't have any trash cans outside. I asked the bouncer where the closest one was, he said the big dumpster out back was the only one. I said screw that and started to head back in. He said he was headed that way so he'd throw away whatever I needed gone. So I handed it to him and went back inside. Fifteen minutes later the bartender grabbed my buddy and kicked him out (turns out he followed me outside when I took the bottle). A waiter happens to be an old friend of my buddy and explained the situation to him. Funny thing is my friend is getting blamed for the repeated attacks while he only did it once. He had just bought that bottle that day. The best part is that the Brookhaven is his favorite bar, he lives about a mile away, and he goes up there about once every two weeks.
And his wife is mad at me for him getting kicked out.

- What else did I learn last week? Oh! Apparently Cougars In Training can't bake cookies. I guess no matter how late into the evening it got, CIT's burn cookies while I make them just right. Maybe that's why she got a divorce. Hmm...

- I just heard that Sunday night (i.e. Easter Sunday night) is going to be one of the best nights on television. Why? The Sopranos and Entourage return to HBO, baby!!!

That's all I've got for now. Have a good one and don't get none on ya.

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Now I want pizza!

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