I heard a very reliable tidbit the other day that I've been reluctant to share. Supposedly, Raiford's Hollywood Disco is going to close so a condo building can be built there and will not be reopened elsewhere (or is it Hollywood Raiford's Disco). This came from a source in the real estate community. Hate to spread the bad news, but hopefully, putting this out there will prevent this evil from happening.

If you're looking for the recap from Saturday night, try the next post down. Sorry it's long, but if you were there at any point in the night, you know it is worth the time to read it.


Ryan Jones said...

This is quite possibly true....BUT take it with a grain of salt because in the last year or so I have personally heard this rumor at least 4 different times in some various form. Yet, Raifords always stays open. I would hate to see it go, its a Memphis institution and there are already more condo's than residents down there.

Philip said...

Plus there's plenty of other real estate around that needs to be developed before they take apart Raifords.

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