8 Things I Think I Know

1. Italian Fest is always a bad idea, and I love it. I have a lot of stories. And I had some great pics. But I won't post or tell them, because it involves coworkers. If you need an explanation beyond that, raise your IQ a little and figure it out.
But I will say a few things that involved only me or the general crowd:

a. when Gabby, the Mexican man who manages your office's property, hands you a shot glass full of tequila, you'd better smile and take it. Then be prepared to take another a little while later and forget the rest of the night. It was actually really cool and livened up the party more than it should have been.

b. when someone walks around with a tray full of cut up sausage bites, try one or two. Not 10. No matter how many tequila shots you've taken.

c. the mullets at Italian Fest are just as awesome as they are at BBQ fest.

d. pee before you leave Italian Fest. It's a long drive to the Flying Saucer in Cordova, and the bouncer doesn't like it when you say "listen shorty, I gotta pee. I'll come back and give you my ID in a few minutes after I drain some beer." I wonder why.

2. Not eating dinner before the Ptolemy Clubroom party is always a bad idea as well. The night went downhill quickly after the first few drinks. I also didn't like all the crap I got for not finding a costume. Sorry I couldn't come up with anything in the "Egyptian theme." But I wore flip flops with a cotton shirt and blue jeans. I'm pretty sure that's good enough.
And how the hell did I miss out on the ice luge? That sucks. I'll never leave early to go to a bar again. For those of you that didn't hear, apparently there was a nice ice sculpture that people started taking shots from. Now that's pretty damn cool.
By the way, did anyone come dressed up in a Raleigh Egypt tshirt? That would have been funny.

3. I need to check the battery life on my camera before walking into parties. I went to clubroom on Thursday and was going to take a pic of some of the extreme costumes, but the battery was completely dead.
Oh yeah for those of you who costumed up, I'd like to give a little advice for your next costume party: If you don't have the body to pull it off, please cover it up. For the most part, everyone was very discreet, but there were a few people who showed a little more than folks wanted to see. Be proud of who you are and all that crap, but be subtle too.

4. There's a reason I don't drink whiskey. I get extremely sexy. And I know it. And then I don't behave like I should. Nuff said. I'll stick with my vodka, beer, tequila, etc.

5. I really need to make a quick statement about my working situation once and for all:
I've had a lot of people ask me about it and I appreciate the support and interest. I love my new job. I've been there for over 60 days and really feel I made the right choice. I didn't know you could actually have a job where at the end of a bad day, you look forward to the next.
Now a few things I need to say, I will not talk about the job on here or the people I work with. I'm not going to jeapordize my career like that. I really like this job and the folks I work with, but I won't go into details. I'm sure you understand.

6. I'm going to kick some ass in the weight loss tournament. We have a competition at work among 13-15 people to see who can lose the most weight IN A HEALTHY MANNER. It's based on the percentage of weight lost from the start until the end on July 31. So don't be surprised if I don't go out as much as I used to because I want to win the competition...and the money. I did pack on a few pounds over the last week or so just so the weight would be a little easier to lose, but I tried not to lose too much. I did some calculations at work last week and I know if someone loses 20 pounds it's better if they started around 195 like me (yeah I put on about 10 pounds in 2 weeks for it) rather than if they start around 250 or 300. We have some big guys in the office who are going to try to lose a ton of weight. The problem with that (that I see) is when you first start on a weight loss regimen, you lose some big weight quickly and then plateau out for a while. I was already on a regimen that I am accustomed too. My body is already used to the higher metabolism so I have that in my favor. Here's my plan:
I'm going back to swimming 5 miles a week, and I'll add running a minimum of 5 miles a week to it. There will be no weight lifting because I won't try to add any muscle mass. I'm going to eat my carbs in the early parts of the day and try to stick with vegetables and meat in the evenings. I'm going to tone down on the beer and drink vodka more. I think I have a very good chance at winning this. Especially since most of the folks in the competition are in their mid to late 30s.

7. The Thursday Tactical Drinking Team needs to kick back into high gear. It's been too long since we met up. I feel we need an emergency meeting soon, maybe next week. I'm trying to work on my weight loss regimen this week and need every night since I'm going out of town this weekend.

8. I need to do a 'Best Of' covering the last month or so. I never got around to posting pics from music fest or a few other things that I need to put out there.

That's all I have. Sorry I've slacked a lot lately, but I really don't want to sit in front of a computer after 10 hours at work each day (including an hour lunch). I'll try to work on it, but I'm not promising anything.

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