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So I was having a problem recently. Over the last year or so, I've had many friends go through divorce, file for separation, or end long relationships. Some of these people were married only a few years while others were together for a long time. This began to cloud my view of love and relationships. Questions began to surface such as "how can two people who seemed to be so in love everytime I saw them, not make it?" or "why do such good people have to go through such terrible situations (or why does such a great person...)?" Some of these marriages/relationships ended due to people growing apart while others ended due to infidelity (please note that I'm not being specific about any one friend's or friends' relationship; I have several friends whose relationships ended over the last year due to infidelity, both monetary and physical). I began to have a very negative outlook on love and relationships. Honestly it was depressing to think about these relationships ending.

Then something happened. I don't know exactly when or how, but I started to notice a few things. Other friends of mine are happy in love. They are getting married or celebrating anniversaries. Some friends are dating someone new and exciting. They have that special look in their eye. The look of hope and amazement. Many friends are having children. I was at a party recently and walked into a room to find two sets of my friends' babies eating in high chairs. I sat down and hung out with them for a while. They were just absolutely precious. They were so small and helpless yet so big and full of life. Their eyes would watch intently as I made faces at them before bursting with the expression of complete joy whenever I finally made a face they really liked.

The more I've thought about it lately, the more I realize that love is all around and is something remarkable. Sometimes people may grow apart or end their relationship, but it's nothing to get down about. There is still a chance for someone to find someone who they love and loves them. You just have to keep looking in the right directions. I feel sorry for my friends who have to go through the rough stuff. Sometimes something good has to end to find something great, I guess. But the best thing I can do is support my friends in rough times without getting drawn into the bad emotions of their situations. You can either be happy in life or sad. It's really what you focus on.

I know this wasn't probably what most of my readers come for, but it was something that's been mulling around in my head. I feel better if I can just put it out there. It's a little cathartic.

Take it easy.

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AngieDawn said...

Thanks for your thoughts... nice post. :~) I think about this a lot too.

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