Bar Advice

What’s up drunks and lushes? I have a bit of helpful info to pass your way.

You know how our generation used to drunk dial from our cell phones before evolving into drunk texting? For the longest time drunk texting would get you one of two results: an embarrassing reputation or a fun evening. Well there is a bar that has added another consequence for drunk texting. If you text the number on the screens at Red Rooster, they will text you with drink specials and nightly themes all day long. How do I know? Because four guys I work with drunk texted the bar and for the last month or so have been dealing with a barrage of daily texts mentioning everything from Ladies’ Night to 2 for 1 Well Shooters. It took several weeks of calling the bar before they were finally removed from the text lists.

So remember if you go to the Rooster to keep your thumbs off small buttons.


AngieDawn said...

Wow... this is good to know!

Does this explain why whenever I text your phone, the messages are rejected? Or maybe it's just me... haha. :~)

Erica said...

yeah, i can't take my phone out with me anymore, it's just too much work the next day.

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